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Meridith Alexander | Top Motivational Speaker, Author & Resilience Mindset Expert

The Sky is the Limit -- Or is It? Best-selling author and top female motivational Speaker Meridith Alexander inspires high level professionals and entrepreneurs to venture beyond the place where our beliefs stop us. She challenges leaders and teams to explore the boundaries of endless possibilities, positive expectation and creative focus. She is one of the few motivational speakers who has grown two thriving businesses and become a best selling author in the midst of a personal crisis that resulted from the crushing blow of a boulder. SPEAKER: Meridith is a rising star in the keynote industry, one of the rare speakers who is gifted with the ability to not only convey powerful motivation but to create an experience that attendees will remember for a lifetime. Using her own incredible story of running two successful businesses while being a 24/7 caregiver for her 25 year old daughter following the life-changing strike of a boulder, Meridith inspires audiences to understand that there is a way to wake up every morning LOVING your life...loving your job, loving your world and even loving your challenges. Energize and inspire your team to accelerate to a level of peak performance with best-selling author Meridith Alexander's captivating journey. Meridith Alexander loves training teams how to effectively unleash the most powerful resource in the world — an empowered, deliberately positive mindset. Against formidable odds, Meridith transformed the tragic strike of a boulder into a powerful triumph. Meridith's innovative training system and passionate delivery of her own motivational story entertains and mesmerizes all who hear it. STORY: A mother. A daughter. The boulder that would transform their world. The Sky is the Limit is an inspirational experience that celebrates the reluctant hero within each of us. Uplifting and courageous, Meridith Hankenson Alexander’s insights into the unfolding of this miraculous story offer a profound perspective on the incredible power of the human spirit. Journey through Meridith’s real-life experience when her youngest daughter Schuyler (pronounced Skyler) was randomly crushed by a falling boulder in South America. The call. The race to Colombia. The powerful desire to find some way to save her child. And yes — the “impossibilities”. The things that the doctors could only categorize as miracles. What appeared destined to become a major tragedy became instead a source of awe and inspiration to thousands. As Schuyler fought her way heroically back from the brink of death, Meridith’s courageous words of inspiration and hope struck a chord in the hearts of many —eventually attracting thousands of followers. The strength of this mother/ daughter team attracted the attention of the media with coverage ranging from ABC to Prevention Magazine. Meridith began being invited to speak on stages from Texas to Singapore. In November, Meridith’s THE SKY IS THE LIMIT book hit the number 1 new release for motivation on Amazon. And yet, as Meridith would say, “This isn’t just Schuyler’s and my story. This is all of our story — every single one of us walking on this planet with even the tiniest of dreams. I believe that each and every one of us carries within us the seeds of Greatness…. A brilliance that separates the Human Genius from anything else outside of Mankind… And it’s these tiny individual seeds of Greatness that when brought together into a massive “Wholeness” are going to form the momentum that will ultimately transform the world. It is time for each and every one of us to be heard — and it shouldn’t take a boulder to give us our voice.” We all face obstacles, adversity and fear. Meridith and Schuyler’s story serves as living proof that sometimes the things that threaten to destroy us are the very things that propel us to soar! SPEAKING TOPICS INCLUDE: • THE SKY IS THE LIMIT — OR IS IT? HOW REAL LEADERS ACHIEVE IMPOSSIBLE RESULTS • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES UNLEASHING THE I’M POSSIBLE TEAM CULTURE • EMBRACE YOUR BOULDER • THRIVING IN THE MIDST OF ADVERSITY, UNCERTAINTY AND CHANGE • THE SKY IS THE LIMIT • NEW BOUNDARIES OF INFLUENCE, INCOME AND IMPACT • THE ART OF RESILIENCE • MASTERING ADVERSITY, PAIN AND CHALLENGE Contact Meridith and her team directly for booking information and speaking inquires.


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3 Reviews
Chris Marinari -- Clear Channel Outdoors, Tampa, FL
Your presentation was so inspiring!

Meridith, your presentation was so inspiring! I had an extra pep in my step throughout the rest of the week. Some of the feedback from the group was that it was an amazing presentation with great energy. Everyone liked how it could be applied towards business as well as personal life. Great job! We will have you back soon!

March 2019

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Stephanie Desnoyers Ottawa, ON
She was so inspiring ...

I had the pleasure of being in the audience when Meridith shared her story. She was so inspiring and hopeful. Her presence and love are giving. I can’t wait to learn more from her.

March 2019

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Nita Kidiyoor MSPT, CBIS Manager,Outpatient Rehabilitation, Tampa General Hospital
Thank you for the fabulous presentation.

Meridith, On behalf of TGH, the OP Rehab Team and the participants of the TBI conference on Saturday - Thank you for the fabulous presentation. It was beautiful and informative and all the participants really appreciated it. Thank you to Schuyler and Saya for taking the time to come, as their presence added to the power of the presentation.

March 2019

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