Lonnie L Sciambi 'The Entrepreneur's Yoda' | Speaker, Author, Coach & Mentor

Lonnie has spoken before groups as large as several thousand and as small as a half dozen, ranging from small company CEOs, accountants and consultants to bankers and entrepreneurs. Lonnie has given multi-day seminars, spoken internationally, and is comfortable with any type or size business audience. His avocation is baseball, where for 30 years he has coached every level, from tee-ball to AAU to American Legion, and his management and speaking style reflect his coaching background. RESULTS THAT CAN YIELD RETURNS Lonnie's provides entrepreneurs with easy-to-implement solutions to issues they face every day and strategies to help them gain the returns they seek such as managing cash flow, partnering and much much more! REAL-LIFE WAR STORIES WITH REAL-WORLD EXAMPLES His presentations cut to the chase without buzz words and consultant-speak, and he'll regale you with real-life "war stories" delivered with a dry wit that anyone in business can relate to. HIGH-ENERGY TALKS LEAVING THEM SMILING...WITH SOMETHING THEY CAN USE The audience always leaves Lonnie's fun, interactive presentations with a smile, along with many strategies they can put to use right now, ranging from getting successful start-ups "out of the chute" to how to effect a successful exit. Growth=Change. What you did yesterday may not work today. Or tomorrow. How you viewed the market...or how it viewed you may not be the same as it was when you started. If you're not moving forward you're moving backward. "If ain't broke, don't fix it," is an old and tired axiom. Status quo is the enemy of all growth. You have to be constantly questioning, moving, changing in order to grow. In a down economy that has created an ongoing environment of cost pressure, more intense competition and overly conservative capital markets, change, while scary, may be your only option. In this talk Lonnie will show you how not only where to look for change within your operations, but how to best effect it, while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and giving your business that growth boost you've been seeking. RELATED TALKS • 10 Keys to Startup Survival • The Culture You Create is the Soul of Your Enterprise • Partner Your Way to Success • To An Entrepreneur, Cash is Almost Important as Breathing...But Only a Close Second • Take This Exit [for full info on all Lonnie's talks go to his website from this profile]

Entrepreneurs have a deep passion for their product and the market they serve. But it’s not enough to just put in the hard work to make the business successful. Without a vision, there is no success!


35 Skimmer Lane
Port Monmouth, New Jersey 07758
United States

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