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Mark Tewart | Author, Global Keynote Speaker, Sales & Leadership Expert

Mark is a known expert in sales, sales management, business operations, peak performance and overcoming adversity. Mark's experience ranged from a successful salesperson and Finance & Insurance Manager to becoming one of the youngest Executive Managers in the country. After a successful career Mark became a professional speaker, trainer and consultant. Mark has delivered over 2,000 presentations to varied audiences on topics such as sales, sales management topics as well as overcoming adversity, leadership, peak performance and motivation. Mark is the author of the best seller, "How To Be A Sales Superstar" and is the host of the TV show, "On The Mark With Mark Tewart." Mark has had several hundred articles published in magazines internationally. Mark has been inverviewed in print, TV, radio, podcasts, blogs and media worldwide. Mark is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and the Authors Guild. KEYNOTES | PROGRAMS: ★ STOP IT! Mark Tewart delivers an emotional program that identifies stumbling blocks that any audience member can relate to and how to get past those issues. This program puts high content into identifiable stories that will motivate audiences to get past adversity. ★ DEATH OF THE TRADITIONAL SALESPERSON Mark Tewart takes the audience though an emotional, humorous and content driven journey through the ever changing world of sales and the new reality for salespeople who wish to be superstars in todays marketplace.This program includes strong motivation wrapped into high content. ★ CONTRARIAN SALES CONCEPTS Mark Tewart conducts half and full day training sessions based upon his Contrarian program for sales. Mark identifies how to break with traditional selling approaches to bring record setting results. ★ HIGH PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Mark Tewart conducts half and full day programs based upon specific principles and actions for to achieve record results in sales management. ★ STOP IT! THE ONE KEY ELEMENT TO SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS This extremely inspirational keynote details how to immediately change your mind to change your life. Inspirational story of how to break past adversity and experience ongoing success. ★ HOW TO BE A SALES SUPERSTAR How To Be A Sales Superstar delivers the key elements that creates the top 5% performers in sales. The audience will discover what it takes to move from being an average or good salesperson to being a superstar. ★ HOW TO CREATE A SUPERSTAR LIFE How To Create a Superstar Life is an inspirational and educational keynote presentation that delivers to the audience specific take-aways in how to build and live like a superstar in all areas of your life. ★ TOP 5 KEYS TO MANAGING ANY BUSINESS SUCCESSFULLY All businesses have certain predictive indicators for success that are congruent. In this program, Mark Tewart details 5 keys that any leader or manager must address to be successful in their business. This program is a high energy and entertaining but contains specific actionable content that drives your business forward to be more productive, increase sales and have higher net profits. Project Management Human Resources Strategic Planning educational / informative audience activity ★ HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP High Performance Leadership takes your audience through exactly what it takes to be a high performing leader in todays market. This workshop contains super high energy, humor and emotion intertwined with emotion to not only educate but motivate audiences to better leadership in all positions. ★ CONTRARIAN LEADERSHIP - THE DNA OF SUCCESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS This program takes a unique and contrarian view of what makes great leaders great. This keynote combines high energy, humor and story telling to show that great leadership is not always what most people think of and how anybody in any position can be a great leader. ★ MODERNIZING YOUR SALES PROCESS Modernizing Your Sales Process - The market is dramatically changing for all industries. You must modernize your sales process to not only survive but to thrive. Mark goes on a deep dive in sales skills, people skills, life skills and marketing skills to update the sales process. ** for full information on Mark's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


1999 Kirby Rd
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
United States

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5 Reviews
I heard Mark speak at a conference and I can honestly say it changed my life.

I heard Mark speak at a conference and I can honestly say it changed my life. I walked away with a new understanding of how to view things that dramatically affected my attitude in a positive way and helped me in both my personal life and professional life. Mark is a fantastic speaker.

August 2019

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One of the best I had ever seen in a long career.

I saw Mark speak at a convention in Colorado and immediately booked him for our State Convention. Our convention was the following month and was already booked but I made sure we added him to our event. I told Mark his speech was one of the best I had ever seen in a long career.

August 2019

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Your presentation was what our organization needed...

I sat in on your speaking engagement that Friday along with our Sales Team and Senior Leaders of CP&S, and I was totally impressed. Your presentation was what our organization needed to hear; accountability to self, tools everyone should use to effectively drive actions, and prioritization.

August 2019

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