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Zach Mercurio | Purposeful Leadership & Meaningful Work Keynote Speaker

ABOUT ZACH MERCURIO, PH.D. Zach is an organization and leadership development researcher, lecturer, strategist, and keynote speaker and the bestselling author of "The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose," praised by Arianna Huffington as "a compelling book filled with powerful stories, cutting-edge research, and practical tools that show us how to lead with purpose." He has had the opportunity to apply his research on purposeful leadership and meaningful work to consult with and empower leaders and organizations including global companies, non-profits, K-12 schools, and universities. Some of his clients have included The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Crocs, The National Park Service, The Alzheimer's Association, Telstra, and the County of Los Angeles. His work has been featured internationally in media outlets such as: - Psychology Today - The Huffington Post - Thrive Global - Inc. Magazine - Forbes Zach is also a regular guest on a wide range of leadership and organizational development podcasts and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where he teaches courses on purposeful leadership and organizational development. TOPICS/PROGRAMS: Zach's programs blend science, powerful stories and practical tools, and they are customized for your group’s industry and context. Formats for the programs listed below range from a 45-minute keynote to an immersive, multi-hour applied leadership workshop. His most requested topics are listed below but he has specialized content for industries such as health care, government, education and nonprofits available on request. LEAD WITH PURPOSE: INSPIRE MEANING, MOTIVATION, AND FULFILLMENT: Research finds that people who work with or for a Purposeful Leader are more resilient and higher-performing. Why? When people are connected to purpose, they are four times more likely to be engaged, are more motivated, learn faster and are more fulfilled. Yet, while 79 percent of leaders rightly think that staying aligned with a central, human-centered reason for being (purpose) is critical to success, just 34 percent say that they enact purpose regularly when making decisions and in their everyday practices when working with their teams. In this mind-shifting program that redefines leadership, I provide clarity about what purpose is, show how purpose scientifically works to compel people and organizations, and introduce the key research-backed practices of Purposeful Leadership to cultivate fulfilled and resilient lives, teams and organizations. The Lead with Purpose program has been presented to thousands of people around the world including Fortune 500 executives, front-line workers, healthcare providers, education administrators, governments, entrepreneurs and students. In this program, participants will learn: - The science of human fulfillment - What purpose is and how purpose works - How to shift to a purpose-first leadership approach to inspire results How to design and cultivate a culture of significance and meaningfulness - How to discover and state your personal and organizational purpose - How to activate purpose at the individual, team and organizational levels - How to cultivate a fear-less culture that allows purpose to be delivered ACTIVATE PURPOSE IN WORK: HOW TO EXPERIENCE EVERYDAY FULFILLMENT Eighty-three percent of people in diverse occupations identify that finding meaning in work is a daily top priority, and more than 50 percent of people across numerous occupations and industries indicate they would take a lower-paying job for more meaning. At the same time, compelling research finds that people can actively craft their work as meaningful and connected to a bigger purpose – even in routine tasks. In the Activate Purpose in Work session, I empower and compel people at the individual, team and leadership level to begin crafting all work as meaningful for themselves and others to feel more fulfilled, engaged and to increase performance. Activate Purpose in Work is ideal for all-organization meetings and events and is applicable and empowering for any employee type from frontline worker to executive. In this program, participants will learn: - The science and practice of building purpose into everyday work - The research on the key factors to experiencing meaningfulness in work - How to connect your job or function with the larger organizational purpose or mission - How to discover your own purpose and connect it to the organization’s purpose - Techniques to craft everyday work as meaningful for yourself and your team - How to respond and handle difficult situations by connecting to purpose BEYOND ENGAGEMENT: HOW TO DESIGN A MEANINGFUL EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE Many initiatives to improve employee engagement fail because they tend to overlook the predictors of engagement – the strongest of which is the experience of meaningfulness. With employee engagement rates remaining strikingly low for nearly a decade, I provide a new way to think about engagement by focusing on cultivating a culture of meaning. People experience meaningfulness when they (1) feel they are significant, (2) can see how their work fits into a bigger whole, (3) are able to fully utilize their strengths and skills, (4) develop meaningful relationships that add value to their whole lives, and (5) are able participate in a fearless organizational culture. In Design a Meaningful Employee Experience, I provide key research-backed strategies for intentionally designing and maintaining an employee experience that elicits a sense of meaningfulness to drive motivation and fulfillment, which can result in retention and low turnover. The Design a Meaningful Employee Experience is ideal for both organizational and team leaders who are the architects of the core processes that impact the daily life of people in the workplace. In this program, participants will learn: - The researched factors that predict the experience of meaningfulness in work - How meaningfulness influences motivation, engagement and fulfillment - How to create an environment of mattering - How to design jobs and tasks to maximize fulfillment and motivation - How to cultivate employees’ strengths - How to develop a psychologically safe culture that fosters authentic relationships - How to enact a holistic approach to employee development FROM BURNOUT TO JOY: RECONNECTING TO PURPOSE With burnout rates and disengagement at astoundingly high levels, particularly in “helping” professions such as human and veterinary medicine, public service and education, this session specifically applies the science of positive psychology, purpose and meaning to provide practical skills for crafting a positive approach to stress that is rooted in purpose. In From Burnout to Joy, I help people learn to re-discover their purpose in work, positively re-assess negative work events, and create a set of practices that help people reflect on and stay in alignment with their purpose to mediate stress. This session is highly requested in health care, veterinary medicine, nonprofit work, and public service work and is ideal for all employee types. In this program, participants will learn: - Why and how burnout and stress occur - How purpose can reduce burnout - How to re-discover your purpose in your work - Skills to create clear values, positively re-assess stressful work events, and build a supportive community - How to participate in a purposeful and healthy work environment WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “Fabulous talk! Thank you for helping purpose come to life for us.” – Ghirardelli Chocolate Company “We are so impressed and wowed by you, your passion, your vision, your style – truly in awe and so grateful that you shared the time with us!" – Vistage Worldwide “One of the best trainings we’ve ever had. Zach was engaging, relatable and his teachings on purpose are so applicable to strengthening our everyday work experience and connecting our purpose to our mission. This is a training everyone should take.” – The National Park Service “Thank you for helping us find our purpose.” – Crocs “Zach’s energy is contagious, and all of our attendees were hanging on every word. He provided exactly the type of actionable leadership advice our community needs and craves.” – Crankset Group

Zach Mercurio, Ph.D. speaks to multiple industries and leaders on the power and practice of purposeful leadership and meaningful work.


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Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Thrive & The Sleep Revolution
Cutting-edge research, and practical tools.

"Zach Mercurio has written a compelling book filled with powerful stories, cutting-edge research, and practical tools that shows us how to lead with purpose..."

December 2017

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