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Miranda VonFricken | Mastermind Leader | Life & Career Coach | Keynote Speaker

Working with Miranda is a full-on experience! No matter what capacity; speaker, group trainer, corporate success coach, mastermind leader, or one on one coach, you will not be disappointed. She gives her all and leads with authenticity. Her positive outlook is as contagious as her drive for success! If you or your team needs clarity, accountability, motivation, or strategic focus than look no further! Miranda takes pride in her ability to both guide and support her clients personally and professionally. It is her #1 goal to help you achieve yours. If you’re ready to take your team, life, or career to the next level, Miranda is the one to get you there. KEYNOTES: ★ Getting "There" • This keynote helps audiences define "there" and explore the four main areas in life that need to be audited and overhauled (Habits, Environment, Relationships, & Energy). ★ Leadership, But First... SELFIE! (this session can include a mind-mapping experience) • What is Self-Leadership, why it's so important, and three ways to master it. ★ Secret Sauce for Employee Engagement • This session dives into the multi-generational workforce and what motivates each group. And ultimately what employees need to stay engaged and motivated. Great for leaders and teams. ★ Setup for Success • A back-to-basics experience of what really matters and how focusing on the little things in our day will result in increased success for life, business, or career. ★ The Culture of YOU - Owning Your Success • This session examines the one person who determines your success ... YOU! The audience will break down goals, strategy, and mindset to hone in on what's really important and how to take back your power in life, career, or business! ★ Personal Brand & Professional Confidence • Separately these two things are powerful... together, they make you unstoppable. In this talk we find your individual voice, build a foundation for your brand (personal or professional), and gain confidence in articulating your value! ★ The Secret to Company/Team Culture... Hint, It's Not Donuts! • This talk dives in to (or creates) the team or company core values, discusses how they drive the culture along with transparency, personal and professional development, and mentorship. ★ Creating Confidence • Setting personal values, non-negotiables, and your personal "why" helps to create a strong foundation of self-worth. We'll spend time listing out all your wins and take time to celebrate each and every one in order to build that muscle of confidence through past success acknowledgement. From there we'll set a GIANT goal and reverse engineering the steps/strategy and resources needed for you add that to your win tally! We'll form partnerships for accountability and create a check-in system that works for you! **For full information on Miranda's services and bespoke options click to her website from this profile**


Albany, New York
United States

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5 Reviews
Attendance was up 40% over last year!

Your participation as a keynote and breakout session presenter were contributing factors to the success of our annual event. In fact, attendance was up 40% over last year! Your presentations exceeded attendees’ expectations and provided valuable information on employee motivation, retaining top talent, and taking ownership of our own success.

December 2019

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Can’t wait to bring you back next year!

Everyone LOVED your keynote & training! It really set the day. The guy that went on after you kept referencing your material! Clearly, your message was received! Can’t wait to bring you back next year!

December 2019

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Thank you!

You MUST tell everyone about your Mastermind groups! Why keep this amazing resource a secret? Sh!t, I’d pay double if I knew I’d get these results! You helped me get organized personally and really helped me focus when I needed it! Thank you!

December 2019

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