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Steven is passionate about helping others seize their inner leader. Make your next event more than just a getaway. Challenge your team to be heretical leaders with Steven’s no-holds-barred, honest and relevant keynotes that will evolve the way they see leadership and encourage, enliven, and elevate each individual in their personal and professional lives. Steven’s dynamic and unique style connects deeply with audiences in fresh and memorable ways—where most speakers bring a message that lasts a day, Steven’s words will be ringing in your team’s ears long after the conference doors close. Steven's Signature Keynote: * Leadership is Heresy: Leadership: n. from 1821, “The position of leader.” By late 19c. definition extended to “characteristics necessary to be a leader.” Heresy: v. From the Greek word hairesis, “a taking or choosing; a choice.” A derivative of hairein, “to choose.” Many of the greatest leaders in history were regarded as heretics in the time they lived. From Voltaire and Joan of Arc, to Mother Teresa, Thomas Jefferson, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, or even Oprah Winfrey… These men and women all had one thing in common: they understood that leadership is a heretical act because leadership is, at its root - Choice. It’s not the status quo that creates change, it’s the courage to act in the face of orthodox beliefs and standards. Okay, I admit it, that’s a copout. It’s easy to look at the famous with the wisdom of hindsight and see their greatness. And it’s easy to look at them and think they are somehow different from the rest of us – even though they are not. So look at real-life leadership, those people you know to be leaders/heretics because of how they inspired you; your grandmother, your dad, your neighbor, a boss, a mentor, a favorite teacher or sports coach or drama director… Everyone is a leader and everyone can be a heretic, from that 12-year old who is courageous enough to stand up to a bully in the schoolyard, to the mom who speaks up at the PTA for the very first time with a quivering voice and shaky knees, or the co-worker who has the courage to speak truth to power and changes the organization for the better. This is daily, real, tangible leadership and the leadership I endeavor to call out. So what does Leadership is Heresy really mean? Combine the two definitions above: the characteristics of leadership rooted in our ability to choose, recognizing that we actually have a choice and realizing that those we often hold up as great leaders all thought, felt, behaved and acted contrary to the popular opinion of their time. Leadership is heresy and leadership isn’t what we do to others; it’s standing up, perhaps for what we believe is right, perhaps for ourselves, perhaps for the greater benefit of those around us… but in all cases, leadership is an invitation to ourselves and to others to believe in and become the dreams we dare to dream and possibilities that are embedded inside of us. Let’s create those kinds of leaders and heretics. Additional Programs & Content: • The 5 Tools Successful Leaders Use to Navigate, Engage & Empower Their Crew • The 5 Dynamic Principles of Leadership, Communication & Decision Making Skills • The 10-Point Leadership Triangle: A Dynamic Model for Mastering & Implementing the 3-Dimensions of Leadership • The 7 Key Tools for Mastering the Human Obstacles of Change For full information on Steven's keynotes, programs, coaching, and content click to his website from this profile.


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6 Reviews
Amanda Oborne, Executive Director, FitLife Club Network
Attendee evaluations of Steven Fulmer were head and shoulders above the legendary Disney.

I still have a hard time reconciling how our conference actually played out because it just seems so far-fetched, but attendee evaluations of Steven Fulmer were head and shoulders above the legendary Disney. He was engaging and energetic, likable and believable. His universal messages were directly applied to our industry and its challenges so every point he made felt 100% relevant. Most of all, he touched our attendees in some fundamental, humanistic way that is very difficult to describe but very powerful to feel.

January 2019

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George K. Chung, Sales Manager, Ron Tonkin Dodge
What an awesome business concept!

What an awesome business concept! Mr. Fulmer is right on queue with how I want to take my sales team to the next level!

January 2019

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Joshua Waldman, Career Enlightenment
I was enthralled, captivated and totally inspired.

From the instant Steven got on stage until his last sentence, I was enthralled, captivated and totally inspired. No one in the audience, including myself, even knew that the computer had crashed and there were supposed to be slides. He picked up the ball and ran the key-note with grace and professionalism. When the slides finally came up, about 5 minutes before he finished, the audience clapped in total awe. How many keynote speakers get a wild round of applause in the MIDDLE of their speech?! Truly teaching us by example. If I were looking for a motivating and inspiring speaker for my event who could tell great stories and make life-changing points, Steven would be the first person I would call to see if he would be available. Hands down.

January 2019

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