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Todd Whitthorne | Author, Keynote Motivational Speaker & Coach

Todd Whitthorne is a motivational health & wellness speaker and author of the book, Fit Happens!...Simple Steps for a Healthier, More Productive Life. A nationally-recognized authority on health and wellness, Whitthorne speaks to individuals and corporations about the keys to achieving and maintaining excellent health and covers a variety of topics including healthy aging, building effective habits, prioritizing joy as well as fitness and corporate wellness. He loves sharing his knowledge and passion about health with his audiences because he knows that being healthy positively impacts every aspect of a person’s life. No stranger to presentations and connecting with audiences, Whitthorne is an Emmy award-winning broadcaster and the former host of Healthy Living with Dr. Ken Cooper, a nationally syndicated radio program covering everything health-related. He is annually one of the top-rated speakers for both Vistage International and TEC Canada. Guaranteed Success! Todd’s speaking engagements come with a money-back guarantee. Audiences will leave informed, inspired, and armed with a specific health & wellness game plan to measurably improve the quality of their life. Why Todd? Todd’s education, his vast professional experience in both individual and corporate health, and his dedication to staying current with research and data truly sets him apart. As does his passion. It also helps that he’s an award-winning communicator, a gifted writer and a terrific storyteller. Todd helps individuals understand that enjoying fantastic health is easier than most people think. Your Success is based on choosing the Right Speaker: If you’re looking for a health and wellness speaker there are certain things you’d love to have: experience, depth of knowledge, informative and entertaining. But wouldn’t it also be great if they inspired audiences to actually embrace practical advice that would measurably improve their health and life satisfaction? Todd firmly believes he was put on this earth for a reason: to help people understand we are all beautifully designed and if we just make small, consistent investments in ourselves then, no matter what, we can learn to really live and not just get by. It’s never too late! All attendees receive a complimentary copy of, “It’s Totally Up to You! {re}Discovering the What, How and Why of Optimal Health." This 36 page booklet is packed with actionable recommendations and inspiration which will help reinforce Todd's powerful message. KEYNOTES: • The 5 Most Surprising Things You Should be Doing to Live a Long, Happy and Productive Life “Diet and Exercise…Diet and Exercise!” We’ve all heard these two suggestions for years and they certainly are, without question, a great place to start. But what if you really want to “up your game”? What are the “next level” behaviors that will help you improve your health and maximize joy? In this eye-opening session you’ll reap the rewards of Todd’s maniacal pursuit of strategies to help you live not just longer, but better. When it comes to life, quality trumps quantity, but why not have both? • Building Healthy Habits is Critical to an Outstanding Life… but It’s Not Nearly as Tough as You Might Think! A habit is something you do without thinking about it…brushing your teeth, putting on your seatbelt, tying your shoes, etc. If you want to experience outstanding health, then building healthy habits is mandatory. Knowing won’t cut it…doing is the key! In this fun, engaging session Todd condenses the latest behavioral science and provides specific strategies to help you make healthy habits something you simply do automatically. After this, you’ll have no more need for New Year’s Resolutions! • Losing Weight is Easy…Now Let’s Talk About How to Keep It Off! 40% of American adults are obese and the experts tell us that nearly 60% of children are now on track to be obese by the age of 35! With cheap, convenient and great tasting food available wherever we turn, maintaining a healthy weight is a battle that many of us are losing. Believe it or not, losing weight is the easy part. In this myth-busting presentation, Todd cuts through “the clutter” regarding weight and provides proven, practical steps that will help you not only shed excess pounds but, more importantly, learn how to keep them off for good! • Employee Wellness: What if Everything You Believed to be True About Employee Wellness Was Flat Out Wrong? The concept of Employee Wellness really started in the 1600s and picked up steam in 1810 with the introduction of the 10-hour workday. What’s happened since then? Not much! Today employees are less healthy than ever in history with epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes, stress, loneliness, depression and pain. But all is not lost. In this fast-paced, high-energy presentation Todd explains why focusing on clinical outcomes through programs that employees love can dramatically improve the health and culture of your organization. Programs that are measurable, scalable and easy to implement are where employers should be spending their time and money. [for full information on all Todd's services click to his website from this profile]


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5 Reviews
Geroge Wilkerson Communications Industry Group Leader Market Strategies International, YPO, Arkansas
Todd was great!

Todd was great! His message connected perfectly with our audience and it was delivered with passion, humor and authority.

February 2019

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Curt Hursch VP, United Healthcare of North Texas and Oklahoma
I highly recommend Todd to anyone ...

Todd’s message on wellness and personal responsibility is engaging, passionate, humorous and relevant. I highly recommend Todd to anyone looking for an impactful speaker.

February 2019

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Mark Lauesen Chairman, Vistage
Todd’s presentation was best in class!

Todd’s presentation was best in class! His knowledge and first-hand examples were compelling, thought-provoking, and inspired all of us to make subtle or significant changes to increase our overall health.

February 2019

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