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Terry Budget | Author, Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Every leadership keynote delivered by Terry Budget is hand-crafted to the specific needs and objectives of each client and audience. He does extensive research before every engagement, uncovering fresh stories and examples to reinforce key messages from his A.L.P.H.A. (Attitude, Leadership, Purpose, Honor, and Acumen) philosophy. The final product: an inspiring performance, delivered with the skill of a Broadway pro, but individually built to meet your specific goals. Here are some representative keynote topics that Terry has previously created to maximize impact: MOST REQUESTED TOPICS: THE “ART OF WAR” THEORY – Lead and Win like a 4-Star General: Organizations succeed or fail based on their ability or inability to be innovative and adapt to a changing world. To often, leaders and teams fail to observe what others don’t see. To gain a competitive advantage in a highly competitive world, leaders must think like a military general and incorporate the ”ART OF WAR” theory to promote production, inspire innovation, and cultivate creativity. Resistance to change is inevitable, powerful, sometimes subtle, but always present. Organizations can influence and strengthen behaviors and attitudes of others through effective leadership that originates from the inside out. Maximize your strengths, develop unique strategies, think like a military force….LEAD and WIN! YOU WILL LEARN TO: • MOBILIZE FORCES: Build an Effective Team based on Trust and a Common Goal • KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Developing a VISION and STRATEGY that wins • TAKE THE OFFENSIVE: Empowering employees to take VISION-FOCUSED action • ATTACK WHAT IS WEAK: How to REMOVE mental barriers • SHARPEN THE MIND: Continue Life-long Learning __________________________________ The ALPHA Mindset: You Are What You Eat: Your mind is a computer that is programmed daily. You can choose whether the software installed is productive or unproductive. Your internal dialogue is the software that programs the hard drive of your attitude, which determines how you present yourself to the world around you. You have control over that programming. Whatever you put into it is reflected in what comes out. To influence your surroundings, especially within the business world, leaders must adopt the exceptional leaders mindset: the A.L.P.H.A. mindset. What are you feeding you attitude? YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: • Feed Your Mind Properly • Speak Affirmations to Feed Your Attitude • Perform Daily Attitude Exercises • Improve Your Attitude by Improving Others __________________________________ The Expert’s Edge: How Leaders Grow and Managers Don’t: You don’t have to be an exceptional leader to be an effective manager, but to be an exceptional leader you must be an effective manager. Leader’s focus on creativity and innovation, while managers focus on maintenance and procedures. Leaders want to be the expert in one or two areas, while managers want be a Jack of all trades, but master nothing. The world wants their problems solved by an expert, not a generalist. As a leader, what area are you mastering? YOU WILL LEARN TO: • Distinguish Between Leaders and Managers • Become the Authority in Your Area through Knowledge • Influence through Inspiration, not Intimidation • Empower Others to Become Experts __________________________________ How Strong is Your Kung Fu?: Taking the Master’s Path: Many leaders, managers, and teams suffer from belief systems that distract them from making meaningful strides toward becoming world-class achievers and thinkers. This destructive thinking process deals with an attitude of inferiority and lack of self-confidence in being able to transition from acceptable to EXCEPTIONAL. A laser-focused path for personal and professional development through the introspective process of mental focus is essential for peak performance. YOU WILL LEARN: • How to uncover weak belief systems and transform them. • What prevents world-class thinking and action: Understanding the MASTER’S path. • 5 steps to attain MASTER level thinking. __________________________________ Additional Keynote Speech Topics: - From Loser to Leader: Discovering Your Leadership Purpose - Become the Leader of Choice: Value vs. Vanity - The Invisible World of Vision: How to See What Others Can’t - 7 Attributes of the ALPHA Leader ABOUT TERRY: A retired United States Army Veteran of more than 21 years of active service, Terry has served in a myriad of leadership positions in multiple locations in the US and overseas to include five combat tours. He is also a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for leadership and training in combat environments. With various global assignments, Terry understands the acumen of leadership, the psychology of a positive, mental attitude, the importance of integrity, and the essentials of building cohesive, effective teams. Terry holds the “Corporate Speakers” designation from the International Association of Corporate Speakers. Additionally, he also attained a Master’s Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix • Magna Cum Laude • Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business Administration • Masters Class Valedictorian Terry has also gained Certificates of Training in Leadership, Human Resources, Project Management, and Negotiations from Capella University, University of Notre Dame, and University of Villanova. Having spoken to groups around the world, Terry has acquired a reputation for serving others by helping them find their path to become the best leader they can be. For this reason, Terry’s mission is to help empower others to discover their unique leadership abilities through effective keynote speeches, training, coaching, and consulting with application of his ALPHA leadership philosophy. MISSION: To re-shift the managerial mindset of New and Emerging Leaders from average to exceptional through application of the ALPHA philosophy to increase productivity and improve the bottom line. • The ALPHA mindset-shifting methodology is best applied within the first 90 days of emergence into new leadership and should be evaluated again on an annual basis to reinforce the Alpha Leadership System. • Founded on 5 Basic Principles, or what he calls "Alpha-Bits" (i.e. Attitude, Leadership, Purpose, Honor, and Acumen), We realize that at the heart of every strong team, is an Exceptional Leader…the ALPHA! **CONTACT TERRY TODAY TO TALK ABOUT YOUR NEXT EVENT OR PROJECT**


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