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Paul Shearstone MACP, CCP, NLP | International Keynote Speaker, AMAZON #1 Best Selling Author, Coach

Paul Shearstone has over 35 years experience in direct commission-sales, marketing and management at all levels of business. He is an international speaker focused primarily in North America and has addressed audiences as far away as Shanghai China. Paul is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. He has published 4 books: 3X Sales Success! How to move your sales team to the top 1%, The Art of the Interview, Up Your income!… Solution Selling for Profitability and Until You’ve Walked the Path. He holds a specialized Bachelor of Arts, Honors degree (BA Hon, PSYCH) from York University, a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology (MACP) Yorkville University and Masters level course-certifications in Industrial Psychology from Phoenix University. Paul is a twice-certified Life Coach from two internationally accredited organizations: Canadian Coaching Federation / CFP/CCP and Life Potential Developments / LPD/NLP. He is also a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner (CNLP / HNLP / TNLP). SPEAKER & AUTHOR... Dynamic Sales Coaching / Training Corporate Fact of Life: “Sales Solve Most Problems” • We exist in a global competitive marketplace where in the customer’s eyes, products and pricing are more theSame than they areDifferent. • Salespeople need to learn proven skills and techniques that clearly demonstrate aValued Uniqueness in theirCompany, Products & Services. Corporate Challenges • Building an Excellence-Oriented, Successful Sales Team • Stopping Sales-rep Turnover • Finding New Customers and Keeping Current Ones • Igniting New Sellers and Empowering Senior Staff • Growing the Company through Sales Success What Sales & Sales Management will Learn • A deeper understanding of the proven principles of professional selling • The differences in their approach to that of sellers in the top 1% in their industry • Techniques to fast-track to 3X their sales success • Time and energy management used by those at the EXCELLENCE level • The psychology of a sale and its import to a selling strategy and sales success • Excellence-level goal-setting • Proven ways to demonstrate a ‘uniqueness’ that motivates customers to say yes! Summary No longer is technical skills and simple sales techniques sufficient for sales EXCELLENCE. Those who rise to the top 1% in sales achievement, do so, because they operate at a much higher, more strategic, level. To 3X a sales quota, these individuals understand three integral factors: 1) Technology, their Products, Services and how it surpasses their competition 2) ASystems-Approach to proven strategies and delivery-techniques, unique to the Art & Science of Professional Selling, and, 3) A firm grounding in the Psychological principles of Human Behaviour, Motivation & Drive – that operate within a professional selling Stratagem – as it relates to customer-needs. "The methodology of elite salespeople is focused at a higher level. They gravitate more toward the natural laws of human interaction and psychology – the esoteric – the essence for which the Rules of Selling were written and in which they find credibility. Their delivery appears effortless albeit transparently deliberate. What they do and the success they achieve is not by accident!" Paul Shearstone


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5 Reviews
B. Brillinger, Pres
Our participants were very motivated by your talk...

We have had many speakers in the past, but you have been one of the best. Our participants were very motivated by your talk and you have given them much ‘food for thought’ in how better to increase their business.

August 2018

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P. Lance VP
Entertaining, insightful and indeed, motivational.

Your motivational speech in Kelowna was entertaining, insightful and indeed, motivational. In my opinion and the critique sheets indicate, it’s refreshing to see a speaker with real content in his message.

August 2018

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I. Stark Dir/Sales
One of the best speakers / trainers / entertainers I’ve seen.

The seminar was well received by our salesforce and we welcome more of the same. I have attended many such sessions over the years and find Paul Shearstone to be one of the best speakers / trainers / entertainers I’ve seen.

August 2018

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