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Mark Fritz | Speaker, Mentor, Professor, Author

Mark Fritz is a world class leadership speaker, mentor to countless business leaders, professor and author. His “OWN IT!” practical techniques help leaders achieve top performance from their teams. Global Perspective... Mark has lived and worked in the USA, Singapore, Egypt, Netherlands, Italy, Japan and the UK. Leadership Innovator... Mark is an internationally recognized leadership speaker, mentor, and professor, and has spoken in more than 50 countries worldwide. He is the author of The Truth about Getting Things Done, and Lead & Influence: Get More Ownership, Commitment, and Achievement from Your Team. Mark has redefined international business operations for major corporations across the world, both as a leader delivering enterprise change and mentoring leaders who deliver the change. Home... Mark makes London his home with his wife Atsuko. SPEAKING: Workshops: Mark is a world class public speaker who has delivered rave-review presentations in more than 50 countries. Not a mere ‘talking head,’ he orchestrates “Conversations” packed with stories and examples to inspire your leaders to action. His presentations are made without the use of Powerpoint. Half-day interactive workshops for 15 to 150 attendees include individual and group exercises that help leaders leave with practical tools to implement the “OWN IT!” philosophy right away, and realize immediate benefits in the workplace. Keynotes: Award-winning keynotes for larger groups explain “Why You Never Wash a Rental Car” – because your don’t OWN IT! AUTHOR: Mark is the author of The Truth about Getting Things Done, and Lead & Influence: Get More Ownership, Commitment, and Achievement from Your Team. Also, connected with his Daily Thoughts Foundation, he has two books 1) a collections book and 2) an illustrations book.


50 Eastbury Grove
London, England W4 2Ju
United Kingdom

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3 Reviews
Lars Juhl, COO & Executive Director, Presidents Institute
recommending Professor Mark Fritz as your next speaker!

“We have had the pleasure of using Professor Mark Fritz as a presenter on leadership issues at the President Institute top executive network meetings on several occasions. The feedback from our members has been overwhelming. Here is an example of what Peter Hoejbjerg, Director of AXA Insurance Denmark wrote about the most recent presentation: “It was incredibly rewarding to meet a “practical” professor who could translate good old-fashioned management combined with theory into a 2-page instruction in “LEADERSHIP for dummies … this meant extremely positive. In my view, both the most inspiring and simultaneously the most useful lecture on leadership I have experienced in my 17 years as an executive. The fact that Professor Mark Fritz made his presentation without PowerPoint made it even better.” We have no hesitation in recommending Professor Mark Fritz as your next speaker. ”

December 2017

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David Jones, Head of Financial Adviser Services EMEA and Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors
Mark Fritz brings a huge amount of experience!

“Mark Fritz brings a huge amount of experience, sound advice and enthusiasm to his specialist subject of Leadership. I have engaged him as a speaker for events at my company and also as a coach, in a personal capacity. Mark makes a clear distinction between management and leadership, and his material – based on his experience and leading big projects – sets out the important distinctions between the two roles. Mark is able to make very astute observations which makes his coaching feedback very impactful. He is also a very effective communicator and is able to distil the key elements of his approach into simple, accessible concepts. Some of the best and clearest thinking I have encountered in my 35 years in business.”

December 2017

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Florence Kaminska, Group HR Director, Docomo Digital
Mark is particularly effective

‘The leadership programme designed by Mark is particularly effective thanks to the customisation of its contents to address company strategic priorities, the mix of complementary learning solutions, involvement of highly experienced trainers in the delivery and continuous individual and group coaching. Mark’s personal involvement and attention to both delivery and results is constant and turns him in a real partner for the HR team, the participants and CEO”

December 2017

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