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Robert Morison | Keynote Speaker, Author & Consultant

Bob has been leading breakthrough research at the intersection of business, technology, and human asset management for more than 25 years. Working with hundreds of major organizations, he has written or edited more than 250 research reports and management guides on topics ranging from workforce management and business innovation to business process reengineering and business analytics. He has led research and been a principal in executive development programs for Chief Information, Technology, Human Resource, and Marketing Officers, as well as senior executives generally. Bob's current roles include Senior Advisor with Age Wave and Lead Faculty with the International Institute for Analytics. He previously served as executive vice president and director of research with nGenera Corporation, Concours Group, and CSC Index, and he began his career with General Electric Information Services Company. He holds an A.B. from Dartmouth College and an M.A. from Boston University. He is co-author of Analytics At Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results (Harvard Business Press, 2010), Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills And Talent (Harvard Business Press, 2006), and three Harvard Business Review articles, one of which received a McKinsey Award as best article of the year. Bob has spoken before scores of corporate, industry, and government groups, and is an engaging presenter and discussion leader on television, radio, and webcasts. He has been a commentator on workforce issues on Nightly Business Report on PBS. SPEAKING: An engaging speaker and discussion leader, Bob’s talks are always interactive, thought-provoking, action-oriented, witty – and focused on the ways in which organizations can grow, innovate, collaborate and maximize employee engagement. Topics: • Anatomy of an Analytical Enterprise Organizations that capitalize and compete on analytics can seem a breed apart - always several steps ahead in how they put information to work. From data management to talent supply, from committed leadership to inquisitive culture - the analytical enterprise hits on many cylinders. Bob explores the capabilities and characteristics that distinguish today's and tomorrow's advanced analytical enterprises. • Briefing - Trends in Corporate Leadership Structure How to structure the leadership of large corporations remains an active and often controversial question. Should the Chairman and CEO roles be split or combined? What role should an Independent Lead Director play? What are the right and wrong times to change leadership structure? Under pressure from activist shareholders and corporate governance monitors, Boards of Directors must regularly reconsider leadership structure and rationalize the chosen structure. This briefing uses new research on the F100 to draw the leadership landscape - issues, trends, pitfalls and success factors. • The People Side of Analytics With analytics, as with IT initiatives generally, the technology tends to be "the easy part." More difficult propositions can include attracting and retaining skilled analysts, building the analytical appetite and capability of the business organization, and being analytical about talent management. Bob provides fresh perspectives and pragmatic advice on the challenges and opportunities on the people side of analytics. • Roles Analysts Play Bob gives a lively tour of six roles that analysts can play to raise the analytical capabilities of their business colleagues and organizations overall. From Data Demon to Personal Trainer to Community Organizer, today's business-oriented analyst can make a difference in many ways. The roles aren't in today's analyst job descriptions and performance expectations - but they should be. Workshop: • Building Your Analytical Talent In a full-day, four-part workshop, Bob equips leaders of analyst groups and analytical enterprises with tools and techniques for assessing and raising the capabilities of both technical and business staff. Each of the sections – - Analytics Supply and Demand - Analyst Employment Life Cycle - Leading an Analytical Organization - Action Plans – incorporates management methods, best-practice examples, and exercises that aggregate into action plans for improving analytical talent supply. While on site for the day, Bob is happy to conduct an additional management briefing on analytical talent.


Miami, Florida
United States

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1 Review
Mike Dover Author at Dante's Infinite Monkeys: Technology Meets the 7 Deadly Sins
A wonderful presenter.

I had the pleasure of working with Bob at nGenera Insight. He is a wonderful presenter and an effective and diligent executive editor. He has a great ability to find the jewels within a document and make the research come alive.

December 2018

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