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Shari Karney is an attorney, on air legal pundit, author, speaker and entrepreneur. The captivating NBC movie “Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story” starring Melissa Gilbert, followed Karney’s story involving sexual abuse as a child to championing the rights of women and children as an attorney and pioneering legislation across the country that changed the law for survivors of sexual assault and harassment. A widely respected legal expert, analyst and commentator on breaking news stories, she has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, HLN, Fox, The Today Show, Weekend Today Show, Inside Edition, ABC Primetime, CBC (Canada), and hundreds of other television and radio news programs worldwide. She has given legal commentary on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault cases and allegations, Bill Cosby sexual assault cases, the Donald Trump sexual assault allegations, the Roy Moore child sexual molestation allegations as well as other news breaking stories of the day about sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct and child sexual abuse. Shari is an inspiring motivational speaker, author and MeToo advocate. Her keynotes have riveted audiences across America with her never give up attitude. Shari found peace, purpose and happiness after overcoming extraordinary personal challenges. There is an art to finding grace in adversity. Shari teaches women how to find their inner hero, to find their voice, to speak up, speak out, to persevere and handle the unexpected, to innovate and successfully navigate challenges. Ultimately, the goal is to learn to harness the tools needed to live with passion, focus, while, at the same time, bringing our heart and humanity to each other. Shari knows. She has survived what most women have experienced in their lifetime. Hard times, loss of hope, disrespect, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, child sexual assault, pain, loss, obstacles, fear, anxiety. "When your mind tries to tell you there is no hope–there is always hope", Shari believes. Shari specializes in helping women transform their lives to feel happier, inspired, listened to, respected and understood. You will experience profound results. Shari teaches the enlightening power of S.H.E. Speak. Heal. Empower--Helping Women Find their Voice. Helping women speak up. Joining all voices together in a shared experience so that every woman feels safe, heard, supported and listened to. Learning how to feel okay with saying "no." The heavy consequences when the "no" isn't heard. Finding unconditional love for yourself. Discovering that your greatest gift is hidden in the most difficult part of your past. "I'm here, I'm with you. I'm all yours. I feel your pain, I share your heart." Shari Karney is a top lawyer and an indefatigable force who uses her legal expertise to champion the rights of women, changing laws that give women equal rights and justice. She does so with passion and heart. Shari is a driving influence who had the courage to get laws passed and used her experience in and out of the courthouse to help pioneer landmark legislation that changed the law for survivors of sexual abuse and set the foundations for breakthrough legislation that started the movement for sexual assault justice. Shari is a beacon of hope by choosing to turn adversity into triumph, to find inspiration where others might only find pain, and forge a truly significant life; she is an inspiring reminder that the best is yet to come. Her Motto… Triumph through Change Thrive with Grace Feel Empowered…Change your Life. SPEAKING | KEYNOTES: UNDERSTANDING AND PREVENTING SEXUAL HARASSMENT In this program, Shari will equip participants to: - Understand the scope of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. Almost every female in America has suffered some form of sexual harassment or sexual discrimination in her life. - Learn how to reach full potential by helping organizations avoid legal mistakes. - Discover subtle behavior. What may seem “innocent and harmless” may in fact cost your organization. - Higher standard setting-save the “locker room talk” for the locker room. - Discover what is human, not merely what is legal. - Deepen self-awareness to create compassion and understanding. - Discover the power of prevention in creating a positive work environment - Demystify false concepts that impede well being. - Prevent sexual harassment avoid costly legal fees and organization liability. - Discover your inner hero protecting others in the workplace. - Triumph through change. Learn how to be part of the solution. Ending sexual harassment at the workplace. Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes ______________________ Overcoming Adversity – Expert in Resilience It’s not my past that has changed but my relationship to it that has. I have found peace, purpose and happiness after overcoming extraordinary personal tragedy. I’ve learned how to transform my pain and take control of my life. If I can do this with my own life and what I went through, imagine what you can do with yours. When you are facing a struggle in your life, that is where courage, determination, relentlessness enters. It is through our greatest adversity that we unearth our greatest gift. Never forget who you are–a warrior woman, who has survived the scars of battle, wiser and fiercer. Never let the wrongdoer, do you in, for then they have won. I have dedicated my speaking career to change, adversity and success, inspiring participants with the tools to more effectively manage their lives, businesses, and communities. When individuals push themselves beyond their own perceived limits, everyone around them becomes inspired. Hope and optimism are infectious and hold the keys to personal and professional success. S.H.E. Speak.Heal. Empower. Join us. In this keynote Shari will inspire participants to: - Master Courage - Inspire Women to Speak Up - Strengthen Resilience - Ignite the Power of Empowerment - Thrive with Grace - Feel Empowered…More Beautiful Than Before - Deepen Unconditional Love for Yourself. - Discover that Your Greatest Gift is Hidden in the Most Difficult Part of Your Past - Amplify Speaking Up & Speaking Out Safely - Activate Perseverance & Bravery - Engage Women to Support Each Other - Discover That You Are More Beautiful Than Before - Unearth Your Inner Hero Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes ______________________ ELEVATE THE HUMAN SIDE OF HEALTHCARE Content covered in Shari Karney’s healthcare keynotes Patient-Centered Care - Transform Patient Lives - Stimulate and Boost People Centered Healthcare - The Impact of Healthcare Worker Kindness on Patient Experience - Regain Your Passion for A Lifetime Dedicated to Healthcare - Provide Calm in a Time of Chaos - Heal Burnout in Healthcare Workers - Nourish, Support and Honor Your Healthcare Professionals - Thrive in Uncertain times - Sustain Compassionate Care Patient Interaction I- ncrease Patient Satisfaction –Compassionate Care Affects the Bottom Line - Tools to Nurture Your Self - Protect Resiliency for Healthcare Workers - Goal: Raise Patient Satisfaction Scores Keynote Length: Up to 60 minutes


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