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Mack Jackson Jr | Cybersecurity Awareness Speaker, TV Host & Author

"Protect you business from the fastest growing crime of the 21st century." - Mack Jackson Jr Mack Jackson, Jr. is a cybersecurity speaker, business consultant, and author. He brings increased awareness to his audiences and communicates the importance of security measures in protecting your business. Mack will show you how to improve your security plan and avoid fines and penalties. He will inspire you to protect your customer's personal identifiable information. Mack's ability to make complicated information clear and understandable will help you get the results. Mack's background is in cybersecurity, compliance, law, and business consulting. His programs and consulting services will educate and inform business owners on how to protect themselves, their families, and the business from the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century. Mack is pressuring a Doctoral degree in Information Technology and Cybersecurity Assurance. He is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego with a Master's degree in Law (J.S.M). Cybercrimes like identity theft are on the increase. Mack works with leading private companies, law enforcement agencies, and technology associations to protect your digital information from cyber hackers. Mack has developed programs to help individuals and companies protect themselves from identity theft motivational speaker and fraud. He delivers a positive and passionate presentation that discusses this serious issue with passion and informative content that you can use in your business. Keynote presentation topics from Mack Jackson Jr: • Social Engineering: The Art of Manipulating People Most businesses today are paying attention to threats of cyber attacks on their organizations by investing thousands of dollars on sophisticated hardware and software to thwart cyber attacks. However, with everything that companies spend on protection, the # 1 weakness for a business is the human factor. Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to manipulate unsuspecting users into divulging sensitive information like passwords, building access, and any confidential information regarding company assets. This presentation will show the attendees practical ways to improve their cybersecurity posture in protecting their company from cyber thieves using tools in social engineering to deceive your employees. Mack has worked with law enforcement and security agencies to bring to you powerful tools that you can use in your business. • The Future of Cybersecurity: Trends and Threats Cyber threats are on the rise around the world, and with more advancements in technology, cybercriminals will continue to attack our society. Today most cybercrimes we hear about are for financial gains. However, there is an increase in other illicit crimes, including medical identity theft, crimes committed using the victim's Id, and home title fraud. Some may say that future cybercrimes will affect more businesses and our safety in society. Our best defense against these crimes is awareness education. This presentation presents new advancements in software, hardware, and awareness training to detect and prevent cyber incidents. Mack will discuss the predictions developed by leading cybersecurity researchers on the future of securing our information and protecting our privacy. • Identity Theft in the Workplace: How To Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks According to the Federal Trade Commission, Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime of the 21st century. While most crimes are on the increase, identity theft crimes are increasing. Technology has provided businesses with better productivity in computer systems than ever before. However, with these new systems in place, they create new opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit system vulnerabilities. Companies are the #1 source of Identity Theft because the information is the new currency. Businesses that collect, transmit, and store information regarding employees, customers, and vendors are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This information gathered could be sensitive and private. Data is the new currency of the 21st century. Hackers look to compromise information stolen from businesses for their financial gain. This event exposes the threats that hackers conduct in compromising business data. Mack has developed a presentation that shows you how to protect your workplace from cyber attacks. • It's The Big Brother From the Other Mother: The Selling of Your Personal Information Online What if a government entity were to collect your personal information? Let say they, big brother tracked where you shopped, work, dine, or any individual activity, we would reject their proposal with suspicion. However, some people on social media provide more information than ever to the other brother, big business. Social media companies collect, track, and store information on users for free and convenient use of software apps. Social media provides users with the means of communicating with other users all over the world. But at the cost of providing personal information on your activities. This information is used by advertisers to market goods and services to the users. However, hackers can compromise this data and exploit user information for financial gain. This presentation will provide valuable information on how to protect your private data online and avoid hackers. Mack leverages his experience by working with law enforcement agencies and business associations to advise individuals and organizations on internet hygiene. • The Rise of The Internet of Things: Protecting Your IoT From Hackers The Internet of Things, IoT, is the connection of electronic, physical devices (known as smart devices), home automation, sensors, thermostats, garage door openers, security systems, Bluetooth, and the Internet that are networked to enable these objects to communicate and exchange information. Technology has given our society the means of creating more productivity with less effort. According to Forbes, March 2016, the IoT market will have installed over 75 billion smart devices by 2025. This increase in new smart devices on the Internet will bring new IP connections and faster internet services. Unfortunately, hackers will look for vulnerabilities in the new IoT web networks from home systems and businesses. How would you protect your business, your family from cyber-attacks through IoT technology? This presentation provides a current and future look at IoT and the security of personal information. Mack will deliver an informative review that is sourced by leading cybersecurity researchers on the advancement in IoT technology and how to protect our data from hackers. ** for full information on Mack's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

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3 Reviews
Sonia Petkewich
Mack Jackson Jr. has an understanding of cyber security...

Mack Jackson Jr. has an understanding of cyber security awareness and helpful assisting businesses in managing change.

November 2019

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Judi Morea
Mack is extremely knowledgeable ...

Mack is extremely knowledgeable about Identity Theft and has an in-depth understanding of the chaos it can create in one's life.

November 2019

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Matt Engle
A trusted resource...

Mack has quickly become a trusted resource for me in the areas of cyber security, data breach response plan and Identity Theft.

November 2019

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