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747 Insights is a boutique research firm specializing in understanding generations, Michael is a sought-after generational expert, researcher and public speaker. Over the course of his career, he has helped hundreds of the world's leading brands, organizations, colleges and universities better understand, manage and connect with the ever-changing youth market and the people in their lives. Before starting 747 Insights, Michael was a partner at TRU for nearly 17 years. He has presented to and consulted with many companies, including: Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Allstate, American Express, AT&T, Aveda, Coca-Cola, Disney, ESPN, Estee Lauder, Footlocker, Gap, Google, Hewlett Packard, JCPenney, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Leo Burnett, MTV, Mastercard, Microsoft, Nike, NFL, Neutrogena, New Balance, Nintendo, Nordstrom, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Puma, Sodexo, Sony, T-Mobile, Target, Toyota, Vans, Visa, and many others. Michael also is a frequent keynote speaker at industry and special events, including those for the National Restaurant Association, Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, National Association of College Stores, the American Beverage Association, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, the National Apartment Association, the National Association of College Auxiliary Services, the National Credit Union Association, Consumer-Electronics Association, Outdoor Industry Association, Arthur Page Society and the Food Marketing Institute. He has addressed audiences at conferences including Teen Power, Talking to Teens, and MTV India's Brand Equity Forum in Bombay. He also has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School and Northwestern University's Kellogg Business School. Michael has been widely quoted on youth-marketing issues, appearing in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Time, Business Week, Newsweek, Forbes, Fortune, Advertising Age and on CBS, CNN, CNBC, NPR, and countless more publications and electronic media. Michael began his career in market research at Levi Strauss & Company in Brussels, Belgium. Michael has a Master’s degree in International Marketing from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Alabama. SPEAKING: We combine our generational expertise with our engaging style and knack for storytelling to deliver interactive and insightful presentations that are as entertaining as they are actionable. Building upon our highly regarded Millennial Mindset presentation, and our Generation Nation series, 747 Insights now offers customized modules covering all age groups and focusing on a wide array of topics, including: Attitudes & Values, Money & Finance, Generational Challenges in the Workplace, Look Who’s Coming to Campus: What You Must Know About Gen Z, as well as other topics tailored to your audience. Our presentations are perfectly suited for conferences, corporate meetings, or any situation in which your team needs to better understand and connect with consumers of all ages or a specific cohort. Consider us your generational experts. KEYNOTES: ★ 747’s “Generation Nation: Navigating a Shifting World" Presentation As globally connected citizens, we’re no doubt living in a time of profound political, cultural, demographic and technological change. To remain fresh and relevant, marketers need to consistently re-frame how they think about and connect with consumers of all ages, but most importantly, young consumers. Sharing insights and key findings from Generation Nation 2019, the latest wave of research exploring the attitudes and values of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers, this multi-media presentation provides much-needed generational insight, clarity, and a revealing look at what’s on the minds, and in the hearts, of today’s US consumers. After all, to truly understand one generation, we believe you need to do so within the context of all four. This engaging presentation is presented by industry thought-leader, and 747 Insights co-founder, Michael Wood. Michael has spent the past two decades invigorating corporate clients with valuable insights about consumers. Many of the world’s most powerful brands – from Nike and Adidas to Coke and Pepsi – have depended on Michael to help them market to their consumers. This session covers critical topics essential to understanding generational differences including how each is: • Navigating today’s economic reality • Demanding more from brands and institutions • Reshaping their expectations about customer service • Engaging in marketing communications their way • Redefining the American Dream and what’s important in life; And much more. The presentation combines the very latest data from the Generation Nation 2019 study along with 747’s extensive hands-on market research experience and generational expertise, grounding the insights and making them both applicable and actionable for clients. Not to boast, but our clients say that this is the most insightful and memorable presentation they hear all year. Michael’s unique style and knack for storytelling combined with his generational expertise ensures an experience that is both educational and entertaining. Simply put, these findings are guaranteed to inform, immerse, and inspire! ★ 747’s “Managing Millennials and Beyond" Presentation Most companies are focused on navigating the rise of the Millennial employee within its ranks. And while many find that some of their tried-and-true management philosophies align with Millennials, most fall short or fail altogether. By 2020, Millennials will account for nearly half of the workforce, so attracting the best talent – and keeping it – will be critical to any organization’s success. Compared with their Boomer and Gen X counterparts, Millennial and Gen Z employees differ in their perspectives on feedback, collaboration, compensation, company culture, work/life balance, benefits, inclusion, authority, and so much more. So how do you most effectively manage Millennial and Gen Z employees and leverage their unique strengths across your organization? Look no further than 747 Insights and our “Managing Millennials and Beyond” presentation. This powerful, engaging presentation will be delivered by industry thought leader and 747 Insights co-founder, Michael Wood. Michael has spent the past two decades invigorating clients with powerful insights about young people. Many of the world’s leading organizations – from Nike and Adidas to Visa and MasterCard to Google and Nintendo – have relied on Michael to help them understand Millennials as consumers and as valuable contributors to their workplace. This session covers essential topics critical to understanding the hearts and minds of young talent. Your management teams will walk away with a deeper, richer sense of Millennial employees along with clear marching orders for attracting, engaging, and retaining them: • Understand what shapes Millennials’ outlook on life and the role of work within it • Learn how your firm can deliver more of what they demand from an employer, including flexibility, continued opportunities to learn, ongoing feedback, and a sense that their contributions are worthwhile • Discover what motivates Millennial talent and learn how best to structure their rewards • Take away strategies for balancing multiple generations who symbiotically thrive in your organization And much more! ** for full information on Michael's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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Procter & Gamble
Phenomenal job today!

Phenomenal job today! It was absolutely incredible. After reviewing all the feedback, I can tell you that everyone thought that the presentation was amazing.

May 2019

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I was blown away ...

I was blown away by how effortless his delivery was. I don't think I've ever NOT wanted to leave or sleep at some point during a 90-minute presentation until now.

May 2019

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TBWA Chiat Day

Brilliant, inspiring, extremely informative.

May 2019

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