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Tweed Scott is a laugh-out-loud funny motivational speaker & corporate entertainer. He retired from broadcasting after thirty-one years. His broadcasting accomplishments include operating the highest rated FM station in America and later the fifth highest rated AM station in America. Tweed is an award winning speaker and the author of the three-time national award-winning book, Texas in Her Own Words. He describes it as a peek into the Texas psyche and explains why Texans are the way they are…where all that attitude comes from. He is convinced that Texans possess a ‘T-Chromosome.’ His book is sold at the Alamo, the state capitol gifts shops in Austin, the San Jacinto Museum & Battleground & the Sam Houston Statue & visitor’s Center in Huntsville. He is also a veteran of the US Navy and the creator, producer and host of the Speaking of Texas podcast where he and his guest talk about all things Texas. A message from Tweed: "There is a little bit about me you should know. I am a retired broadcaster of thirty-one years turned author and professional speaker. Anyone who knows me knows I have a deep rooted passion for Texas. Although I wasn’t born in Texas, I have been here longer than many native Texans. You see, I didn’t get here as quick as I could. I got here as quick as I got sent. I grew up about thirty miles from where they filmed the movie, “On Golden Pond”, smack dab in the middle of New Hampshire. I joined the US Navy to see the world. I left for boot camp the morning after my graduation from high school. Within seven months I found myself permanently stationed about two miles outside of beautiful downtown Kingsville, TX! For a boy from Northern New England this was a cultural shock! I had never been anyplace that was THAT flat, that stayed THAT hot for THAT long in my life! Thus began my life and experiences with Texas. I’ve always had a love of Texas but having written a book about her has found my love evolve into an absolute passion. I love all things Texan. When I chose to wrap up my broadcasting career, I turned to writing as my creative vent. I wrote for various magazines early in my writing career but it wasn’t long before I embarked on my exploration of my adopted home state. I married a native Texan not long after coming to Texas. One thing would often come up in conversation and that was something akin to, “Well, it’s not as though you were Born in Texas!” When she told our son that he had something I would never have--that he was BORN in Texas--that did it! I became convinced that Texans are born with an extra gene. There is a T-Chromosome and I’m gonna go find it. That is exactly what I did. What’s more I found it! Who knew that Texas in Her Own Words would turn into the little book that could? The book was out a month when I realized it had completely changed my business model. More and more meeting organizers asked me to come and speak to their groups about the book and more especially, Texas herself." CONTACT TWEED TODAY TO CHECK HIS AVAILABILITY TO SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT!


3300 Forest Creek Dr
# 19
Round Rock, Texas 78664
United States

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