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Mary Miller | Professional Speaker, Champion of Change, CEO, Author & Dream Manager

Mary Miller is the CEO and co-owner, of JANCOA Janitorial Services, Inc., an award-winning, certified WBE that is a family operated, commercial cleaning service located in Cincinnati. Mary is known for her optimism and desire to help others realize their uniqueness and personal power. Through JANCOA’s renowned employee benefits program, the Dream Manager, she has created an exceptional work environment. The Dream Manager, popularized by the bestselling book by Matthew Kelly, under the same name, grew from an employee retention program into an encouraging example of what a business can be. As CEO, Mary has driven the company’s success and exponential growth. Mary believes success came when she stopped selling and started caring…and that’s really the core of who she is. Mary has gained an international following as a popular speaker advocating for everyone to change direction and focus on their dreams, both personal and professional. As author of Changing Direction, she strives to stay on a path of positivity and determination while continuing to achieve her dreams and inspire others to reach for theirs. In addition to running a business with more than 500 full-time employees, Mary is an associate coach for Strategic Coach, where she works with fellow entrepreneurs on work-life balance, growth and enjoying the process. Mary enjoys sharing her vision and inspiration by actively participating in many industry, business and nonprofit organizations. Most Requested Keynote: ★ “SPARK Change - Dream BIG”. In the time since The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly and Mary’s book Changing Direction: Ten Choices that Impact your Dreams have been published, more people and companies are changing the way they look at employee engagement and culture. Mary takes the audience on an adventure to explore which mindsets help or hinder achieving their BIG Dreams. This shift in perspective frequently leads teams to embrace change, Dream BIG and achieve results beyond their wildest Dreams. ** for full information on Mary's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


5235 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
United States

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1 Review
Jenni Grammer, American Heart Asscosiation
We heart Mary!

We have asked Mary to speak at many of our sponsored companies and every time she has blown us away!

July 2019

Thank you Jenni! It is always a pleasure to get people excited about their future possibilities.

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