Stuart Knight | Author, Entrepreneur & International Keynote Speaker

As a thought leader, visionary and disrupter Stuart Knight specializes in two areas: Human Potential and Human Relationships. FOUR CONVERSATIONS FOR SUCCESS After speaking to over one million people, Stuart Knight has learned what it takes to build powerful human relationships one powerful conversation at a time. Whether it's a customer, colleague, client, someone you manage or a potential prospect, people respond to those who they respect, admire, value and like. Every interaction in business is a new chance to connect with those who influence your bottom line, and Stuart Knight makes sure you don't miss it! THE CHOICE - FIVE DECISIONS ALL WINNERS MAKE By tapping into the lessons he has learned as a highly successful entrepreneur and by pulling the insights he has garnered from the greatest leaders in business, Stuart will teach your audience what it takes to reach their greatest potential. With over twenty years of experience, Stuart has studied the hundreds of decisions all winners make and distilled them down to the most important five. Your audience will be amazed as they walk away with a deeper understanding of what they need to do today to be more successful in business and happier in life.


22 Fielding Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario

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