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OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To enable everyone to be safe, physically, mentally and emotionally against any form of bullying or violence, empowering them to grow and become successful in life. Ray Amanat founded “Heroes in Action” mainly because he was a victim of bullying and violence at home and from elementary school through high school. With that, Ray decided to be a “Victim No More”, and to end the bullying and violence in his life. He began studying Martial Arts which gave him the confidence and empowered him to stand up against those who were bullying him. Since schools have “Zero Tolerance” policies, Ray knew he could not teach martial arts in the classroom, but he could apply the principles of honor, integrity, respect and character as part of his curriculum. Since bullying and violence are safety issues, Ray researched, trained and became certified in many programs having to do with public and personal safety. At this point, he founded Heroes In Action, where he developed programs to help adults and children of all abilities to feel empowered to keep themselves safe, as well as to create a culture of respect and non-violence towards others while building a life of success. Ray has since lectured and trained at public and private universities, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. He gives seminars and personal safety workshops to individuals, groups and corporations, providing them with street-smart tips, practical advice, and role-playing with real world examples. He works with area law enforcement and is often interviewed by radio and news programs for his expertise on personal safety. He has established himself as a leading advocate for victims of abuse, bullying and violence. His tragic personal experience gave him a first-hand understanding of their experiences, which is why the programs he has developed work. Ray's presentations always bring that Aha moment as he explains his unique approach to addressing the bully or outright handling the threat of a criminal intruder. He will give you the foresight to spot a threat, have a plan of action and utilize an exit strategy in order to get to safety. SPEAKING: Bully, Victim or Hero? This lecture teaches step by step strategies on how kids can stand up for themselves without looking weak/passive or aggressive/threatening but rather learn how to be an assertive problem solver through critical thinking. Ray wants everyone to not only be a Hero for themselves, but to also be a Hero for anyone who doesn't know how to stand up to the bully. _______________________ Choices, Sabotage or Success? This lecture demonstrates the choices we have in each stage of our lives and which ones lead to sabotaging our future and which one leads to building that road to success. Ray will navigate your thought process of who you are, who you want to become and what steps you need to achieve that vision. _______________________ Protect Yourself with C.T.S. C.T.S. or (Conflict and Threat Strategies) is a hands on self-defense seminar in which participants will learn step-by-step, easy to apply, proven strategies against some of the most common types of threats so you can feel safer in today's world. Abduction's that lead to Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Home Invasion, Active Shooter, Car Jackings and Workplace Violence are just some of the topics Ray can cover as he designs a seminar to cater to your needs. Ray will adapt his training in a way that would be appropriate for all age levels and abilities.


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