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Rich Lucia | Expert Sales Keynote Speaker, Motivational Corporate Keynote Sales Speaker & Author

Highly respected as a "turnaround" executive, Rich Lucia's experience spans a diverse range of companies including IBM, Sprint, Exxon, SunGard, Unisys and Wang Laboratories. As a speaker, consultant and coach, he skillfully teaches what he's developed working with sales teams in corporations, start-up companies, and non-profit organizations. Rich presents how customers have changed and how age-old selling tools won't get the results needed today. His "Selling in the Now" concepts gets sales on the right track for today's world. Specifically, he uses the "180 Rule" Management System, which he has developed and launched. Rich also is a member of the National Speakers Association and the author of, "May the Sale Be with You" and "The 180 Rule for Business Development" SPEAKING | KEYNOTES ★ SELLING IN THE NOW Times have changed. Customers Have changed. Are we still using age old, very old sales techniques and practices? This will not get us the results it once did in the past. We need to be aware of what works today and start, "Selling In The Now" ★ USING THE 180 RULE FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT The 180 Rule is a concept based on scientific origins that point out how a physiological attribute in all of us can be used to find the basis of getting on a successful path. It makes audience members immediately aware how unconsciously they can be sabotaging their true mission. This presentation is based on Rich Lucia's book , "The 180 Rule for Business Development" ★ WINNING AGAINST COMPETITION Many sales people lose opportunities everyday to their competitors. That need not be the case. Reacting to objections and customers perceptions while keeping competitors at bay is a skill that can be easily taught and mastered. If just one sale could be saved then so can another and another. Don't walk away from business that should be rightfully yours. Rich's program works and has for many sales organizations. ★ FINDING THOSE PROSPECTS As sales people we were told a specific way to find new customers, however times have changed and so did our prospects. Getting new customers requires new thought processes and skills. This presentation following the concepts of another one of Rich's books called, "May the Sales be With You" New times, new prospects require new skills. Rich has taught all over the country on how to adjust your focus to hit today's target. ** for full information on Rich's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **

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3 Reviews
Mark Cohen, President, Micro Media
I’ve never seen a speaker captivate a crowd the way Rich does.

I’ve never seen a speaker captivate a crowd the way Rich does. He delivers highly effective messages, and does so with humor and a keen ability to relate to his audience. Rich’s Selling in the Now program definitely has had a positive impact on our revenue.

July 2019

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Bill Archer, Sr. VP Global Marketing, Frost & Sullivan
The program changed our sales reps’ outlook....

The 180 Rule Management System is simply transformative. The program changed our sales reps’ outlook. They will never look at their goals the same way again. It is definitely a game changer.

July 2019

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Harry Beatty, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin
He walks the talk!

Rich Lucia’s programs work so well because “he walks the talk”. His years of experience in sales are evident in his presentations. His authenticity shines through and connects with your team, leading them to start successfully Selling in the Now.

July 2019

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