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Rick Broniec | #1 Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, & Coach

Rick Broniec, MEd. is a professional Inspirational speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, coach and transformational workshop facilitator. Rick taught International Baccalaureate Chemistry in an urban public high school for 35 years and is recognized as a “Master Teacher” through entry in the SE Wisconsin Educator’s Hall of Fame. Rick has been honored with a number of national awards, including The Presidential Award for Excellence (from President Ronald Reagan), the Kohl Award and the Tandy Award. In addition, Rick has worked in the leadership training and personal growth field for more than 30 years as an author, speaker, workshop leader, leader trainer and multicultural awareness trainer. Rick is certified as a Full Leader and Leader Trainer for the ManKind Project International (MKPI- since 1992) leading well over 180 trainings for that not-for-profit men’s organization. Rick is also a leader in multicultural work for MKPI and has lead over 40 Multicultural Awareness Workshops around the globe. Rick has recently published his second book, “The Seven Generations Story: An Incentive for Healing Yourself, Your Family and the Planet”, which became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!f It follows his first book, published in 2011 entitled “A Passionate Life: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy” (both available in hard copy or on Kindle). Rick’s third book, with co-author and friend Leonard Szymczak, is entitled “Evolving Masculinity: A Guide to Help Men Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up” will be published in late 2018 or early 2019. Rick resides in Vista, CA. He is the father of three wonderful daughters and the grandfather of three spectacular granddaughters, his greatest teachers. When Rick is not working, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, camping, golfing and reading voraciously. Rick offers a number of customizable Keynote Speeches and does break-outs for conferences, as well. Here are a few of Rick’s topics and several testimonial videos for his stage work. Rick’s Keynote Topics: A. What the Hell is Going on With Men? In this speech, Rick asks an important question: Just what is going on with Men today? With he #MeToo Movement and almost daily mass shootings in the US, mostly perpetrated by men, what is going on? Rick offers some answers from his and co-author, Leonard Szymczak’s latest book, “Evolving Masculinity: A MANifesto to Help Men Thrive”. B. The Seven Generations Story: An Incentive to Heal Yourself and Your Family In this speech, Rick inspires and entertains as he shares his thought provoking and authentic stories connecting his own healing, that of his family and the Native American Story of the “Seven Generations”. Let Rick’s journey and learning both move and inspire your audiences to take your own journey of healing! C. A Passionate Life: Seven Steps for Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy. In this speech, Rick will engage and inspire the audience with authentic stories from his life and his clients that illustrate how he has reclaimed lost passion, purpose and joy. Rick’s humor and vulnerability will enthrall any audience as he draws from his first book of the same name. Your audience will leave with a clearer path for their own growth and development, as well as a clear charge to dive deeply. D. The Power of Mission to Supercharge Your Life! Rick’s Golden Mission is to Create a Passionately Loving and Peaceful Planet by Fostering Safe, Sacred, Diverse Healing Circles. He has used this Mission for 25 years to catapult his growth and life and work. Come hear Rick’s poignant, authentic and powerful personal stories which illustrate how he has incorporated his Mission in his life on a daily basis to become the man he was meant to be on this planet! Your audience will be inspired to engage fully in working to embody their full potential!


Vista, California 92083
United States

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