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MITCH DITKOFF | Speaker, Innovation Expert, Storyteller, and Author

• President and Co-Founder of Idea Champions • Former adjunct faculty member at GE's Crotonville Management Center, Duke Corporate GE, Fuqua School of Business, Chubb Business School, and the University of New Mexico • One of the world's best speakers and workshop leaders on creative thinking, fostering a culture of innovation, and the power of storytelling in the workplace. • Author of "Storytelling for the Revolution", "Storytelling at Work", "Free the Genie", & "Awake at the Wheel". • Designed and facilitated the first creative thinking training in AT&T's history MITCH DITKOFF is the co-founder and President of Idea Champions, a highly acclaimed management consulting and training company, headquartered in Woodstock, NY and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Mitch specializes in helping forward thinking organizations go beyond business as usual and establish dynamic, sustainable cultures of innovation. Educated at Lafayette College and Brown University, Mitch has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies who have realized the need to do something different in order to succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace. These clients include: GE, Merck, Pfizer, AT&T, Allianz, Lucent Technologies, NBC Universal, Chubb Insurance, Goodyear, A&E Television Networks, General Mills, MTV Networks, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a host of others. At the heart of his work lies the fundamental belief that a company's most important capital asset is the collective brain power, creativity, and commitment of its work force and that this asset can be significantly leveraged when people are provided with the appropriate setting, systems, tools and techniques to think (and act) out of the box. Mitch has been an adjunct faculty member for several esteemed leadership development programs, including GE's Crotonville Management Development Center, Duke Corporate Education, Fuqua School of Business, Chubb Business School, University of New Mexico's Anderson School of Management, and Bell Atlantic's Marketing Institute. In addition to his consulting work, Mitch is also an accomplished keynote speaker and large group workshop facilitator. In 2010, Mitch was acknowledged as one of the "40 Hottest Business Speakers on the Association Circuit" in Association Meetings magazine. In 2013 and 2014, he was named one of the TOP FIVE speakers on innovation by one of the leading speaker's bureaus in America. In 2010 and 2011, he was voted as the #1 innovation blogger in the world and was a regular contributor to the Huffington Post for four years. His widely read blog, The Heart of Innovation, is a daily destination for a global audience of movers and shakers. Additionally, Mitch is the author of the recently published STORYTELLING FOR THE REVOLUTION. Mitch lives in Woodstock, New York and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with his wife, peace artist, Evelyne Pouget. Their son, Jesse, 24, works for YouTube in San Francisco, Their daughter, Mimi, 21, is graduating Hampshire College in May, 2019 KEYNOTES: • FOSTERING A CULTURE OF INNOVATION: Changing a corporate culture is about as easy as getting a teenage girl to clean up her room. Translation? Good luck. OK, so it’s not easy, but it IS simple. If you want to establish a culture of innovation in your organization, you will need to go beyond theory, roll up your sleeves, and be willing to get dirty – like gardeners do. You see, the very same process a gardener goes through to get a harvest is the exact same process your organization will need to go through. And I will show you how. But more than that, I will make sure that every person in the audience, newly inspired and owning the effort, will create their own game plan for fostering a culture of innovation on the job. It’s fertilizer they need, not bullshit. I’ve got the fertilizer and just enough tools to help your people break new ground within their sphere of influence. Plus I promise never to use the words “leverage”, “monetize”, or “incentivize.” • CATALYZING THE CREATIVE MIND: Psychologists, for the past 50 years, have disagreed about a lot of things. One thing they haven’t disagreed about is what age a human being is most creative. The answer? Five. That’s right, five. After that, it’s a slow and steady decline into conformity, convention, and addiction to data – not exactly a formula for breakthrough innovating on the job. My "Catalyzing the Creative Mind" keynote changes the game. Or at least begins to change the game by making it easy for audiences to understand what they need to do to reconnect with their own buried brilliance AND how to awaken brilliance in others. My keynote includes copies of my award-winning book, Awake at the Wheel and Free the Genie, a deck of cards that sparks creative thinking. • STORYTELLING AT WORK: This just in: There is a very good chance that the dominant story being told in your organization these days is an old one – a narrative that binds your enterprise to the past. Not a good idea. As Steve Jobs once said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, value, and agenda for an entire generation to come.” Clearly, Jobs walked his talk. The stories he told ended up shaping the lives of millions of people around the world. Well, then, what stories are your people telling? And if the stories they’re telling are not setting the vision, values, and agenda for an entire generation to come (or at least your business or industry), then something needs to shift. And I can catalyze that shift in 90 minutes or less. "Storytelling at Work" is the simplest, most compelling way I know to open minds, build community, spark innovation, and accelerate the sharing of tacit knowledge – the hard to communicate brilliance that is the DNA of your organization’s success. My keynote includes copies of my award-winning book "Storytelling at Work" and at least a few off the record stories I will share at the bar later that night.


7 Wiley Lane,
Woodstock, New York 12498
United States

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14 Reviews
David Crossen, MDC Program Manager, GE
Thank you!

I have received a number of compliments about your teaching style and the level of energy you are able to maintain. Our audience can be an extremely demanding one and you consistently manage to command their full participation. Thank you!

March 2019

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Eric Birnbaum, Sr. Packaging Engineer, Kraft Foods
It was out of this world!

What a wonderful event you put together for us! Talk about out of the box thinking, it was out of this world!

March 2019

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Charlotte Oades, Director, Brand Marketing, Coca Cola
Thank you for doing such an outstanding job ...

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job and encouraging participants to step outside their limiting assumptions. Your session definitely helped us generate lots of great ideas to activate our positioning around the world.

March 2019

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