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Shawn Nason | Author, Consumer Champion & Transformational Disruptor

"Innovation isn't work, it's a lifestyle." I have the amazing honor to help teams, organizations, and individuals tap into their creative mind and create ideas and solutions they never dreamed of. Much like the orchestra director, I get to help orchestrate and lead transformational and renovation innovation. I have a successful 20+ year career driving exponential growth, improved efficiency, and innovative initiatives. Offering a solid foundation in organizational and change management, leadership development, training, finance, and process and procedure improvements. Inspirational leader gaining confidence from key executives, stakeholders, peers, and employees at all levels.” - Shawn Nason An inspirational thought leader, Shawn has a proven record of gaining confidence from key executives, stakeholders, peers, and employees at all levels. Shawn is CEO of the Nason Group. The Nason Group catalyzes change by meeting people where they are, bringing disruptive thought leadership, compassion for the human experience, and a global mindset to transform services through customized experiences. Now, more than ever, organizations require disruption, innovation, and transformation to keep pace with a changing world. As a boutique, minority-owned service design group, the Nason Group relentlessly engages human-centered practices to create and achieve the seemingly impossible. WE BELIEVE: - The best thought solutions don’t always have to be complicated. - Using know me, surprise me, and make it easy will reconstruct the customer experience. - Disruption is healthy and necessary for growth and leads to new ideas that change the world (your world). - Ideas that are radical enough to change lives require a space for teams to create, develop, test, and implement. - Engaging consumers’ stories and voices are mission critical when exploring new ideas and the ONLY way to do business well. - Figuring out the right questions to ask takes time and energy. - With the power of YES, anything is possible. KEYNOTE TOPICS INCLUDE: * Innovation * Human-Centered Design * Design Thinking * Healthcare * Consumer Experience * Disruption * Consumer-Centered Innovation * Consumer Trends * Member Experience * Healthcare Trends * Patient Experience CONTACT SHAWN AND HIS TEAM TODAY TO TALK ABOUT YOUR EVENT AND THE BESPOKE KEYNOTE THAT SHAWN CAN DELIVER TO YOUR AUDIENCE.


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