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Ron Minatrea | Leadership Speaker ... Create Alignment to Eliminate Waste & Accelerate Performance

Ron Minatrea’s passion for empowering other leaders began during his own career as a Fortune 100 executive. For more than 30 years he worked in and across multiple disciplines. Leading domestic, international, and global operations, he was ultimately responsible for over $20 Billion dollars in annual shipments. Experienced in building and growing new operations, he was also asked to lead in more challenging times of consolidation, outsourcing, downsizing, and migration to low-cost regions. Over the years he developed a strong appreciation for the value and impact middle leaders at all levels have on an organization’s success. He became committed to engaging and equipping these key leaders. He also began to work with organizations to create environments where middle leaders, those that both lead and follow at the same time, are valued and can become successful – even when they don’t create the vision, define the goals, or set the strategies. Today, Ron continues to equip and empower leaders as a speaker, consultant, and executive coach. He helps individuals lead with greater focus, effectiveness, and fulfillment; and helps organizations increase engagement, improve execution, and create healthier cultures. "I’ve seen firsthand what happens when clarity and alignment begin to erode. Left unchecked this creates hesitation, confusion, and frustration that can destroy the effectiveness of a team – or even an entire organization. I’ve also seen how just one a leader with a clear vision, a quiet confidence, and genuine concern for their people can build the trust and momentum that can begin to turn all that around. I’ve seen these leaders shift the atmosphere in a room – more by their presence than their position. No one leader can do it all, but every leader can make a difference. During my 30+ years as a Fortune 100 executive I came to value the contribution of middle leaders at all levels to the overall success of an organization – and became committed to equipping and empowering these key leaders." - Ron SPEAKING: Inspiring and actionable keynotes for leaders, teams, and organizations. Ron draws on more than 35 years experience as a Fotune 100 executive, consultant, and speaker to equip & empower leaders to create clarity, build strong teams, and secure a bright future for their organization. He uses stories and real world examples coupled with an engaging style to convey practical, actionable ideas that inspire audiences and provide a framework for implementation. KEYNOTES: • Be a Leader People Want To Follow … even when you don’t make the rules! LEARNING OBJECTIVES - Operate from a compelling identity-based vision for your work – and your life - Create stronger – higher performing teams - Build trust (internally & externally) in an environment you don’t control - Discover how to make your most valuable contribution to any organization or cause - Communicate with clarity & confidence – even in uncertain times In this, Ron’s signature keynote, we explore a proven framework to help you become a leader people want to follow – even when you don’t make the rules! • Levers of Leadership … maximize your capacity, influence, & impact LEARNING OBJECTIVES - Make adjustments in your leadership style to enable growing responsibilities - Learn to navigate competing – even conflicting demands - Sharpen your focus on the things that are most important in your assignment - Enjoy greater influence in your workplace – regardless of your title or position In this, his latest keynote, Ron introduces the concept of a leadership dashboard that allows the audience to evaluate the scalability of their current leadership model. He goes on to provide a hand full of levers everyone can use to adjust their leadership style to operate at higher levels. These clear, but simple changes allow them to go beyond the limitations of their personal bandwidth, multiplying their impact, capacity, and influence. ** for full information on Ron's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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