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Steffi Black | Workplace Culture Expert | Employee Wellbeing & Engagement | Virtual Keynote Speaker

Driven by the desire to empower others in their lives and careers, Steffi Black is a culture strategist, coach and compassion advocate for individuals at work and in life. She believes that the more inner knowledge and work we do, the better our outer lives and relationships become. She is Featured Author, Ready, Aim, Thrive – Amazon best seller on Discovering How To Flourish and Prosper from Today from experts, and featured author in ‘My Creative Thoughts.’ As founder of ‘Be Kinder, Be Better’ a kindness curriculum for workplaces, Steffi presents workshops and Keynote Presentations on: • Why in a new normal, we need mental wellness, including compassion in the workplace more than ever • Why Kindness Matters Today: The Case for this character trait in the business world Steffi also involves companies during the international Random Acts of Kindness Week to bring kind actions into the workplace. Through her #bekinder#bebetter message, Steffi speaks to fostering an environment that allows for a more compassionate workplace. Employees need more than money: human kindness at work should be part of the package. Steffi creates a space where individual responsibility lays the groundwork for a better workplace culture. She is also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. ★For full information on Steffi's services and client options click to her website from this profile★

Mental Wellness in the New Normal: Simple strategies for feeling productive and peaceful at work and in life.


Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M5

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3 Reviews
Janey Piroli, PCC, CTPC VP, Global Organizational Development
If you are looking for a powerful speaker ...

If you are looking for a powerful speaker with a profound message, Ms. Steffi Black is it! With her engaging presence and dynamic energy she has the ability to instantly capture the attention of any audience. By the end of the presentation, you are hooked and ready to move into action! It is the compelling facts she shares coupled with her impactful stories that reach a deeper place within. Her message is a critically important one and we're all fortunate to have someone with Steffi's passion leading the charge - #spreadthekindness!

July 2020

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Colin Meenagh Director of Members Services at Fifty Thousand Foot Inc.
Steffi was a joy to work with ....

Steffi Black hosted a live video session (Be Kinder, Be Better, Coming Out of Quarantine) for our community members. During the whole process, Steffi was a joy to work with and you could see her passion in every brainstorm session we had. Steffi's message and tools aren't just something our community benefits from but are lessons that should be heard and adapted in everyone's daily routines! We would be happy to have her talk on our platform again and look forward to seeing more great work from her in the future!

July 2020

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Puja Subrun Award Winning, Visionary Marketing & P&L Leader
Inspiring, unconventional, insightful, smart, knowledgeable and incredibly effective ...

Steffi Black is an inspiring, unconventional, insightful, smart, knowledgeable and incredibly effective coach whom I would highly recommend. Her holistic approach to exec and life coaching coupled with her kindness philosophy, can help you navigate through major life and professional transitions by helping you uncover your strengths & resourcefulness from past experiences, clarify your bigger picture life and career goals and bringing in habits such as everyday mindfulness to stick to those goals. That combined with her knowledge of the business and marketing world, and weekly follow-ups helps create a focussed, actionable plan especially during tough times like the ones we are going through.

July 2020

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