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Pegah Kadkhodaian | International Speaker & Trainer

Pegah is a renowned speaker, international trainer and resilience expert who is deeply committed to sharing her powerful message and practical tools to transform the way approach life and our spiritual journey. Pegah holds multiple advanced certifications in Theta Healing, Huna, Neurolinguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Yoga, Nutrition, and Executive Coaching. As such she skillfully merges her knowledge of multiple disciplines and modalities to create a fully customized client experience with both individuals and organizations "I have been in the world of personal, professional, and spiritual development for over 20 years. My life's passion and personal mission statement is to uplift, inspire, and empower people by guiding them to access their inherent gifts and inner wisdom. My whole hearted intention is to facilitate and guide people to discover their inherent value and worth, so they can harness their profoundly resilient nature. I'm deeply honored and feel privileged to be called to this work. I look forward to connecting with you.” - Pegah Kadkhodaian SPEAKING | KEYNOTES: ★ EMBODYING THE EMPOWERED RESILIENT WOMAN: HOW TO RECLAIM OUR DIVINE FEMININE POWER IN A PREDOMINANTLY MASCULINE WORLD • Redefining empowerment and what it means to be in our feminine power versus force and effort • Implementing boundaries for more clarity, peace and productivity (Say no to say yes) • Prioritizing self-care - putting the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others • Identifying your zone of genius - why are you working at what others play at? ★ RADICAL RESILIENCE : NAVIGATING LIFE’S UPS & DOWNS FOR MAXIMUM GROWTH WITH MINIMAL DRAMA Using radical resilience to take empowered action in difficult times • A Radical approach to becoming resilient that goes beyond our ability to bounce back or push through • How to take a spiritual and practical approach to discovering who you truly are so you can not only survive in difficult times but actually thrive no matter what life delivers • Learning to lean into what feels hard because discomfort is the catalyst to transformation/growth • How Resilience makes us better leaders, partners, and parents ★ THE NEUROSCIENCE OF SUCCESS : HOW USE THE POWER OF THE MIND AND LANGUAGE TO CREATE COHESIVE COMPANY CULTURE, INCREASE SALES AND OPTIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY • Brain hacks for creating lasting change • How to optimize verbal and non-verbal communication to enhance productivity, well-being, and sales from your team • Tools for undoing mental patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you stuck ** For full information on Pegah's services and bespoke options click to her website from this profile **


San Diego, California 92075
United States

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2 Reviews
Christopher R Hicks Los Angeles, CA
Truly a great and blessed experience.

I have spent so many years, days and hours working on my personal development. Always looking for ways to gain knowledge, create new habits, eliminate self-doubt, in essence, hack my brain like a computer to overwrite poor programing and install new and better programs. Pegah is master of taking you through a personal breakthrough session so you can break out and live large and charge after your dreams. I do not take chances, I find those that will best serve me and my needs to push me farther and faster. Pegah is one of those rare individuals. Coming from a loving and caring place but not afraid to have you push yourself for the answer and hold you accountable in the moment for what you want and asked for. Truly a great and blessed experience.

January 2020

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April Mosebrook, Solana Beach, CA
Pegah is amazing and inspirational.

Working with Pegah has been life-changing. I have struggled with anxiety and depression off and on for many years, and having Pegah as a coach brought real break throughs. I have learned to embrace change, to be ok with "not-knowing", to stay calm in anxious situations, to truly have more inner peace, to believe in myself, to believe that my destiny will manifest, and to trust that it will all be ok. She leads by example and is an inspiration to so many. Mere words can't seem to convey how much better I feel and how happy I am to be growing into a lifestyle of peace, calm and joy. Pegah is amazing and inspirational, a mix of tough love and compassion. She guides with love but isn't afraid to say the hard truth or to push me when I need to be pushed. I am so grateful you she is in my life as I continue to work with her!

January 2020

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