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Sidney Friedman | Global Speaker, Mentalist, Futurist & Author

As featured on numerous TV shows, including the TODAY SHOW, THE VIEW, THE EARLY SHOW, and 20/20, the multi-faceted, internationally acclaimed Sidney Friedman (aka SID THE KID) is an info-tainer, innovation speaker, subconscious communication expert, leading futurist, mentalist, and national best-selling author, reviewed by FORBES magazine as "the mentalist to the stars." His book YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO reached #1 on AMAZON for self-improvement books (#8 overall), and his audio book MIND DYNAMICS (produced by Nightingale-Conant) is one of their most popular titles. Sidney has a way of speaking which CONNECTS and ENTERTAINS so your organization goes away with new knowledge that is used immediately to great advantage. You will learn how to easily and MAGICALLY connect with your subconscious mind for: • successful communication with clients and prospects • sales interaction improvement • executive brainstorming enhancement • customer service interaction improvement • solicitor training for charitable giving • creative thinking and idea generation • goal attainment for increased sales It’s all about communication, and Sidney shows what goes on in the subconscious of others and how to affect the subconscious thoughts of others so they are open to your ideas and requests. It's almost like mind reading!! He knows the creative and subconscious from years of study as a composer with a degree from the Eastman School of Music and a fellowship at the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Tanglewood Music Festival, having scored music for commercials and television shows, along with orchestral works, songs, and recently, a musical. He then realized this use of the subconscious mind has business applications. Sidney is also a professional MENTALIST for over 29 years with over 100 annual engagements for the likes of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, BMO Harris Bank, United Airlines, American Express, Quaker Oats, Abbott, Merck, Campbell’s, and hundreds more, including hundreds of engagements for charity organizations, helping to raise tens of millions of dollars. Highly regarded as a futurist and prognosticator, Sidney has appeared on news and talk shows at New Year’s time, each year with a set of 20 to 35 predictions. His astounding overall accuracy is 73%, predicting everything from news events, celebrity news, business trends, market trends, Oscars and science. But overall, there is something greater you will learn when Sidney speaks, He states, "Recently the world population surpassed 7 1/2 billion humans. That’s a lot of people with seemingly so many differences, but we all have one thing in common. Regardless of nationality, religion, race, ideology, education, politics, or any other distinguishing factor, there is one commonality among all of us. Connection. We all seek connection!! That’s why what I do is so important. When we sense what's on each other’s minds, it brings people together. It connects. It bonds. It brings us closer in deeper understanding. This understanding creates profitability. And even more, deeper understandings are the best thing to do in a world where there are frictions, a world where we yearn for peace on earth and good will toward all.” KEYNOTES: ★ SUBCONSCIOUS CONNECTION: HOW TO COMMUNICATE BEYOND JUST WORDS In SUBCONSCIOUS CONNECTION, Sidney Friedman shows how to communicate far beyond just words, and this is not the usual body language mumbo-jumbo. These verbal, mental and visual techniques work successfully over the phone, in person, and in video conference. You will learn how to easily affect the subconscious of whoever you are interacting, including clients, prospective clients, colleagues, friends, family, and at the negotiating table, so others are far more open to what you are offering. And vice versa, you will be clued far more into who they are, what they think, and what they seek. Based in part from Sidney’s book YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO, which was a #1 national best-seller for self-improvement books on AMAZON (#8 overall), being able to communicate and CONNECT effectively is one of the most important skills in life, and is one of the chief components for business to flourish. A skill that can take a lifetime to master, Sidney will have you adept at these communication/connection skills in one session. MOST IMPORTANT, Sidney shares a technique he developed called “MICRO LISTENING,” a way of listening which draws others closer to you, creating even deeper connection, successful understanding and eventual profitability. ★ INNOVATION MASTERY : from the top of your head to the bottom line, how to gain superior sustained creativity to keep you profitable Innovation/creativity is the means for growth, competitive advantage and profitability. But how do you stay ahead of the curve, how do you intuit what is potentially around the corner in order to plan and prepare for changes, and how do you innovate and create new great ideas? As a former Tanglewood Composer Fellow, as an esteemed graduate of the Eastman School of Music, and as an experienced PBS Television composer, and as the author of the national best-selling book YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO, SIDNEY FRIEDMAN shows how the concepts involved with composing music and accessing the subconscious mind, can be easily applied by you for successful team brainstorming, creativity and innovation to keep your organization thriving. ★ CAPTAINING A SMOOTH SAILING SHIP: communication for successful authentic leadership How do you steer the ship in uncertain times? How do you steady a ship that is facing any number of challenges? SIDNEY FRIEDMAN gives insights and tools for executives and managers on authentic leadership to get the best out of employees, and to successfully communicate with a range of stakeholders and personalities, both internal and external, all while being authentic. The key is how to connect with others subconsciously in addition to what’s on the surface. Sidney is one of the experts at understanding the subconscious mind with his national best-selling book YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO (formerly #1 on AMAZON for self-improvement books). This is especially useful and energizing for organizations undergoing growth, restructuring, downsizing, or any type of change. ★ MIND POWER HOUR: info-tainment show of elevating miracles and insights As seen around the globe and on numerous TV shows such as THE VIEW, 20/20 and the TODAY SHOW, Sidney's MIND POWER HOUR is an interactive revolutionary INFO-TAINMENT show. The MIND POWER HOUR mixes a demonstration of virtuosic mind power feats (apparent telepathy, extreme mathematics, outcome predictions) with explanations and insights on how to do the same yourself. Plus, he is the only performer COMBINING telepathic ability with music ability. Sidney is the world's only "MUSICAL MENTALIST," People in the audience think of songs, then Sidney mentally senses the tunes and PLAYS THEM ON THE PIANO. (btw: Sidney is a concert-quality pianist.) And this "Tune Telepathy" is just part of his astounding collage of mentalism and music to create an EPIC EXPERIENCE for your audience. SIDNEY FRIEDMAN and his team are SUPER EASY TO WORK WITH and are with you EVERY step of the way. From the moment you book him, we are there to help you succeed, from customization of Sidney's show to fit your goals and theme, to promotion of your event, to walking you through the best possible room set-up for corporate entertainment. His MIND POWER SHOW is perfect for: • corporate entertainment • charity event entertainment • party entertainment • dinner events • celebrity events • holiday party entertainment • executive entertainment • incentive programs • training programs Sidney Friedman's experience (29 years!!), originality, passion, and understanding will hit the HIGH NOTE for you!! ★For full information on Sidney's services and bespoke options click to his website from this profile★


Chicago, Illinois
United States

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4 Reviews
Phillip Neal, Associate Director ZIMMER BIOMET
He was fantastic!

He was fantastic! I was amazed at how prepared he was to speak with the group and demonstrate how the mind impacts sales. We laughed, were amazed, and transformed by his performance. One attendee came up to Sidney after the event and said, 'I've seen hundreds of speakers, and you were the best I've ever heard.' Sidney, Thank you! You exceeded our expectations. We look forward to the next event together.

March 2020

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You made an indelible impression.

You made an indelible impression. You always do a great job of linking innovative and creative ability.... It means a great deal to us that this is also very entertaining and fun.

March 2020

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Most likely the best mentalist in the world.

Sidney Friedman was a unanimous HUGE hit!!! My guests and staff are still talking about him, and our clients are calling me and thanking me. He has a remarkable personable engaging way of presenting his "miracles," plus he weaved in our theme throughout his presentation, making the evening not only fun and spellbinding but also meaningful. Sidney is most likely the best mentalist in the world.

March 2020

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