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Randy Pierce | Keynote Speaker | Author | Blind Adventurer | Marathoner | Mountain Climber

Motivation – Inspiration – Methodologies for Success! During two short but significant weeks in 1989, a devastating neurological disease transformed Randy Pierce from a healthy and ordinary young graduate to a blind man completely uncertain of his future. Randy’s passion for experience encouraged him to use adversity as a positive catalyst for growth and opportunity resulting in amazing adventures and achievements. Some honors include two-time National Marathon Champion, induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a fan, starring in New England Emmy-award winning "Hiking in the Dark" and historic Tough Mudder accomplishments. Randy Pierce is a captivating motivational speaker who draws upon his life experiences to inspire, entertain, and teach. Randy creates a powerful connection to his audience through his unique viewpoints. Participants experience the highs, lows, and problem-solving techniques used to convert adversity into methods for achieving peak potential. His realization that you don’t need sight in order to have a vision–or to bring that vision to reality–is the inspirational backdrop for a powerful methodology for success. Randy came to believe that most of limits in life are self-imposed; that far too often, acceptance empowers the notion of “can’t.” It is an idea that–when framed with Randy’s compelling personal story–invariably resonates with people, giving them new energy to engage the possibilities that lie within their grasp. Emphasizing goal-setting, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and communication with amusing anecdotes and demonstrable achievements, he will motivate each participant to set and achieve their own goals. Scheduling a Presentation... Booking is an easy interactive process allowing us to work together to customize our presentation to your needs. Contact us by email or phone to discuss how we can help you achieve a vision beyond your sight and help all attendees meet their peak potential. Randy and his team volunteer their time and effort to the charitable organization 2020 Vision Quest. As such, we require a modest honorarium for the presentation. Your choice to bring us in, provides you with a high-quality presentation while your honorarium supports a very worthy charity, effectively a win-win situation. We may also request travel expenses when distance warrants it. Typical presentations are one hour and can be adjusted as necessary for your event. An optional powerful A/V inclusion enhances the experience. We coordinate all bookings individually to ensure the utmost care in the connection of message and method for your event. Allow Years of Experience to Work for You... Invite us to bring the benefit of decades of presentations to work for you. We’ve presented to Fortune 500 companies as well as many regional conferences. Randy's book "See You at the Summit" released in October 2018 to excellent reviews. Thousands of news articles join with hundreds of TV appearances and a handful of documentaries in showcasing the speaking talent and charisma prepared to guide your participants to new heights. We invite you to visit the 2020 Vision Quest website for further information on Randy, his Tedx Talks and other media releases. Contact Randy and his team directly for full information on keynotes, bespoke sessions, booking information and speaking inquiries.


New Hampshire
United States

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2 Reviews
Randy Pierce
Nashua, NH
"He captured attention in a way that is rare these days. "

I've had the pleasure of having heard Randy speak to two distinctly different groups of employees at my company and in both cases his message was perfectly targeted to reach the audience in a meaningful way. During Randy's last engagement here, I was at the front of the room and from that vantage point I can confirm that the entire audience was focused on Randy during his presentation. He captured attention in a way that is rare these days. Since Randy's last visit, I have heard from attendees that this was the best training they have ever been to at work, that Randy was the "BEST and MOST inspirational speaker I have ever seen", and that they wish everyone could join the audience for Randy. Employees have gone back to their managers raving about the presentation, and managers have contacted me to request that we bring Randy back and make his training available to everyone. In a diverse organization like ours, it's rare to find someone who connects with everyone in the way that Randy does, and we most certainly will be looking at ways to bring his magic back. The first time we had Randy in, the audience asked a lot of questions at the end of his presentation. The second time, the audience had no questions, but about 15% of those in attendance came up and waited to talk to Randy individually after the presentation. The exchanges that Randy had with our staff were so meaningful to them - just being able to say thank you or shake his hand, asking a private question, or letting Randy know how much they appreciated his message on leadership and teamwork meant so much to people, it was clear from seeing the looks on their faces and hearing the tone of their voice. I expect that Randy's message will carry on with our staff and that they will continue to draw inspiration from his presentation in both their work and personal lives.

March 2019

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Celeste Barr, Beaver Brook Association
It was a profound experience.

… It rocked the entire audience of 130 people. There were farmers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists from young to old… Everyone felt that Randy was talking to them. It was a profound experience.

March 2019

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