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Mark Valenziano | Motivational Business Speaker

Inspiring personal greatness to lift organizations to new heights. To advance and develop, people need to first get comfortable being uncomfortable. Let’s face it, uncertainty is a fact of life. It can make you feel unsure. It can fuel your self-doubt. Not exactly how you want to feel when you’re a corporate leader marching your company into the future…when you’re a manager leading a team and making decisions…when you’re a parent coping with life…or a student finding your way. So, what if you could learn how to manage uncertainty and make it work for you? Mark explores six avenues to building confidence, infusing optimism, and reinforcing the whys and hows of adaptability. The result is individuals who are inspired, focused & aware, and companies that can more smoothly transition in to their future. Whether you want to grow sales, improve your service, coalesce your team, or navigate change, Mark customizes his programs to meet your specific goals. Your group won’t just listen to Mark’s talk; they’ll EXPERIENCE it! CLARITY VISION FOCUS So many business and motivational speakers talk about these, so what’s different about Mark? Well first, he’s blind. Mark has been gradually transitioning to darkness all his life. So, when he talks about clarity, vision, and focus, he does so with a fresh perspective that’s uniquely powerful, memorable and fun. As Mark says, “I’ve had to think differently to build my happiness and success. And, I can help you think differently too, because that’s what needs to be done in this highly competitive, rapidly changing, business landscape.” Mark weaves together engaging stories, guiding principles and practical tools that will inspire you to think about your future differently. Building even stronger relationships. Turning uncertainty to your favor. Leading more effectively. Thinking bigger thoughts. Welcoming change. Let Mark help make your upcoming event forever memorable!


Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

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4 Reviews
R. Andy Fazendin, Owner | Fazendin Realtors | Wayzata, MN
I highly recommend Mark!

Mark did an excellent job presenting to our group. His energy and sincere style engaged my company’s employees. As opposed to a “rah rah” motivational speaker, Mark’s message is one that people will relate to and can resonate for a lifetime. I highly recommend Mark!

March 2018

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Omar Guevara-Soto, Operations Manager | Minneapolis Public Schools | Culinary & Wellness Services
I hope we can work together again in the near future.

Thank you for delivering a unique and inspiring session at our all staff celebration. Your keynote was enlightening, motivating and most fitting with our current changing work environment! Our staff heard your message — to become their own visionary — and improve their day-to-day operations through a lens that most had not even considered. I hope we can work together again in the near future.

March 2018

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Jayna Larrea | Executive Director | YPO Florida
Mark Valenziano is hands down, the most engaged presenter/resource I have ever worked with.

Mark Valenziano is hands down, the most engaged presenter/resource I have ever worked with. Mark truly cares about the overall experience and every detail of the event itself. His infectious upbeat attitude was a day brightener every step of the planning process. Mark doesn’t start and stop with the presentation. He arrives early to review the venue and meet with the team, and stays until the last question is answered. His upbeat approach to life as a blind person, put the staff at ease and ready to create a valuable experience for all. Often, people are afraid to ask “just anyone” what it’s like to have a disability. Mark opens up so quickly, and so easily to everyone… That asking those awkward (yet we want to know) questions, becomes comfortable…like talking with a longtime friend. He is completely approachable!

March 2018

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