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Steffan Surdek | Professional Speaker, Author & Coach

My name is Steffan Surdek and I have always been driven to expand the notion of leadership to include each member of the team. I am a high demand leadership development coach, speaker and corporate trainer based in Montreal. As the founder and widely recognized principal consultant at Pyxis Cultures, my work has a strong business impact, helping reshape business cultures and guiding them in becoming more collaborative and efficient. I believe that connecting with people at a personal level is the key that allows me to contribute to a greater cause and consistently make a real and sustainable difference with my clients both in their professional and personal lives. I am often asked to speak at global conferences about the power of co-creative leadership and leveraging the power of teams. My passionate and dynamic storytelling style engages audiences and makes the learning stick. I also write about authentic and co-creative leadership for many different business web sites. Speaking: Here are reasons why you want me to speak at your next event: * It is not just another presentation, it is an interactive conversation with the audience * Hear real-life stories and examples pulled from years of experiences with my consulting clients * Customized session content before the event based on your needs * Thought provoking sessions that expand the participants perspectives I am a passionate storyteller and I fill my talks with real-life stories from my experiences in consulting and training engagements with my clients. After delivering hundreds of hours of talks and training courses, I developed a presentation style that is interactive and feels more like a conversation with the audience rather than just having a speaker on-stage delivering his material. One of my life passions is talking and writing about co-creative and intentional leadership. After noticing the challenges faced by the management teams at my clients, I started using focusing a lot on these terms in my leadership coaching approach. My own personal leadership origin story also fuels my drive to reflect on and observe the different styles of managers and leaders that surround me. Let’s talk about having me speak for your next event! Together, we will create a space to allow participants to reflect on their personal leadership styles and get inspired to lead differently. Through my passion, my storytelling and my interactions with your audience, let’s create something memorable and interesting together. Let’s talk about having me speak on your podcast! Are you looking for someone interesting and different to have on your show? A guest who can bring your show a rich level of conversation around leadership, change management and building capacity in organizations, team building, systemic coaching. Reach out and let’s explore what we can do together! Let's talk about me and my team leading a leadership retreat for leaders in your organization or doing workshops with people on your teams. We focus on leadership development, building cultures that foster continuous improvement and learning by doing.


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6 Reviews
Yves Perreault Event co-organizer – Revenu Québec
Steffan’s message is powerful and thought-provoking.

“Steffan spoke about “The Silent Leadership Crisis” at our event. His talk allowed us to reflect about how leadership needs to evolve in today’s complex organizational environments. Steffan’s message is powerful and thought-provoking. He delivers it using remarkably simple language and stories that everybody can easily relate to.”

December 2017

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Preethi Subramanyam VP Professional Development - IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais
He (Steffan) is an excellent speaker!

“Steffan has delivered many very interactive and excellent workshops for us at the IIBA. He is an excellent speaker, contagious with his enthusiasm and with an amazing ability to connect with the audience!”

December 2017

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Marie-Christine Legault VP Business development and partnerships - Pyxis Technologies
Again, thank you!

Your passion and compassion are very evident in your speaking engagements - for all audiences. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for you helping to awaken that “passion” in the participants in the many conferences we have braved together. Again, thank you for amazing changing experiences, you stretched our thoughts and provided a road map for even greater achievement.

December 2017

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