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Margaret Reynolds | Keynote Speaker, Master Growth Catalyst, Thought-Provoking Innovator & Author

Can mature companies double their growth? Statistics say not likely, but Margaret Reynolds' clients overcome the odds using her GrowthDNA framework to uncover hidden opportunities and ignite next level growth. Her career is defined by a relentless pursuit of accelerated growth for organizations regardless of size or industry. She has redefined traditional strategic planning and created an innovative approach that is dynamic, sustainable, and engages employees across the organization to achieve winning results. Margaret is the founder and owner of Breakthrough Masters Unlimited, a division of Reynolds Consulting, LLC and author of Reginite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth. Reynolds is a recognized expert at helping organizations achieve the often elusive goal of significant and sustained growth. She began her career at Hallmark Cards and held Executive roles as General Manager of Seasonal Products and Senior Strategic Officer which relied on her rare combination of analytical insights and creative solutions. She navigated the transition from corporate executive to startup in 2001 and has effectively applied her proven concepts for growth across a wide range of businesses, helping her clients achieve 2-10x growth. GrowthDNA, introduced in 2018, is ideal for companies that are changing leadership, reached a plateau, are preparing for a future transaction, are challenged to engage employees, or seek scalability for growth. In addition to speaking, Margaret is a sought after consultant on the subjects of strategic leadership and reigniting company growth. Speaking: As a speaker, Margaret engages the audience with thought-provoking ideas that stretch thinking, helping leaders and entrepreneurs to challenge the status quo and achieve accelerated business growth. She delivers a content-rich experience which enables leaders to redefine how their organization approaches growth, substantially improving results. Her work enables leaders to evaluate their businesses at the cellular level—their organizational DNA, and build up the strands of GrowthDNA that needs to be strengthened to maximize success. She tailors sessions to showcase insights and applications appropriate to the industry or company with which she is speaking. Margaret's most Requested Keynote is 'GrowthDNA': Keynote Overview Why do some leaders drive their organizations to achieve the hidden path of growth possibilities while others languish in their never-ending to-do lists? Savvy leaders recognize that game-changing growth can only be reached through the integration of market-intelligence inspired confidence, clear strategy, commitment-driven leadership, and a value-adding culture. Margaret Reynolds' four strands of GrowthDNA deliver the secret to stretching beyond what is probable and predictable, and enable leaders to achieve record-breaking growth year after year. The four strands of GrowthDNA are: • Confidence: Using the right data at the right time inspires the confidence necessary for bolder actions, transformative insights, and stronger organizational alignment behind key decisions. Margaret will reveal the questions every business must be able to answer with data and how to use that data to spark new growth ideas. • Clarity: GrowthDNA strategy goes beyond obvious business improvements to define the organization’s potential, to establish a clear focus for customers and products, and to determine how the organization will win. Margaret will walk you through what it takes to generate a 10x growth strategy. • Commitment: Leaders enable commitment by defining key deliverables, demonstrating alignment, and motivating and energizing team members. Margaret shares the biggest mistakes that keep growth efforts from working and shows you the most effective approach to correct them. • Culture: A growth-minded culture empowers employees, leverages the collective brain trust of the organization, and establishes clear accountability, yet so many leaders struggle with how to create and sustain it. Margaret will review three simple ways leaders can establish a growth-minded culture. [full details on Margaret's speaking, consulting and other services visit the BreakThrough Masters website from this page]

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5 Reviews
Mike Schleyhahn, Owner and CEO of San Diego Fluid System Technologies
Hiring you was the absolute right thing to do!

Thanks so much for confirming my decision that hiring you was the absolute right thing to do!

September 2018

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Kevin O’Malley, CEO, Travel and Transport
Excellent presentation.

Excellent presentation. Spoke to some of the existing challenges we face at this time. I am excited to read Margaret’s book.

September 2018

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CEO, Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program
Best workshop...

Best workshop I have attended in ten years.

September 2018

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