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Zach Mercurio is one of the leading experts on the role of purpose and meaning in organizations, work, and life. Through speaking, consulting, and research, Zach has helped diverse organizations and individuals around the world understand how purpose and meaning unleashes human potential to create thriving organizations and lives. Zach is the author of “The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose” and is the founder and author of, the popular blog on purposeful leadership. He is also a regular contributor on purpose for the Huffington Post and other international media outlets. Zach serves as a researcher and Adjunct Faculty at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where he teaches courses on purposeful leadership and organizational development as he completes his PhD in Organizational Learning, Performance, & Change. ZACH'S MOST REQUESTED PROGRAMS: Each program listed below can be offered as a keynote speech, organizational training workshop, or a virtual presentation. In addition to the most-requested programs listed below, Zach offers specific programs on request related to purposeful customer experience design, sales, fundraising, and branding. More detail is available in Zach's Speaking Kit (download below). > TRANSFORM YOUR ORGANIZATION WITH PURPOSE | ALL AUDIENCES Through vivid storytelling and cutting-edge research, Zach shows how purpose can be discovered, clarified, and instilled through every level of an organization and delivered through strategic action in any position. > LEAD WITH PURPOSE | LEADERS/MANAGERS This powerful session explores how leaders can learn and teach a purposeful mindset. With a specific focus on instilling belief in the purpose to compel engagement, unity, and results, leaders will learn research-backed practices to adopt a purposeful leadership approach. > DESIGNING A MEANINGFUL WORKPLACE | LEADERS/MANAGERS Research finds that employees experience meaningfulness when they (1) feel they are significant, (2) can see the human impact of the work, and (3) benefit in all aspects of their lives from their work. This session provides case studies and key strategies for building a meaningful workplace. > WORK WITH PURPOSE | FRONTLINE EMPLOYEES / ALL AUDIENCES This session is ideal for employees at any level of the organization. Research and case studies have found that people can “craft” even the most mundane tasks in their work as profoundly meaningful. This session inspires, empowers, and compels people to begin crafting work as meaningful to feel more engaged, satisfied, and to increase performance. Zach also customizes topics for many different organizational types.



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Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Thrive & The Sleep Revolution
Cutting-edge research, and practical tools.

"Zach Mercurio has written a compelling book filled with powerful stories, cutting-edge research, and practical tools that shows us how to lead with purpose..."

December 2017

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