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In an era of global flux and confusion, Maura Sweeney’s “Living Happy – Inside Out” mantra resonates. Leadership organizations, universities, corporations and identity groups seeking increased influence and empowerment based on the precepts of self-awareness and personal responsibility will always find new paths of possibility and forward movement. Maura articulates her empowering mantra through regular media appearances, an iTunes Podcast, an Amazon book series and as an International Speaker. After a decade in corporate leadership, co-ownership in a computer rep firm and time as a home schooling mom, she launched a personal reinvention at midlife to give full rise to her vision and value system. Since then, Maura has been featured on 300+ media outlets including NBC, BBC, European and African press, plus scores of podcasts and talk radio shows. She has also appeared in the Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times and the Emmy award winning ESPN 30-for-30 film, Playing for the Mob. Developing next generation models for positive influence and sustainable leadership, Maura shares personal stories and reflections when addressing universities, business conferences, women's organizations, corporations, US Embassy outposts and Model UN events. In addition to serving as closing speaker at the inaugural Nelson Mandela Day celebration sponsored by the UNESCO Center for Peace, she has moderated a panel on extremism in America for the Institute of Strategic Policy Solutions, contributed to a national town hall event on American culture and lectured three dozen times in eight European countries. A positive force for global uplift, Maura teamed with a roster of international celebrities as a spoken word contributor to the 2016 Top 10 Billboard album Action Moves People United. She was named Woman of the Decade at the 2018 Women Economic Forum in The Hague. Maura has traveled to over 60 countries, learning, sharing and speaking on the inner light that sparks each one of us to arise into our best and most authentic version of self. A 1980 graduate of Boston College, she interned for the late U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and later "escaped" law school mid-stream to follow her own lead. With a plethora of eclectic, personal experiences and a decorated career in corporate management behind her, she carries the spirit of self-determination in her physical frame that translates to a variety of audiences. Using reflective questions and personal stories from her own background, she helps individuals find their voice, entrepreneurs develop their brand and leaders emerge into their most authentic, influential and highest versions of self. PRESENTATIONS: ____________________ Be a Leader in Your Own Right: No Title Required Having experienced traditional leadership in corporate life and now creating her own influence on a national and international scale after the age of 50, Maura Sweeney brings a unique perspective to the meaning of leadership. Designed specifically for your group, university or association, this presentation can be tailored as a keynote, interactive presentation or workshop. Most effective for those desiring inspiration and inner affirmation through story building to bring their personal vision from "dream" to reality. Transformational and positively challenging for organizations wishing to develop a strong sense of identity and sustainable leadership using the precepts of self-awareness and personal responsibility. Attendees will learn how: * To see the world in reverse (they are cause v. effect) * To view themselves as beneficiaries v. victims * To connect with their personal values / talents / passions / mission * To discover and affirm values / talents / contributions of others * To develop the inner precepts of how to L.E.A.D. * To use barriers and impediments as catalyzing assets to growth and creativity * To harness inward mindsets to achieve outward results * To create a standard rather than making attempts to reach existing ones * To rewrite old life narratives into powerfully fueled new ones ____________________ Travel: Your Passport to Learning, Adventure and Self-Development Whether you are a travel organization seeking a keynoter, a university promoting travel abroad, a women's group looking for an inspirational speaker or a group or organization promoting self growth, this presentation is a great fit. With a world of travels in her living suitcase, Maura's story-based narrative combines personal travel experiences with life long learning and lessons in personal growth. From the familiar to the exotic, Maura's stories span decades, locations, cultures, challenges and lots more to help others discover -- if only vicariously -- how travel helps us grow in novel, enriching and unexpected ways. WORKSHOPS: The Art of Happiness: Six Steps to Creating a Happier and More Satisfying Life This workshop can be conducted over several hours or several days and incorporates the six elements found in Maura's Art of Happiness book series. The workshop focuses on self-reflection, self-awareness and personal responsibility. Focusing on common building blocks of identity, this story-based program is designed with the attendee's personal life narrative in mind. Attendees will explore the following life topics: Comfort Zones - What are they? What do they impede? How to break through to a fuller "you." Influence - Exploring and gleaning what's good from your life. Everyone's influential, even "you." Judgement - Exploring the way we've judged, the way we've judged others and finding grace. Competition - How to compete only with self for personal growth and positive identity building. Values - How to evaluate them and how to make one the essence of your greater identity. Nonsense - How to adjust emotions and mind, staying on course in a seemingly maladjusted world. Attendees will learn how: * To view themselves through a more objective lens * To re-visit defining life moments as defined through the chosen topic * To consider victim v. beneficiary outlooks on personal life stories * To explore & replace hidden mental backdrops that hinder expression * To make indirect and direct connections with narrated stories presented * To take personal responsibility for change in outlook and actions * To take the lead v. the follower's role in life Professional Mentoring 101: A workshop for university students entering the workforce, entry level employees looking to grow or mid-level professionals feeling stuck or seeking to upgrade their presence, communication skills, visibility and respect. Specific elements and outcomes designed specifically to each group.

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33 Reviews
Roger Roscoe
Tampa, FL

October 2018 My organization had the wonderful pleasure of having the Ambassador of Happiness Maura Sweeney speak to my department monthly meeting. From the moment, she introduced herself to her final words, Maura was full of energy, engaging, and very thought provoking. I have many introverts in my department that do not like to raise their hands or ask questions, Maura was able to get those employees answering questions and leading the conversations at times. That was amazing feat and very rewarding for all of us. Maura shared with all of us many different “Life Experiences” that she has dealt with and many of us could compare to similar situations and even laugh and smile about some of them. Maura even took the time to stay and have lunch with all of us which added even more value to having her that day. All of us left feeling better enjoyed meeting Maura. I hope you will find any opportunity to have Maura Sweeney speak with your group or organization very soon. Thank you, Maura!! Sincerely, Roger Roscoe

October 2018

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Behiye Tapan-Chettri
Leading without a Title

Recently we had Maura Sweeney at PSCU- a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) and a true cooperative partner serving over 850 credit unions. Maura conducted a Workshop on ‘Leading without a Title’ which was well attended and recorded for our other locations to benefit from Maura’s message as well. Maura took the time to meet with employees before the workshop to understand what our culture is all about. She did her homework! Maura energized the room. So many employees were thrilled to have participated in the workshop and were going to make changes to how they view their positions and knew they were stronger already! Maura’s message hit home to employees on Leadership and Empowerment.

February 2018

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Mihaela Smadilo, Head of Culture IBM Europe
Zagreb, Croatia
Maura Inspired Me

Last week I had opportunity to meet Maura when she addressed the Leadership & HR Business Arena conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia and she impressed me with simple, yet very powerful thoughts. I'm totally convinced that 'living happy, inside out' is a matter of me, not circumstances, it's MY choice. Maura inspired me, she pushed buttons in my mind and in my hart. I feel empowered and somehow differently looking to everyday struggles in my life (personal and professional), what makes me stronger (happier!) while coping with those everyday struggles that can be exhausting.

January 2018

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