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Terry Sidhu | International Keynote Speaker | Cannabis-Friendly Meditation Teacher | Life Coach

Life Coach and Founder of VanCity Life Coach Inc., Terry Sidhu, is on a mission to "help evolve the human experience." Terry's intention is to teach and inspire independent mental health management and break people free from a cycle of misery and self-neglect. Utilizing his education in Marketing and Psychology, paired with his childhood education in Meditation, Terry's multidisciplinary approach has put him in high demand for his personal development services. His techniques and programs are designed to help his clients develop the awareness and clarity they need, in order to build their lives into fulfillment. Terry believes that raising awareness is the key to tackling mental health and recognizing one's own value. From life planning through to meditation instruction, he provides the tools to help his clients accept themselves and realize what they're truly capable of. Infinite Life started out as a passion project for Terry, as an attempt to teach meditation to his peers and life coaching clients and as demand for instruction increased, Terry developed his meditation practice into a company dedicated to bringing awareness to the mental health benefits of meditation, to the masses. KEYNOTES: Terry will engage your audience and impact your event with his style and charisma! Terry can also deliver his keynote's virtually, from his Studio in, Nelson B.C. Previous Keynote Presentations: MEDITATION - The Sacred Om Symbol: An Ancient Psychology - The Transcendental Journey - A journey through tiers of awareness. - The 5-Step Meditation Process - The Common Sense Approach to Chakras PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Sustaining Mental Health as an Entrepreneur. - Marketing Management for Personal Development - Scaling Back Your Lifestyle - Fulfillment starts with your senses. - How to Meditate for Success. MISC. - Evolution of the Work/Life Balance - Integration post Psychedelic Experience WORKSHOPS/BREAKOUT SESSIONS - Meditation Classes (inc. guided Meditations) (Cannabis-friendly option available) - Defining Self with Tantra (Cannabis-friendly option available) - Life Planning Workshops - Motivational Workshops - Ideation Workshops (Cannabis-friendly option available)

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731 Baker St. (Upper)
Nelson, British Columbia V1L 4J5

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4 Reviews
Honest & Genuine!

From the initial greeting to the end of the presentation Terry Sidhu was honest and genuine in what he was expressing. Leading a group of 26 individuals is hard on its on but when you take these people on a self discovering path it can be a tremendous challenge. Terry did a tremendous job expressing and creating a relatable dialogue for everyone to follow. The feedback received from my peers was positive and appreciative to have gotten to participate in this great work-life balance presentation. Thank you!

May 2019

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Terry has been amazing.

Terry has been amazing. I couldn't be happier with the experience that I have had with him. Terry first tries to figure out what makes you 'tick' then begins to formulate a plan together with you that will allow you to reach your goals, starting with the person you are at the beginning. He teaches you what you need to understand regarding the model he presents, gives you the tools to build it, then 'pushes you out of the nest' in order for you to grow. During the process his insight and feedback give you an opportunity to truly reflect upon what is going on inside and around you. He certainly has an amazing ability to read situations and people in a way that paints a very clear picture. I am so excited to see what else we will work on when begin the next phase.

October 2018

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Terry has the gift of being able to make you understand the bigger picture.

Terry has played a tremendous part in how I approach every day challenges both in my personal life and in my work environment. Confidence and patience have always been two areas I have had difficulty with. My time with Terry has helped me take a calmer approach to numerous personal hurdles such as the frustration of not being able to immediately start a family, an issue I have been anxious about and struggled with for some time. He is a wonderful and kind person who you can easily open up to and feel comfortable around. Terry has the gift of being able to make you understand the bigger picture of any scenario and help you understand the steps involved for you to reach your ultimate goal.

October 2018

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