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Wayne Burkan | Global Speaker, Expert in Change, Author: Wide Angle Vision

Wayne Burkan is President of Alternative Visions, Inc., a company dedicated to change, innovation and the future. Wayne is author of Wide Angle Vision: Beat Your Competition by Focusing on Fringe Competitors, Lost Customers and Rogue Employees. Along with his colleague Joel Barker, he wrote and co-hosted the popular video program called The Paradigm Prism. A dynamic, provocative and humorous speaker, Wayne has presented on four continents, to over one thousand organizations. Through keynote talks, workshops and seminars, he draws a balance between not just the concepts of change, but specific and actionable techniques as well. Wayne has been featured on dozens of talk shows, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Success Magazine. He has many years of experience working in planning, strategy and acquisitions. He has been guest lecturer for the Penn State Executive Management Program. He has served on the faculties of the State University of New York, Digital Consulting, Frost & Sullivan, and Technology Transfer Institute, conducting seminars worldwide on executive use of information and technology. 

Wayne received his BA in economics from Rutgers, and his MBA in International Finance from NYU. KEYNOTES & PROGRAMS: • Mastering Change and Innovation Every individual and organization has enormous potential to change quickly and improve innovation dramatically. To benefit from that potential, you need to understand what to change and when and how to change. This session is a powerful and practical guide to specific techniques and methods that everyone can use the day following the presentation. It will open your audience's minds to change, and give them the confidence to take that first step. We all need to change and innovate smarter -- this talk shows you how. • Wide Angle Vision: Delighting Your Customers, Discovering New Markets Your best customers like what you offer today, but your lost and disgruntled customers know what your best customers will like tomorrow. Those who reject today's products and services are the ones who will point the way to the new market. Increase innovation, customer satisfaction and gain a sustainable competitive advantage by learning to read the signals from fringe competitors, employees and competitors. Based upon Wayne's popular book Wide Angle Vision, called "marvelous" by Tom Peter. • Leadership in Turbulent Times Major change is painful! Why would any rational person knowingly move in that new, very uncomfortable direction? Vision, a powerful image of the future. Yet most organizations (and individuals) hold visions and vision statements that are abstract at best, damaging at worst. This revealing talk illustrates in both humorous and moving examples what a truly powerful vision must entail. • The Tactics of Persuasion: Eliminating Resistance to New Ideas Have you ever suggested an idea to someone, and felt like you were talking to a brick wall? Then this presentation is for you! Based on memos written by Thomas Edison, your group will learn how to dramatically reduce resistance to new ideas. Fast paced, funny and filled with specifics guaranteed to get people to listen, even when they absolutely don't want to change. • The Power of Paradigms Few walk away from this presentation without a fundamentally altered view of their world and their relation to it. Based on the theme of powerful change, participants can gain totally new perspectives on quality, service, team performance, innovation, competition, and a host of other topics. Each talk is customized to the individual host organization. As one participant remarked, "It's like listening to a standup comedian with a very important message!" • Power Productivity: Doing More with Less (and loving it) When asked to do more with less, most of us cringe, stagger back and exclaim, "That is impossible!" Yet organizations are doing more with less. It requires more than merely tightening the belt, and goes beyond the tenants of quality that many of us are practicing today. The message is upbeat, humorous, and empowering. It is very difficult to grow beyond our limits... we need to develop new limits within which to grow. ** for full information on Wayne's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


Henderson, Nevada 89002
United States

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6 Reviews
Jill Flynn, Senior Vice President, First Union National Bank

Wow! You really closed our meeting with a bang! I was told you were good, and they were right. Thanks so much for doing such an outstanding job with our Senior Management Group. You not only kept their attention but you got them intrigued with the idea of thinking differently.

June 2019

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Alice Heist, Executive Director, Connecticut Quality Council
You were sensational!

You were sensational! Your unquestioned expertise, coupled with a didactic presentation, created an exciting environment for learning. Our audience was very generous in their praise of you – and they are a tough group to please. A simple ‘thank you’ seems an inadequate expression of gratitude but it is said from the heart.

June 2019

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Lawrence Seidl, Senior Associate, Pastoral Services, Catholic Health Association
Well Wayne, you did it.

Well Wayne, you did it. One accolade after another cited your presentation as the `significant event of the conference, worth the price of admission all by itself.’ On my own behalf, I too was enamored. The clarity with which you spoke will be envied for some time to come.

June 2019

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