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Rainee Busby | Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, & Business Operations Expert

Rainee excels at helping stagnant and fast-growing companies stabilize and build a solid foundation to support operational excellence. As one of ~230 professionally trained implementers of a business operating system called Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), Rainee offers an easy yet powerful approach to achieving sustainable operational efficiency. All attendees walk away with tools they can start using immediately to improve their overall business or department with a clear vision, execution, discipline, and accountability while enjoying a healthy culture. **WHY RAINEE BUSBY OFFERS THE BEST RESULTS** /*Relatable & Effective*/ The idea of making your business stronger, more efficient, with happier employees and a better work environment, is attractive to almost every company no matter the industry, size, or status. Rainee can deliver proven methods for achieving it - as something attainable for every attendee. /*Accessible & Flexible*/ Rainee’s unique skill set allows her to move fluidly from a keynote speech to follow-up workshops and forums. She can create packages unique to your event, audience, and budget. /*Passionate & Grounded*/ Rainee is dedicated to creating success that makes sense and is sustainable. Her expertise is rooted in proven methodology. Her passion is inspiring and infectious. Sample Speaking Topics >Why Your Business Needs an Operating System Just LIke Your Phone and Computer >Top Employees Are Attracted to Top Performing Companies With Strong Core Values >Healthy Culture + Engaged Employees = Business Success >Ready to Plan for Your Exit Strategy - Operational Excellence is a Must >Strategic Planning - Vision without Strong Execution Skills is Hallucinating! Rainee is Founder and CEO of, a company dedicated to enabling businesses to enjoy the rewards of their success rather than the frustrations of their operations. Rainee is your professional guide to achieving sustainable operational excellence. Her expertise across many industries and businesses of all sizes allows her listeners to easily relate, find inspiration, and learn the skills necessary to truly realize their business objectives and goals. Rainee’s unique training, style, and experience can be utilized in many forms including keynote, workshops, forums, online sessions and more.


Houston, Texas
United States

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3 Reviews
Rick Morrow, Vice-President, Manufacturer and Designer of Steel Buildings and Building Components
Success Found

If you are looking for a candid, highly effective business partner who has proven success in Performance Management, Talent Management, Workforce Planning, and Succession Planning…look no further than Rainee.

February 2019

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Ken Proctor, Vistage Chair and Business Coach

I have complete faith in Rainee as she always maintains a high level of professionalism and dedication to the client. She is one of the very people that actually follows up and follows through every time. Rainee’s zest for life is contagious, and her enthusiasm for business makes the nuts and bolts exciting. Rainee is a doer, and a motivator. She cares deeply for her clients which is why she has made her professional mark as a good and kind person, widely respected and much admired. Rainee has stature and presence. I always recommend with the highest degree of enthusiasm.

November 2018

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Dan Dohar, SPHR, GPHR 2nd degree connection2nd Chief Human Resources Officer at BrightView Landscapes
Talented and extremely focused.

I have found Rainee to be a consumate professional; she is a talented and extremely focused individual who meant a great deal to the OD group in PCC.

October 2018

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