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An educator, speaker, author, and consultant, Stephen Harvill, founder of Creative Ventures, has developed dynamic approaches to the learning process. A leading strategic thinker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Steve uses a holistic approach that integrates multimedia and participatory techniques to bring his cutting-edge ideas to life. A scientist by education, Stephen brings a unique perspective to his research, programs, and writing. Harvill is the author of “21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers: America’s Top Earners Reveal the Keys to Success” as well as numerous articles and publications dealing with effective management skills, leadership, change, communication and idea development. Steve takes his audiences through a simple journey, from understanding the core strategy, developing value around the strategy, and ultimately understanding how to implement these new strategies in the context of what they do. Each keynote is filled with valuable points for the audience but the goal is always to leave them with three key takeaways that they can immediately implement in their business that have a direct impact on their success. Engaging and inspiring, his ideas, together with the most current knowledge available, influence the very way his audiences think. Couple this with an infectious and boundless energy and his presentations connect well past the end of the program. Topics: The creation of an idea is a uniquely human process. The genesis of something new, original, and impactful is what moves our today’s to our tomorrows. We never seem to be at a shortage of ideas, but the key to finding value in an idea lies in its ability to create engagement and to develop traction. The success of an idea is about putting it in motion. Stephen Harvill and Creative Ventures have been launching new ideas that are shaping global business for over 30 years. Each idea is original and diverse, bridging traditional corporate barriers. Delivered as a dynamic journey supported with stunning visuals and creative teaching tools, each presentation launches the imagination and engages the audience to think beyond their traditional framework. 21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers: For over thirty years, Stephen Harvill has advised high-profile, high-earning organizations such as Apple, Pepsi, Samsung, IBM, General Mills, Allianz, Microsoft, and the U.S. Navy on organizational dynamics and strategic thinking. This work gave him the inspiration and access to gather valuable insights from the best of the best – top sellers who consistently produce a minimum of $1 million in annual sales. During a year spent interviewing 175 sales superstars from seven different industries, Harvill found twenty-one distinct behaviors key to success. 21 SECRETS OF MILLION-DOLLAR SELLERS identifies and explains these behaviors, breaking down each one into easy, effective rules. This new strategic platform, based on the book and featured in the Dallas Morning News and Business Insider, is composed of 21 custom designed presentations and workshops tailored to each individual client's needs. Elegant Simplicity: It can be said, that EVERYTHING starts with thinking. This is especially true with a focus on SIMPLE as a strategic imperative. When you think SIMPLE, you start to see things differently. Imagine if you started each problem analysis with, "Is this the most simple way to see the issue? Can we somehow state this differently? Can we simplify it?" Complexity makes things unclear. It creates bad flow. It makes it very difficult to interact. All of these elements make complexity a waste of time. Simple allows things to be understandable. Simple makes structure clear and optimizes outcome. In the DNA of Success, Steve Harvill and Creative Ventures share dynamic strategies to help companies move away from the complex and perfect the essentials. The Once Upon a Time Project: Of all things in the universe that create power, perhaps none is more foundational than the power of story. So I ask you, does your marketing focus on telling your story or selling your product? Stories are about a ONCE UPON A TIME idea and revolve around emotion. A great story connects on multiple levels, to make you feel something, make you want to know something, and build momentum around your goals. THE ONCE UPON A TIME PROJECT is a strategic initiative around the skills needed to craft and tell a story, your story. Our strategy gives our audiences a clear understanding of the elements of story, how to put together these elements to build their own professional story, and how to integrate these elements into their own business. The DNA of Success: In the realm of leadership training Creative Ventures finds it’s success in The DNA of Success. Following The 21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers, the company applied its investigative techniques into the leadership structure, culture, and team members of multiple Fortune 500 companies. We asked them all the same 10 questions. Their responses formed patterns and shared behaviors that they all exhibited in their leadership styles. The study resulted in the discovery of 11 shared behaviors that are directly connected to both individual and corporate achievement. These 11 behaviors cross-industry barriers, providing a menu-driven model that creates a mechanism for success. Dazzling Blue: The Dazzling Blue platform from Creative Ventures provides a laser-like strategic focus on the critical nature and impact of the client experience. The focus of this platform is one simple idea, the space between ordinary and extraordinary. It's smaller than anyone thinks. Though the size is small, what it takes to create extraordinary client experiences is anything but easy. So, how do we get to DAZZLING BLUE? What steps can we take to move everything we do from ordinary to extraordinary? And, most importantly, what are clients looking for to become fully engaged in a relationship? The good news is this is something you CONTROL. When addressing new strategies for your client experience begin with this simple, but challenging question: Is what’s on the table extraordinary and if NOT, what can we do to make it DAZZLING? The One-Click Armageddon: In a world where the state of technology continues at the forefront of our industry, the question that advisors and managers must ask themselves is, “What value do I provide my clients beyond the digital experience”? This program defines, head-on, the critical role businesses will continue to play in the digital marketplace if they are willing to challenge their own status quo. This powerful and impactful program blends the art of storytelling with the science of human behavior and the emotion of relationship marketing. It’s brilliantly simple.

Sales process tend to grow and become more complex as revenue grows. This added level of complexity can lead to some serious longterm ramifications. Here Steve discusses how simplify your process to build better relationships with your clients.



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Boenning & Scattergood
A powerful message.

A powerful message, well delivered and a life changer.

October 2018

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HKS Architects
The best facilitator we have EVER had.

Steve was the best facilitator we have EVER had. He brought new ideas and concepts to my daily management and business development ideas. The material was so relevant that I was ready to start applying them now. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.

October 2018

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Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
I enjoyed every minute.

What a stunning combination of entertaining, informative and engaging. I enjoyed every minute.

October 2018

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