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Mike Pierce | Author, Leadership & Sales Expert + Virtual Keynote Presentations

Mikes programs will put your team on a track to be more fully engaged and focused on growing your business, not merely maintaining it. His programs are rich in content, and very captivating and memorable. Mike Pierce, better known as Antarctic Mike, works with organizations that want to find, engage and keep the best performing people. Mike’s background professionally started in the recruiting business in 1997, working specifically to show managers and leaders exactly how to identify and recruit the best people. He now speaks across the US and Canada to executive teams, organizations, associations and sales teams about how to lead people so they are fully engaged in what they do. Mike is an avid fan of polar expedition history and is an endurance athlete. In 2006, Mike became one of 9 people to run the first ever Antarctic Ice Marathon and a year later became the first American to run the Antarctic 100k, a grueling 62 miles on an ice shelf 600 miles from the South Pole. His flagship program, Leading at 90 Below Zero, connects the drivers and principles of Antarctic expedition history stories to the real world of finding, engaging and keeping great people in today’s business world. BRING ANTARCTIC MIKE TO YOUR NEXT EVENT: Mike’s professional career began in the recruiting industry, where he spent 20 years helping companies FIND the best people. Along the way, Mike discovered that KEEPING people is the more important part of the hiring equation, meaning making sure people are more consistently fully engaged in what they do for a living. This comes down to one thing: LEADERSHIP. Although not everyone in an organization is called to be a LEADER, all of us are called to LEAD every day. We all have to think on our feet, respond to change, and make good decisions in the middle of difficulty. This demands characteristics of LEADERS. Mike’s helps people understand how to LEAD through the use of stories from Antarctic history. His ability to connect the stories to actionable takeaways, makes his programs one of a fan favorite, with a lasting impact for years to come. Antarctic Mike’s Key Presentations Include {available for In-Person and Virtual Keynote Presentations] • Leading at 90 Below Zero - Finding, Engaging and Keeping GREAT People • The Penguin Principles – 5 Strategies From The Best Performing Team On Earth • Selling at 90 Below Zero – Sales Lessons From The Great Race For The South Pole between Amundsen and Scott ** for full information on Mike's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **

The Journey of Endurance


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5 Reviews
JILL ROSENFIELD VP Sales, Pierpoint International
He is engaging, gregarious, and genuine.

I have been attending the ERE Conference for the last 10 years. In that 10 years I honestly believe there has never been a better Professional Keynote Speaker than Antarctic Mike. What makes Mike so special is his ability to draw you into his story, his passion/zest, pictures, videos and animation. Sadly I have very little attention span but, within minutes I was so enthusiastic about Mikes story that I felt compelled to recommend him. He is engaging, gregarious, and genuine. I highly recommend him for any large events, company staff meetings, conferences etc., if you want guidance with leadership, team building, facing the impossible, and overcoming and conquering your Antarctic!

April 2020

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His genuine energy and excitement is evident in his storytelling.

Antarctic Mike was able to use the extremes of his experience to reveal the truth about our day to day as leaders in business. His genuine energy and excitement is evident in his storytelling and his belief in the messages he shares. The great thing is that he’s not done visiting the extremes of the human experience, there will be more he learns and more he can teach us in years to come.

April 2020

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MICHAEL CHERRY Director Operations IntegraCare Corporation
Extremely enlightening!

Antarctic Mike was the Keynote Speaker at IntegraCare’s 2014 Leadership Conference. Mike gave a truly inspiring and motivating speech that moved so many professionals at the conference. As a former military officer, I have been a student of leadership for many years, and Antarctic Mike’s presentation taught me aspects of leadership, discipline and sacrifice that I have never considered until now. Extremely enlightening! If your company, organization or group is seeking to take it’s leadership and performance to the next level, I highly recommend that you give Antarctic Mike the opportunity to educate and inspire you!

April 2020

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