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Matt Phillips | Keynote Speaker, Author & High Performance Coach

It’s no secret that achieving big-time results is your ultimate goal, in business and every area of life. So, what is holding you back? Well, it just might be YOU! It’s your fears, doubts, worries, and self-limiting beliefs, all which derail you from making the impact you were born to make. And to achieve greatness, it takes a different way of thinking. To get results like that, you’ve got to have a ‘secret sauce.’ This secret sauce is much more than just showing up every day – it’s actually knowing how to motivate yourself, building your confidence, channeling your emotions the right way, and pushing past the limits IN YOUR OWN HEAD…focused on every area of life. MENTAL TOUGHNESS is the ‘secret sauce’…the key ingredient to take every area of your life from good to great. And Matt Phillips will be the coach on your journey to greatness! Matt Phillips is a speaker, author, high performance coach, and the founder of Pro Athlete Advantage. Matt is also a former professional baseball player in Austria’s Bundesliga (first league) and Division-1 baseball player in the United States. Combined with his extensive background in operations, sales, and accounting in the United States and Europe, Matt teaches business leaders and entrepreneurs how to systematically break through the mental roadblocks that naturally arise in our daily grind and hold us back from realizing our potential. KEYNOTE SPEECHES If you want to perform at your peak, it all starts with developing a dominant “inner” game and forming the right habits to drive massive results! Each and every one of us wants to get to the next level…we want to go “All-In” in every area of life, from business to relationships. Along our journey though, we encounter adversity, self-doubt, and fear. Bottom line, something is holding us back from getting to where we want to go, and it is often us! In order to break through so we can dominate our lives, it all comes down to the mental game. Attendees of Matt's keynote speeches will learn the Mental Toughness Training Tools that Matt teaches to athletes, entrepreneurs and business professionals around the world. IGNITE YOUR MINDSET WORKSHOP PROGRAMS Matt's program will change your team and company forever! In order to help your company and teams maximize performance, Matt has developed the "Ignite Your Mindset" workshop program, built to impact companies all over the world! There are two levels to the program, Level 1 & 2. To make this most effective for your organization, we provide the following delivery options for the "Ignite Your Mindset" Level 1 and 2 programs: - Matt Phillips' Delivery - Matt will travel to your offices around the world to deliver the programs to your leaders - Train-the-Trainer Model - We will certify your team to launch the program within your company! - Combination of Matt Phillips' Delivery & Train-the-Trainer Model - For certain leaders in your company, you may want Matt to deliver the content, while a wider delivery is possible through the Train-the-Trainer model. This combination is an amazing way to reach your entire organization!


201 Milwaukee St
Denver, Colorado 80206
United States

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2 Reviews
Devin (Treasury Management)
He immediately engaged me and the audience...

"When Matt Phillips addresses your organization two things become abundantly clear; first that he has been there done that and speaks from real world experience, and secondly that he is passionate about equipping your people with tools they need to be effective leaders. He immediately engaged me and the audience by talking on the level about the challenges my colleagues and I face in our professional and personal lives. Matt's honest approach opened me up to listen to his ideas to generate the wins that have already resulted in recognition from my managers and achievement in my life."

August 2018

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Trevor (Packaging Company)
His ability to engage the audience was outstanding ...

"It was a privilege to hear Matt speak at our Professional Development Meeting. His ability to engage the audience was outstanding as indicated in the numerous positive reports we heard from our members. He offered relevant insights backed by a wealth of experiences both professionally and personally, that could be immediately implemented. In addition to delivering an excellent presentation, Matt was timely, professional, and thorough in all of his communication. I would highly recommend Matt as a professional speaker."

August 2018

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