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Sandy Geroux | Motivational Leadership Speaker & Author

Sandy Geroux, M.S., is an award-winning speaker, trainer and author of three books, as well as a regular contributor for international business and trade publications who delivers engaging keynote and training presentations on creating WOW experiences. Her programs overflow with ideas, tips and stories to help leaders implement everyday actions that inspire team members to go the extra mile to find hidden WOW’s that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone around them. Attendees describe her dynamic speaking style as enthusiastic, energetic and extremely motivating! Sandy’s Passion for Speaking and Training... Sandy’s love affair with speaking and training began long before she ever thought about owning her own speaking and training business. In fact, due to her proficiency with technology, as well as her ability to quickly grasp complex concepts, break them down and explain them to others, she was asked to conduct hands-on technology (and other) training in almost every corporate position she ever held. In her Systems Analyst/Business Systems Consultant position for an international catalog company, she worked with corporate leaders and systems users to design, test and implement their major technology applications, as well as designed and conducted user training and Train-the-Trainer sessions. Through the liberal use of stories, humor and proprietary tools and templates, Sandy draws on all of her experiences (and those of her clients and colleagues) to help her audiences find ways to enjoy their work more and understand the positive impact they can have on everyone around them. Through her “creative side,” she is PASSIONATELY OBSESSED with helping people find hidden ways to uncover the everyday, small nuances of service, respect, compassion, and creativity that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone involved. Through her systems background and knowledge, she LOGICALLY OBSESSED with helping organizations find ways to uncover gaps in the policies, systems and processes that support them, and re-design them to enable the WOW experiences they wish to deliver. Sandy's Keynotes include: • WHAT IS YOUR "EMOTIONAL LOGO"? Your "emotional logo" is the one (or more) actions, gestures, words and feelings that people associate with you whenever they think of you. It is the image that leaps to mind when they think about you, and the feeling they have after having interacted with you. We all have an emotional logo... it's how we're "branded" in the minds of others. And that branding can either help us be incredibly successful leaders - or it can inhibit our leadership effectiveness without our ever realizing why (or that) it is happening. The good news is that with self-awareness, focus and practice, we can make that logo anything we wish it to be. Join Sandy as she explores how and why our logos are formed, what they mean for our leadership success, and what we can do to create the image we wish to portray. • LEADERSHIP IS NOT EASY, BUT IT IS ACTUALLY SIMPLE: 5 RULES FOR BEING A WOW LEADER What makes us want to do things for others... or to go far beyond what is expected so others actually say, "WOW!"? Answering that question is what leadership is all about: the art of getting people to go above and beyond. Although leadership is not easy, it's actually pretty simple if we look at it in terms of what motivates people to help each other. In our personal lives, we seek situations where we are able to do things that connect with who we are and what we believe in; where we don't feel like "just another number;" and where we don't mindlessly go through any motions. However, in many workplaces, leaders must be reminded that workers are not in control of these factors, so it is their responsibility to avoid creating an environment in which their people are simply creating motion without emotion, performance without purpose or "improvement" without impact. They must keep their people from disengaging and simply enduring until they get to a place where they feel important. In this interactive and engaging program, Sandy delves into The WOWplace Rules that help us identify five categories of critical leadership skill sets; you will also use an innovative proprietary assessment tool called "WOW Leadership Bingo™" to quickly and visually assess your strengths, as well as any gaps, in either your leadership skill sets or your consistency in applying those skills to everyday workplace situations. • NO RISK, NO REWARD: CREATING BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE THROUGH EFFECTIVE RISK-TAKING As a society, we're often taught to avoid risk and focus on playing it "safe." What we're not taught is that some level of risk is necessary in order to progress forward, nor are we taught what this level is, how to gauge and leverage it for our own success, and the high personal cost of "playing it safe" - especially in today's competitive business environment. This program is designed to help attendees create breakthrough performance by learning to think differently about taking risks and realize the critical importance of taking calculated and appropriate risks. They will also discover the factors they will face when deciding to take risks, as well as principles to follow to achieve their goals and gain buy-in from others. Sandy shares personal experience and the experiences of others who have escaped the trap of "playing it safe" to inspire attendees to think more creatively about taking personal and professional risks. With this program, Sandy also helps organizations create a climate that encourages and rewards reasonable and appropriate risk, so employees feel empowered to connect with their values and creativity to produce exceptional experiences for themselves, their colleagues and their customers! Following this program, attendees will: - Recognize the absolute necessity and benefit of taking appropriate risks in business and life. - Identify and mentally prepare for the 4 factors they must fight when deciding to take risks. - Learn 5 valuable principles for taking risk, including steps to take to motivate themselves and how to gain buy-in from others whose help they may need/want. - Identify and eliminate the excuses they use to hold themselves back, and begin a plan to add more risk in their lives to accomplish their goals. - Learn the importance of being a positive role model of high personal and professional performance. • IT'S MY DREAM, AND WHO AM I TO STOP ME? THE MINDSETS & HABITS OF HIGH ACHIEVERS Are you good at setting goals? Maybe you're great at it...but do you usually accomplish them, or do they often go by the wayside, like so many New Year's resolutions? Are you continually setting goals, or "getting ready" to accomplish them...without ever reaching the desired result? Do you feel you're being held back? We're all good goal-setters, but how many of us actually achieve the goals we set - especially the big ones? Let's face it - it's a Do-It-Yourself World! We must accept personal responsibility for successfully achieving our dreams, or we'll never reach the desired results. Whatever your dreams, this interactive, hands-on program is designed to help you discover how to effectively make plans to accomplish your dreams. You will learn key principles and tips for doing so by developing the right mindsets, creating a framework and plan to achieve success, and increasing your self-reliance and self-confidence. You will actually begin the path to setting - and achieving - your own personal and professional dreams before you leave this session! In this program, attendees will: - Learn 7 critical mindsets and habits of high achievers, and how they succeed. - Discover the basics of success and motivation: why we fail; how we plan for success; eliminating instant gratification and other unrealistic expectations; personal responsibility. - Learn 10 tips for ensuring goals are attainable - and attained. - Learn 5 additional tools, tips and techniques to keep themselves motivated and accountable. - Develop action items in "baby steps" to accomplish goals, including deadlines, budgets and monitoring tools to track their progress along the way! For full information on Sandy's range of services and client options - or to book Sandy for your next event - click to Sandy's website from this profile.


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5 Reviews
Tammy Shatwell-Mullins, NALS Education and Certification Manager / NALS…the association for legal professionals
I seriously do hope that you will come back to us in the future.

Very few speakers can step in on short notice and do such an incredible presentation, much less one that is tailor-made to us. What an awesome job! On behalf of all the NALS members and myself personally – thank you so much for stirring us with your presentation. I seriously do hope that you will come back to us in the future.

March 2019

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Paul Rhodes, RN, ORBMC National Chairman
Your session proved to be one of the best ...

Just a quick note to let you know that I appreciate your support and contribution to be a part of the ORBM conference. Your session proved to be one of the best based on the feedback the committee received! At the same time, I think your inspiring talk for the attendees gave them a chance to gain insight to managing their staff in the stressful environment of Perioperative Services. Please stay in touch!

March 2019

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Jim George, President & CEO / The Snip-Its Corporation is making a positive difference in our business.

I wanted to let you know what great feedback we are continuing to receive from your keynote at our National Franchise Conference. The lessons learned have been a big hit with our franchise community. It’s a real testimonial on your program when months after the event owners are still engaged in implementing the key points you stressed. Not only was your presentation entertaining, it is making a positive difference in our business.

March 2019

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