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Rachel’s personal journey as a Recovering Perfectionist inspired her to create Stepping into More - A professional and personal development company, dedicated to supporting clients to unleash their Purpose and Passion. Rachel has coached hundreds of successful leaders and individuals who have it all and yet are feeling empty and burnt out. Prior to launching Stepping into More, Rachel served as HR and Organization Development and Training Manager at International Organizations. Rachel earned an MS in Counseling for Business, Industry and Government, achieved her Coaching Credential through the International Coaching Federation and is a Certified Strengths Coach. Rachel is the President Elect for the International Coach Federation, Los Angeles. Rachel has served as the manager for the Association for Talent Development’s Westside Breakfast for over 10 years. Clients include: Facebook, Intel, EMC, CISCO, Raytheon, United States Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Allergan, Philips, Braille Institute, Mattel, Viacom, and Disney/ABC Media. KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPS: Unforgettable Keynote/Emcee - Deliver an unforgettable keynote to open or close your event and/or emcee your event or panel discussion facilitation. Dynamic Breakout Sessions - Design and facilitate a conference breakout session. Experiential workshops - Facilitate a workshop on personal and professional development. COACHING: Stepping into More offers Personal and Professional Development Coaching Packages. For detailed information go to the Stepping in to More website (link below). PERSONALIZED SELF-DISCOVERY COACHING RETREAT: Rachel also offers a 2 Day, Personalized Self-Discovery Coaching Retreat. The Stepping into More: Self-Discovery Coaching 2-Day Retreat is designed for the person who is ready to Step into More – NOW! Give yourself the opportunity to experience a totally customized retreat with Rachel Karu – President Elect for the International Coach Federation – Los Angeles, a certified coach and self-discovery expert. We will fast track you to amazing self-discovery and propel you into immediate and meaningful action to create the life you desire and deserve. Our “inside out” approach focuses on who you are being as well as what you are doing. You will walk away refreshed and renewed with a fresh vision and strategy of what you need in order to create an empowered and fulfilling life. Pre-retreat- Complete the Stepping into More Purpose and Passion Questionnaire to increase your self-awareness. Complete any assessments prior to our day together such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Standout Strengths Assessment, and 360 degree surveys. Participate in a 1.5 hour individualized coaching session by phone or video to create your customized retreat agenda. Two Retreat Days - You choose your favorite retreat spot in Los Angeles County and Rachel will meet you there. Rachel is available to assist you in selecting your retreat spot along with other travel recommendations as needed. Locations may include: o A hotel of your choosing o Your favorite park or natural setting such as the beach o Your home Day 1: (6 hours of coaching plus 1.5 hours for a scrumptious lunch) - We will set the foundation for determining and achieving your goals by delving into who you are and what you want. Activities may include: o Unearth and prioritize your values. o Discover your strengths and strategize how to best leverage them. o Explore how much life balance you are currently experiencing. o Identify and reconnect to your purpose and passion. o Understand and learn to grapple with your fears. o Cultivate and harness executive presence. o Learn how to be resilient during change. o Create your vision for life and/or career. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a restaurant of your choice. Relax and spend the evening on your own. Day Two: (4 Hours of Coaching) - o Process and reflect on learnings from Day One. o Create strategic action plans for your goals. Goals may include: o How to incorporate your Purpose and Passion into your life. o Strategize how to live a more integrated and balanced life. o Cultivate more meaningful and connected relationships. o Increase self-management skills. o Set loving and clear boundaries. o Create your time management strategy. o Develop a Career Marketing Plan to support with your career transition. Post Retreat - Two, 1.5 customized coaching sessions to lock in the learning and drive accountability. Unlimited email access for 30-days!

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