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Tracy Stuckrath | International Keynote Speaker, Author & Nutrition Expert

Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC, CFPM is a dynamic, engaging speaker who will prompt your audience to evaluate, refine and use food and beverage functions to improve their events and their event participants. Through her personal experience as event planner for more than two decades and one of 15 million people in the U.S. with food allergies, Tracy sits at both sides of the table and offers solutions for feeding all guests safely, healthy and deliciously. Whether delivering a keynote, breakout session, interactive training seminar or cooking demonstration, audiences worldwide agree that Tracy brings passion and expertise to her presentations by offering detailed research and thoughtful analysis, and—most of all—by drawing on her own experience as a event planner with food allergies. Her stories will shock and inspire you, and her informative, yet easy-to-understand methods are usable tools. Most Requested Keynotes: SERVE THIS, NOT THAT! Meeting planners spend more than $54 billion a year on food and beverage at corporate meetings and events. And behind each egg croissant, turkey sandwich, and build your own ice cream bar is a simple decision that could help event participants feel better and safe and learn more and meeting planners feel not so overwhelmed with requests. Catering menus aren't designed to help planners make healthy or safe choices for their participants. With the array of special meal requests rising daily, figuring out what to serve event participants can be a challenging task for any planner. All of that changes with Serve This, Not That!, an interactive session that puts menu selection under the spotlight, and arms meeting planners with savvy tricks and better knowledge on how to feed their participants healthy, safe and deliciously, no matter where they are. With Serve This, Not That! planners become experts in every menu selection situation, from the plated breakfasts and hors d'oeuvre receptions to lunch buffets and afternoon breaks, and can control their meeting's food universe because, unlike every other meeting planner, they will know the smart choices to make and questions to ask! Learning Objectives: • Understand the Different Dietary Needs • Grasp Similarities & Differences in the Dietary Needs • Learn how to navigate a catering Menu & what questions to ask of F&B partners MEETING MENU SHOWDOWN Does the ever-increasing interest in healthier foods, constant budget parameters and the added difficulty of accommodating multiple dietary needs make you feel like your in your the latest episode of "Hell's Kitchen"? Join us as hotel, catering and convention center chefs, CSMs and meeting planners compete in a reality show-style cooking event/educational session to help us develop solutions to the myriad of dietary requests. In the session, chefs, with the assistance of a client and a CSM, will prepare a meal that accommodates several common dietary needs and allergies. Simultaneously, a panel of F&B experts will provide education on the topic, offer 'color commentary' as the chefs work, and serve as competition judges. You'll not only get to try "Good Eats" of what is created, but leave with a "Recipe for Success" to the dietary restrictions challenge that won't leave you feeling like you've been on "The Chopping Block." Learning Objectives: • Develop a basic understanding of the most common food allergies and dietary needs and apply this knowledge to plan appropriate menus • Examine how to work with F&B staff to accommodate special dietary needs, including the role of service staff • Determine a process for identifying attendees' needs in advance and communicating with them about available options FOOD FIGHT! If there's one thing we can count on when planning menus, it's the tastes and trends of attendees are continually evolving. From demands for locally sourced and healthier vegetarian to special meals for food allergic attendees and vegans, gone are the days of planning a banquet menu that you only have to ask, "Chicken, fish or beef?" Gluten-free, allergy-friendly, macrobiotic and sustainable are all on the plate. But how do you meet the needs of all your guests while not breaking the bank? The session will be one part lecture and one part educational game in which teams participate in a trivia game to test their knowledge and learnings. Learning Objectives: • Understand different dietary needs: food allergies, medical conditions, personal preference, religious practices • The legalities behind meeting the needs • How to meet these needs while managing costs [See all Tracy's keynotes, services and programs at her website link below]


606 Taberna Circle
New Bern, North Carolina 28562
United States

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6 Reviews
Bonnie Cunningham, BC Global Meetings & Events, LLC MPI WestField Chapter

I learned so much from the event last night and am already implementing some of those things today! Awesome!

December 2018

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Denise Tedrow, CMP, Vice President of Education, MPI Eastern Great Lakes
Definitely NOT the same old...

The feedback we have already received from those in attendance has exceeded our expectations. The content is extremely relevant and this was definitely NOT the same old F&B presentation.

December 2018

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Larry Huttinger, CMP, D. Lawrence Planners, LLC
Your session was worth the entire registration cost to me...

Your session was worth the entire registration cost to me….Great information and insight on our struggles to find balance in our work world with selecting menu’s and informing the hotels/venues of our requirements.

December 2018

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