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Speaking experience: Chief Innovation Officers Conference, American Marketing Association Leadership Summit, Levi's, Adidas, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Hyundai Motors, Naval Postgraduate School, Harvest Innovation Summit, Entrepreneurs Organization of America. Michael Perman galvanizes teams and whole organizations to think and act differently, while helping them envision a future of prosperity and growth. Michael is the founder of C’EST WHAT? The Mindful Innovation firm based in Portland. Under his leadership, people become better equipped to make strategic choices regarding where to invest their time, energy, and resources for growth. During his 30 plus year career in new product development, brand strategy, innovation and organizational transformation, Michael has gathered ethnographic insights from hundreds of sessions where people live, work, play, shop and find their inspiration. These sessions were creative fodder for dozens of innovation initiatives in categories of food, fashion, sports, energy, government, finance and retailing. Prior to Gap, Michael held several roles at Levi’s including Head of Consumer Insights and Senior Director of Global Marketing where he helped reposition and turn around Levi’s women’s business. He also drove insights leading to the creation of several new sub-brands products including Waterless, Commuter and Denizen, which generated more than $600 MM in revenue. Michael was previously founder of Brand New Corporation, the innovation and strategy consultancy based in Portland, Oregon where he created new methods of generating insights and ideas. Michael believes innovation is the “ability to perceive alternative realities and the courage to act upon those visions.” His dynamic and creative presentations and workshops illuminate this concept and provides advice on how organizations can take action. ​ Michael lives in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys trail running with his dog Artimus, mountain biking, cooking fish and trying to make things grow in the garden. ★ CRAVING THE FUTURE: Keynote Experience Overview Michael Perman’s CRAVING THE FUTURE keynote, based on his book and years of experience as a corporate innovation leader, provides research findings, insights, case studies and innovation strategies that engage your audience to think ahead and create their own future. • Multi-sensory opening Michael begins his presentations with live music and the unique practice of sharing oranges with audience members. This memorable action opens up the imagination of audience members because oranges are known to stimulate our senses to create an abundance of new ideas. • Innovation Redefined Michael believes that innovation is: the ability to perceive new realties and the courage to move toward those visions. He will share future-thinking, emerging innovation waves and contemporary examples of “new realities” in a spectrum of industries. • Understanding deep desires Michael Perman’s extensive research has revealed that understanding what people CRAVE (their deepest desires) is a key to unlocking innovation doors. He will share factual findings from quantitative dates and fresh insights more than 50 interviews with innovation luminaries, such as author Daniel Pink, Ivy Ross, Head of Design for Google and Margarita Quihuis, Co-Director of Stanford’s Peace Innovation Lab. • Audience Interaction Michael enables people to work in pairs, sharing what they crave with each other through story, then revealing ideas they’ve discussed. • Organizational Implications Based on Michael’s deep experience working with large organizations such as Nike, Adidas, Levi’s and Hyatt, he will share case studies and practical advice on how to transform deep desires into new realities — for individuals and teams. He has honed more than a dozen specific methods and skills that teams can implement on their path to innovation and prosperity - bringing ideas “from fuzzy to fruition”. • Mindfulness and Innovation Michael shares scientific evidence about the benefits of mindfulness in organizations and the link between Mindfulness and Innovation. In addition, Michael is an experienced mindfulness practitioner. He can lead your team with an optional guided mindful meditation that will calm, then energize your audience — providing a respite from a busy conference and inspiration to create. ______________________ ★ UNLOCK YOUR BIG creative MUSE (Live Music Experience): Music and song are vital to the creative process. They humanize our intellect and give voice to our emotions. Lyrics and stories connect us to something greater, opening up a world of possibilities. In this experience your people will learn to create songs and have a full rock band play their stories live and improvisational. Creativity is what happens when we are deeply engaged in the things we believe in - and they will be engaged! Grammy and Emmy nominated musician, author, and Kellogg School of Management alumnus, Peter Himmelman and his BIG MUSE team will show you a quick, fun, and effective way to build a high performance team. Partnering with Michael Perman and the C'EST WHAT? team - and you have a game-changing set of experiences and tools to drive creativity and innovation for your event, conference and your organization. This powerful duo will craft a memorable experience that ignites energy among thousands of people. And, then take that energy to enable a very focused and strategic perspective for a core team of leaders. People who attend your event will record this as one of the most memorable and powerful experiences of their career. Your team will depart inspired to create what's next! ** for full information on Michael's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **

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4 Reviews
John Harris, President and CEO, Worldwide Partners, Inc.
Michael connects with an audience.

”Michael connects with an audience, opening up their minds by opening up his heart. We crave innovation, we fear complexity, but we find comfort in connection; and Michael helps us with all three.“

March 2018

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Jeffrey Friedman, Head of Production, Brain Exchange
Michael was amazing...

”Michael was amazing at delivering the humor and insight our audience loves and other people gravitate to. He’s an incredible speaker and has great presence with the audience.“

March 2018

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Heather McKenzie, Senior Producer, Marcus Evans
Michael won’t just speak on your program—he will transform it!

”Michael was definitely our most innovative Master of Ceremony. He turned our Design Thinking Forum into a masterpiece. Michael won’t just speak on your program—he will transform it!“

March 2018

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