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Troy Hazard CSP | Keynote Business Speaker, Franchise Expert, TV Host & Bestselling Author

"No buzzwords, no hype, no slick sayings - just 20 years of real life stories as a global entrepreneur that delivers solid take home messages and value for participants in audiences all over the world! Troy Hazard is simply, authentic!" There are few situations in the business world that Troy Hazard has not experienced and survived. The entrepreneurial genius, who has founded and nurtured twelve businesses over two decades, has turned around businesses that were making enormous losses and has consulted to countless successful companies including Goodyear, Baskin Robbins, Subway, Fisher & Paykel and many more. Through his business career he has owned a diverse range of businesses including a recording studio, an advertising agency, a pizza restaurant franchise, real estate brokerage, property development company, pool and spa service company, leading franchise consulting business, a technology business, and a television production facility. Hazard's business talents earned him international respect, so much so that he was elected by the worlds foremost business leaders for the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, a role he says was one of his greatest challenges. "That was by far the toughest leadership position I have held," he admits, speaking of an organization that represents a global community of successful business owners. "I was leading leaders who lead leaders who lead people - a large collection of the world's most brilliant business minds, it was extremely challenging, rewarding, and thrilling at the same time." Hazard's experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into the workings of organizations and the minds of customers. His particular area of specialty is in the franchise sector where he has been a leading consultant for nearly 25 years working with over 300 brands in 16 different countries. He has also been a franchisee twice and a franchisor, and host two national network television shows on franchising, 'Inside Franchising' and 'Don't Come Monday.' He is also host of his own Cable TV talk show in the USA - 'Gettin' Down 2 Business', on the BizTV Cable Network broadcasting into 30 million homes each week, and a regular Co-Host on 'The Big Biz Show' on the CBS Talk Radio Network and the Business Talk Radio Network broadcasting to 1.5 Million Radio Listeners, and simulcast the BizTV Cable Network. Troy's lessons from the edge provide businesses with potent and refined tools, a collection of which you will find in his Amazon bestselling business book, Future-Proofing Your Business: Real Life Strategies to Prepare Your Business for Tomorrow, Today! Keynotes & Programs: FUTURE-PROOFING YOUR BUSINESS Future-Proofing Your Business -'Prepare your business for tomorrow, today' Troy Hazard had bought, grown and sold more companies before his 40th birthday than some business people would even consider in a lifetime. Troy's real world experience is the foundation of this keynote presentation, his Amazon bestselling business book of the same title, and his National Network Cable TV Business Talk show in the USA. And it is what has kept audiences engaged in 23 countries. Through his businesses and working as a consultant for some of the world's biggest brands Troy has developed proven strategies to predict issues in business before you need to experience them. This entrepreneurial experience was recognized when he became a leader of leaders as the Global President of The Entrepreneurs' Organization ( In this presentation Troy will step through a process to identify if you are driving your business into the future, or into the ground. And he will send participants out the door with actionable tactical ideas they can apply instantly. Troy's presentation delivers answers on how to: • Identify the opportunity in an obstacle to take responsibility for your future. • Break down business barriers created by bad beliefs. • Review you and identify personal purpose as a path to profit. • Create a culture of collaboration. • Use rhythm to create revenue resilience Embrace evolution to lead the revolution. PURPOSE PASSION PEOPLE AND PROFITS Purpose, Passion, People and Profits - 'Guiding your business with clarity and vision to a more profitable future' What if you knew the 'one thing' that would show your business the path out of the GLOOM and into the BOOM? Serial entrepreneur Troy Hazard believes the answer is not found within something you seek, but more in something you already have and may have forgotten. Troy is an entrepreneurial veteran who had bought, sold and grown more companies before his 40th birthday than some business people would even consider in a lifetime. As a result he has seen his fair share of cycles in the economy. In the first recession of the late 80's he lost $250,000. In the second one in the mid 90's the amount was closer to $1 million. In the tech wreck and the more recent correction of 2008, it was an entirely different outcome! It was through these tough lessons early in his business career, that he developed a powerful personal strategy that helped him unlock greater purpose. This strategy reignited his passion and in turn that of the people he led, so he could go on to grow and develop a series of successful profitable companies over the course of a decade. In this keynote Troy provides simple steps to the clarity of vision you need to give your business a more purposeful view of the future. He will show you how to: • Unlock the true value of the clarity of vision. • Find your personal purpose. • Use passion to drive power. • Inspire the people you lead to have the same vision, purpose and passion. • Master the strategy of profits to the POWER of 3. Troy's Keynotes and Programs also include: • REVENUE THROUGH RELATIONSHIPS: 'Developing significant customer connection' • EMBRACE EVOLUTION: 'Be first to change or first to die!' • SPEED LEADING: 'How to become a better leader faster' • GOING GLOBAL: 'The street fighters guide to the global economy' For full information on Troy's work click to his website listed below!

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6 Reviews
Troy really hit it out of the park!

Troy really hit it out of the park! He listened to understand the theme and message that we wanted to deliver from an overall conference and content perspective and hit it on all cylinders. Troy has unique, real-world experience both as a franchisor and franchisee, as well as consulting with franchisors around the world—he's "been there, done that" in franchising. He spent the time on the front end leading into the conference finding out our objectives, and then determining how his message and what he's passionate about fit together to create a meaningful experience for the audience. And so, it wasn't about him, it was about them. Rather than theory or an esoteric type delivery, Troy delivers real world franchise perspective, and it really made a difference, really made a difference. I heard that from a number of our attendees. So, I just can't recommend Troy highly enough. If you're looking for a keynote speaker, give serious and strong consideration to Troy Hazard, because he brings it.

January 2019

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Troy Hazard was an exceptional keynote speaker.

Troy Hazard was an exceptional keynote speaker at two PMI Leadership Institute Meetings. Both times he delivered exceptional value to attendees, and his participation in the North America Leadership Institute Meeting turned an excellent conference into a memorable experience for those who attended.

January 2019

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I recommend Troy.

Troy Hazard's presentation on how to Future-Proof Your Business was fantastic! I think his high energy delivery and actionable content had an impact on all of us. It certainly did on me. It was impressed how nuggets from his session continued to be discussed throughout the conference. Troy has a unique way of making learning fun while delivering concrete steps that can help transform any business. If you are seeking to catapult your franchisees into a new way of thinking, I recommend Troy.

January 2019

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