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Simon T - Elevate Your Greatness | Innovation, Change & Resilience Speaker + Virtual Keynotes Online

Simon T. (Trevarthen) is a premier speaker on resilience, inspiration and innovation. As a presenter, Simon has the rare ability to energize audiences, while delivering personal, professional and business growth insights. Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Elevate Your Greatness, Simon focuses his energy on helping others find and ignite their passion to achieve their greatness. Simon has facilitated hundreds of sessions and sparked energetic conversations about innovation and business transformation. An international keynote speaker, Simon has addressed over 50,000 people at conferences, training seminars and workshops. A storyteller, strategist and business coach, Simon has lead and consulted on change efforts in the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. Global in viewpoint but local in impact, he has been an executive, consultant and speaker in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Simon has also worked as a journalist and international spokesperson for major humanitarian organizations in conflict zones. SPEAKING: Add a zing of greatness to your business meeting or conference. An international speaker, Simon inspires, entertains and educates audiences with a range of captivating keynotes. Our relationship starts with a discovery session, which shapes your personalized keynote and allows us to create something entirely unique to your needs. Simon's 7 Most Requested Keynote Presentations [available in-person or as virtual keynotes]: 1. Pushing the Elephant: Making Innovation Happen in a Large Organization Spark innovation in your organization with this dynamic keynote about establishing creative cultures. As a change agent, learn how to navigate obstacles and use camouflage and guerilla change techniques to harness innovation that’s hiding in plain sight. 2. Two Matches and a Piece of String: An Innovator’s Survival Kit (and Rescue Mission) Learn how to jump start the innovation process as an individual, a team or an organization. In this energy-fuelled keynote, the audience will discover the secrets of the innovator’s mindset, the essentials of a trendsetter’s toolkit and how to scale a bright idea into a game-changing innovation. 3. Speaking of Inspiration: Seven Miracle Cures for Reviving Stage Presence Mastery of the spoken word is the mark of great leadership. In this inspiring keynote, learn how elevate your impact in front of an audience. Discover how to take control of your body language and your voice to achieve incredible results that you can apply to anything from interviews to public speaking. 4. Forget Change. Drive Progress: Mastering the Art of Transformation. Do you feel like you’re stuck in a constant change loop but don’t see real results? Simon’s powerful presentation is the perfect antidote to change fatigue. Learn key lessons on how to break the deadlock of resistance, unlock the power of customer insights and how energy and language can propel teams to extraordinary results. 5. Simon Says Let’s Get Personal: Inspiration for a Leadership Makeover Vision is the driving force of transformational leaders. But your ability to lead change depends on your power to inspire others to take action. This dynamic keynote will help you clarify and reenergize your leadership purpose, develop or reinvent your personal leadership story and create a narrative that leverages your unique talents. 6. Being Your Brand: Defining Your Purpose and Selling Your Value Your brand defines you. It separates you from your peers. During this inspirational keynote, Simon shows you how to define, refine and elevate your brand of leadership. Together, you will discover your secret sauce and be inspired to lead where others follow. 7. Pitch Perfect: The Three-Minute Presentation That Inspires, Influences and Gets You to Yes First impressions count, and you may only have minutes to make yours. Delivering a magic pitch that inspires, influences and gets results could be crucial to your success. Learn how to elevate your pitch and turn your audience into your fan base. In this keynote, Simon covers the key elements of a successful pitch and reveals the secrets of a magnetic stage presence that will set you apart from the crowd. ** for full information on Simon's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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3 Reviews
Lynn Buckham, Director; ONTARIO PUBLIC SERVICE
He set just the right tone ...

Simon proved to be a highlight in our recent staff training event. He set just the right tone through a lively presentation…He challenged staff to approach their work and life! with fresh perspectives.

April 2020

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Jenny O'Donnell, Director, Corporate Learning & Development; LCBO
Simon has the ability to grasp the attention and engage an auditorium full of employees ...

Simon is not only a strategy guru, but he also has the ability to translate and distill complex business processes and scenarios into succinct models and plain language to help clients move forward. Simon has the ability to grasp the attention and engage an auditorium full of employees or equally he can engage and gain credibility with small round table of senior executives, all to rave reviews.

April 2020

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Senior Policy Analyst, Cabinet Secretariat, Office of the President, GOVERNMENT OF UGANDA
Hypnotizes his audience, galvanising them into immediate action.

Simon is an inspirational speaker who hypnotizes his audience, galvanising them into immediate action.

April 2020

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