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Top 5 reasons to hire Ursula for your next event: • Real world Sales, Executive Management and Entrepreneurial Experience. • Has helped clients significantly increase their sales—in as little as 30 days! • Seasoned professional who knows how to engage and inspire audiences. • Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach with practical tools to share. • Dedicated to the success of your event! What if selling didn’t have to be painful? Sales expert Ursula Mentjes will transform the way you think about selling so you can reach your goals with less anxiety and less effort! The Founder of Sales Coach Now, as well as an inspirational speaker, author and Certified Sales Coach, Ursula specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help clients double and triple their sales. Honing her skills at an international technical training company, where she began her career in 1996, Ursula increased sales by 90% in just one year! In 2001, when the company’s annual run was in the tens of millions, Ursula advanced to the position of President at just 27 years old. A certified NLP Coach, Ursula draws on 15 years of sales, sales management, and executive and entrepreneurial experience to create dynamic exercises that transform the way you think about selling – with stunning results. Her engaging, humorous talks are an excellent fit for sales professionals, sales teams, and entrepreneurs. Ursula’s popular keynote presentation, “One Great Goal,” is a favorite for almost any group! A top coach with real-world sales and executive experience, published author and sales expert, she’s open to speaking on any related topic that you and your network may request. Ursula’s presentations help audiences shift their beliefs about selling and give them new strategies that make selling easier than most people imagine. “Selling is really about building relationships, being who you are, and selling from an “authentic place,” says Ursula, who helps clients significantly increase their sales by teaching them the principles of Selling with Intention. Says Shameca Tankerson, President, Credit Savvy CEO, “My sales increased over 400% within the first 60 days of hiring Ursula! She’s a remarkable coach with the extraordinary ability to help others dig deep, get laser-focused clarity on what they want to achieve, and take action to accomplish their goals.” You’ll leave Ursula’s life-changing talks with the self-confidence to sell more than you ever imagined and live the great life you deserve. MOST REQUESTED SPEAKING TOPICS: • Maximum Accelerated Selling: The Mindset and Strategies You Need to Double Your Sales Fast Most people believe that it is not possible to double their sales in a short amount of time. Why? Because we’ve been conditioned and trained to do what everyone else in our industry is doing. But that is simply not the truth. If you are ready to double your sales, or for your sales team to double their sales, then this keynote is for you! This power-packed presentation will help attendees discover the importance of shifting into “radical” beliefs and proven strategies that support their action and sales growth abilities while honoring their prospects in this process. This interactive and engaging presentation will help attendees: - Release limiting beliefs about doubling their sales fast - Discover that maximum accelerated selling is not only possible--it is NECESSARY - Become sales leaders in their industry - Implement sales strategies that support maximum accelerated selling And much more! Ursula will inspire and motivate sales professionals and entrepreneurs to act immediately–so they can double their sales in the next 90 days. Why wait? • Discover the Seven Inner Shifts of Selling with Synchronicity and Make Selling Fun & Easy! Are you ready to stop working so hard AND make more money? In Selling with Synchronicity, Sales Expert and Coach Ursula Mentjes expands the sales conversation beyond the selling process, and even the principles of her bestselling book Selling with Intention, into the realm of quantum physics, where ease, flow, and fun replace hard work, inconsistency, and frustration. On a mission to help Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals quickly and easily make a lot of money so they can give back to the organizations they care about and live a powerful life, Ursula will share the 7 Inner Shifts that she made to transform a sales team losing tens of thousands of dollars every month into one that generated millions monthly, to grow her own business exponentially in a short amount of time, and to make Selling with Intention a bestseller on her terms when the industry-norm just didn’t feel right. Making these 7 Inner Shifts will allow you to: - Attract the Clients You Really Want to Work With - Set, Magnetize, and Achieve Your Sales Goals Consistently and With Less Effort - Create and Leverage Circles of Influence to Grow Your Sales Faster - Release the Money Beliefs that Keep You from Expanding Your Bottom Line - Live Inside the Flow and Increase Your Faith in the Magic that Awaits You Get ready to shift! • The 7 Secrets to Selling a Million or More! What if someone told you that selling a million in your business was easier than you thought? Whether you want to grow your first 7-figure business or you are ready to create multi-millions, this interactive program will help you discover the 7 Secrets to Selling a million so you can increase your sales with less effort and less stress – without compromising your ethics or values. This interactive and engaging presentation will help attendees: - Discover the power of writing a {short} business plan - Release limiting beliefs and fears about selling a million or more - Break their sales goals into achievable steps - Understand how Financial Set-Points prevent ultimate success And more! Ursula will inspire audience members to take action immediately–so they can begin to increase their sales this year! MORE SPEAKING TOPICS AVAILABLE: • Master the Principles of Selling with Intention and Double or Triple Your Sales This Year! • The Seven Sales Blocks that Keep You Stuck in Scarcity • 5 Steps to Take a Quantum Leap in Your Sales this Year! • Why Didn’t I Get the Sale? • One Great Goal: Discover the Power of One! • Seven Strategies to Book More Speaking Engagements Now • Five Powerful Strategies to Help Your Sales Team Sell More This Month • The 7 Sales Breakthroughs to Double Your Sales This Year! • 8 Easy Low Cost Ways to Market—and Sell—With Intention Contact Ursula and her team directly for full information on keynotes, bespoke sessions, booking information and speaking inquires.


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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
United States

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4 Reviews
Leisa Reid
Ursula is the real-deal!

Ursula is the real-deal! She combines her talent for sales and coaching with an undeniable powerful energy that ignites the whole room. She practices what she preaches and teaches people the power of using intention to increase their sales success! In Sales Camp you get to know other like minded people you can network with and share your successes with. Ursula creates a supportive, electric, collaborative environment where people can feel safe to Go For It!

March 2019

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Christopher Hall
I would highly recommend her!

I cannot say enough about the value Ursula brings to her clients with her expertise and professionalism. She has made a huge difference in sales performance with my business. I would highly recommend her to any sales person or sales team looking to take their business to the next level.

March 2019

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Heather Nardi Polka Dot Powerhouse
I am hoping to have Ursula back to speak with our group again in the future.

Ursula spoke to my Women’s Networking Group, Polka Dot Powerhouse. She is so passionate about helping others become successful. It comes across in her speaking and her presence while engaging with others. Ursula knows her stuff and is willing to share her experiences. Many of the women in attendance signed up for Ursula’s Sales Camp without hesitation. I think that speaks volumes! I am hoping to have Ursula back to speak with our group again in the future.

March 2019

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