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How do leaders grow their brands and shape the future of their organizations even when economic conditions aren’t optimal? Tim Kirkland shows you how with The Renegade Philosophy™. Companies grow and thrive when they hire the right people, engage them with the purpose of the brand, and "re-recruit" them daily so they stick around. In his engaging and entertaining presentations, Kirkland outlines the proven methods he’s learned in his 30+ years in the hospitality industry. His best-selling books, “The Renegade Server” and “COACH” are used in over 15,000 restaurants, hotels, retail locations, customer service companies, and universities worldwide to improve the engagement and performance of both front-line teams and all levels of leadership. His content and technology can be found woven into the culture and training of some of the top brands in the world. Leading companies that use Tim’s materials include Applebee’s, Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings, Marriott, Kimpton, Coca-Cola, Beam Suntory, Sodexo, Reinhart FoodService, and many, many more During his 30+ years in the hospitality industry, Tim has led training, operations, and marketing departments for numerous respected restaurant brands, been an award-winning operator and successful entrepreneur. However, his uncommon insights and observations apply well past the restaurant business to any industry or organization that values customer and employee engagement and development. He delivers highly customized presentations on team engagement & retention, leadership, customer service, and marketing. Over 20,000 people attend his live seminars and workshops every year. Tim is an alumnus of the Harvard Kennedy School, where his focus was the Art and Practice of Leadership Development. He is CEO of Renegade Hospitality Group, which serves as a professional advisory resource to the restaurant, hotel, retail and customer service industries. Keynotes & Programs: 1. CULTIVATE: Recruiting, Engaging and Retaining Superior Teams We know that you want to be known for outstanding service resulting in more customers and higher profitability. In order to do that you need a dedicated and highly engaged team. The problem is, many candidates and team members see service jobs as a dime a dozen, and attribute no real value to the positions you offer. This lack of value results in lack of engagement, low commitment, and high turnover. It can cause you to get mired in a constant cycle of recruiting, hiring, training and loss…all while remaining understaffed and overworked. It can even make you feel as though you’re being held hostage by bad or mediocre performers on your team. Tim believes that acquiring and maintaining talent is the most important function of any leader, which is why we treat staffing as a skill, not a circumstance. In this engaging and impactful presentation Tim will: - Detail the challenges and benefits of an extremely multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce, and how it's changing how team members think about and value things like work ethic, learning, and loyalty. - Teach leaders how to be proactive and strategic about recruiting and hiring, rather than hiring from a place of need and desperation. - Help leaders engage and connect team members to the purpose of the work, brand, and team, creating stronger commitment and performance. - Help leaders find ways to differentiate and pour value into positions that otherwise have little perceived value in ways that matter to team members (hint: it’s not always money) and makes them want to stay. 2. COACH Master Class: Eliminating Distraction and Moving Your Team and Business Forward Daily We know that you want to deploy yourself every day in ways that will make a difference for your business, your team, and your profits. In order to do that, you have to be able to focus on the things that will bring change and improvement to each of those things. The problem is, we often get bogged down and distracted by the little things…devoting time and attention to the things that keep us ‘busy,’ but don’t necessarily move us forward. It’s easy to feel like we’re working the same shift (or day, or week) over and over again, continually addressing the same problems…working hard but actually accomplishing little. All leadership is either technical or adaptive in nature, and by focusing on the adaptive techniques that create and manage meaningful change in your business and on your teams, you can eliminate distraction and move your people, performance, and results forward daily. These are the critical skills Tim will deliver: - Cultivation - Tim teaches leaders how to cultivate and curate high-performing teams while improving their skills daily and keeping them engaged and motivated along the way. - Observation - Great leaders are able to see team challenges from a number of different angles and perspectives. However, our view can often be clouded by the complexity of the moment. Tim teaches leaders how to properly observe, interpret and intervene to bring meaningful, sustained solutions to recurring issues. - Accountability - Tim will show leaders how to introduce discipline and accountability into every shift by clearly communicating expectations, keeping a visible scoreboard, and constantly exerting gentle pressure on the team to improve. - Connection - Tim will show leaders how to connect the team to the purpose of the brand and the work and connect all goals to team behaviors, products, and leadership activity. - Hand Off -We'll explore how leaders can ensure smooth, successful relays on the team and help fill in the “Experience Gaps” in their business and exceed each customer’s unique expectations. 3. THE RENEGADE SERVER: Uncommon Strategies for Making More Money in 21st Century Food Service At Renegade Hospitality, we know that you want to differentiate your restaurant in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace and attract more customers. In order to do that, you have to BE different in a way that your Guests value. The problem is, as a result of homogenous service processes, many customers have come to view most restaurants within certain segments as interchangeable. Which can cause you to resort to discounts and gimmicks in order to be seen. By shaking up the “process” that’s become accepted as “good service” by most consumers, and creating unique, genuine and highly customized experiences for each Guest, you can differentiate your business in a way your competitors can’t discount or duplicate. In this very popular presentation for restautant operators, Tim will: 1. Teach teams how to ditch outdated, pushy sales techniques and explode sales and tip income with tools that work. 2. Explore the four secrets for discovering each Guest’s unique expectations and exceed them every time. 3. Show front-line teams to connect with guests in a way that will make them seek you out and forsake your competition. 4. Enable you to elevate your Guest Experience by adding dimension and humanness, which gives your business a defensible, competitive edge without discounting. ** For full information on all Tim's services and client options click to his organization's website from this profile**

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5 Reviews
Dennis Laventure, CEO Country Kitchen International
Every, and I mean EVERY attendee I talked to loved your program!

Every, and I mean EVERY attendee I talked to loved your program! I have already sharing my notes with our internal team and we are incorporating your pearls into our training. I have attended many presentations over the past thirty years and your information zoomed you into the top five! The information you presented was relevant to the environment we currently operate in. The tips were user friendly with the “how to” for implementation. Combine all of this with your energetic, straight talk style and our franchisees and managers saw a winning program. Thanks for making it actionable as well as memorable!

April 2019

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Nikki Fuchs de Calderon Director of Management Development, Buffalo Wild Wings
By far, Tim was the best convention speaker ...

Tim presented a keynote address and two breakout sessions at our National Training Camp. His message was clear, concise, and completely in line with the message of our convention. Tim gave our audience members simple tactics that they could use right away to build their businesses. By far, Tim was the best convention speaker I have seen at any Buffalo Wild Wings convention.

April 2019

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Wayne Vandewater, Executive Director of Field Training, Applebee’s
Tim was the highlight of our conference.

Tim was the highlight of our conference. Our GMs were amazed by his paradigm on selling and how he describes aligning the business, the server and the guest to improve sales.

April 2019

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