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Sima Dahl, CSP | International Keynote Speaker & Consultant | Sway Factor™ - Be in Demand.

Sima Dahl is a branding visionary who will revolutionize the way you think about generating referrals, driving sales, attracting and retaining top talent, even managing your career. Her work as an award-winning B2B marketer-turned-business owner paved the way for the Sway Factor™ system, a roadmap to create more demand for what you do. Sima’s success lies in her ability to distill complex theories about Business, Employer, and Personal branding into practical tactics that produce measurable results. Sima has traveled from Boston to Budapest to deliver high-impact, action-oriented programs that teach sales teams, marketing executives, business owners, and career go-getters how to stand out, stay relevant and be in demand. Her bold candor, unfiltered honesty, and irreverent style leave audiences wanting more. When she’s not keynoting, you’ll find Sima consulting with a roster of forward-thinking clients including Allscripts, Allstate, CDW, Harley Davidson, Medline, Walgreens and United Airlines. Sima's programs include: Personal Branding: How to Stand Out, Stay Relevant and Drive Demand: In this hands-on workshop, Sima will introduce you to her groundbreaking Sway Factor™ system to drive maximum gain from the intersection of Personal, Employer, and Business brands in today’s hyper-connected marketplace. You’ll be guided through exercises to articulate your unique brand value, make a memorable first impression, and reinforce your story online. Participants will understand: - The importance of personal branding to drive retention, forge a strong Employer brand, and strengthen the Business brand - The formula to create an on-brand Airplane “elevator” Pitch that’s both memorable and meaningful - The critical elements of their “Digital Footprint” including best practices for optimizing their profile on LinkedIn The Social Selling Imperative – Are You Leaving Money on the Table? Business owners and sales professionals no longer have the luxury of ignoring the art and science of Social Selling. Your prospects expect you find them, learn about them and engage with them online. While you may think you don’t have time to do one more thing, statistics show that Social Selling enthusiasts outperform naysayers. In this no-fluff presentation, Sima will share proven strategies to put the power of social into your sales. You’ll explore prospecting, surveillance, and engagement. Crafting Your Personal Elevator Pitch When you’re networking and someone asks you what you do, how do you answer? Do you give your job title? Or your company name? The truth is that neither of those data points matters. What people really want to know is how you can help them, or possibly help someone else in their network. In this intense session, you’ll craft an elevator pitch that will pique someone’s interest, open a meaningful dialog, and position yourself in their memory lasting opportunity long after the handshake.

A compilation of some of Sima's programs on Personal Branding, Social Selling, and related topics. Audiences vary from corporate high potential staff and employee resource groups to sales teams and channel partners, as well as associations globally.


516 N. Ogden #263
Chicago, Illinois 60642
United States

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5 Reviews
I highly recommend her work!

Sima is very dynamic and always an engaging speaker. Her impact was especially helpful in terms of increasing visibility across the organization. She is a superb marketer and I highly recommend her work!

May 2019

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She knows her stuff!

Sima Dahl recently spoke at a Junior League of Chicago membership meeting attended by 300 women of various ages and backgrounds. Her genuine passion for social media and personal branding, combined with her high energy, sense of humor and keep-it-simple approach, translated into an insightful and entertaining evening. Sima comfortably connects and engages the audience with her natural flair for storytelling and her keen ability to read the audience. She shares a depth and breadth of content that is intuitive and relevant without creating a sense of overwhelm. She knows her stuff!

May 2019

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I highly recommend using Sima... Two thumbs up!

Sima is fantastic. A true motivator! Her presentation provided our team the steps and logic needed for them to take action. She helped many of us create and adjust our professional "social footprint". We found her presentation to be engaging, easy to follow and very relatable.

May 2019

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