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Stu Heinecke is an author, Wall Street Journal cartoonist, and hall of fame–nominated marketer. When his How to Get a Meeting with Anyone debuted in 2016, it ignited an international sales and marketing movement. In the book, he coined the term “Contact Marketing,” a powerful form of outreach employing clever “Contact Campaigns” to create the sort of connections that can change the scale of careers, businesses, and lives. Since then, tens of thousands of sales reps, business owners, job seekers, entrepreneurs—even CEOs themselves—have used Contact Marketing to generate stunning numbers of high-level connections, meetings, and surges in revenue and investment. Heinecke is based on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest, where he provides agency services, consulting, mastermind coaching, training, and weekend strategy sessions to help sales teams break through to their top accounts faster and more effectively. He also hosts the How to Get a meeting with Anyone podcast (weekly on the C-Suite Radio Network, iTunes, Stitcher, and Libsyn) and is the founder of, a group of prominent cartoonists from The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker who are dedicated to using their art to help charities raise funds, while reframing single-panel cartoons as collectible art. Speaking... Everybody sells. And everybody has a need to connect quickly with the people most important to their success. Breaking through to just a handful of the right people can change the scale of your career or business, almost overnight. The problem is, people like that are busy, important and often nearly impossible to reach. So how exactly are you supposed to break through to these people? That’s what Wall Street Journal cartoonist, hall of fame nominated marketer and author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone author Stu Heinecke will share with your audience. Early in his career, Stu discovered that his cartoons held enormous power, using them to reach presidents, prime ministers, celebrities, CEOs, C-level executives and countless top decision makers. For his book, he interviewed the top sales thought leaders in the world and asked, “When you absolutely must break through to someone of great importance, someone nearly impossible to reach, how do you do it?” The result was an entirely new genre of marketing, “Contact Marketing,” and twenty categories of Contact Campaigns that have generated response rates as high as 100% and ROI in the tens, even hundreds of thousands of percent. Clearly, this is one of the fastest routes to explosive growth anywhere. Who can benefit from Stu’s talks on Contact Marketing? • Sales & marketing professionals, managers, Vice Presidents • Owners and leaders of businesses, large, medium or small • C-level executives • Entrepreneurs and Start-up staff • Job seekers ** for full information on Stu's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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4 Reviews
Bhushan Kharwadkar, Founder & Director Ellicum Solutions Private, Ltd
One of the best and most enlightening webinars I have ever attended.

I must say, your “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone” presentation was one of the best and most enlightening webinars I have ever attended.

July 2019

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Rose Johnstone, International Events Director Innovation Enterprise, London
He shares real-life stories ...

Stu Heinecke presents his contrarian view on marketing in the 21st century in a concise and persuasive tone. He shares real-life stories of ‘Contact Marketing,’ a person-to-person style of marketing and selling, which he argues still remains at the centre of business. Mr. Heinecke was full of ideas throughout the process and always worked ahead of deadlines, even presenting his innovative cartoons and radio show content as additional materials.

July 2019

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Rick Dees, legendary syndicated radio personality
He’s a creative genius.

Stu Heinecke’s ability make contact through unique methods is phenomenal. He’s a creative genius.

July 2019

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