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Linda Nazareth | Speaker, Author, Futurist & Economist

Linda Nazareth is a thought leader, economist and futurist and author, and as well is a seasoned media professional. You can trust her to deliver a keynote that informs, engages and entertains your audience. Linda is a future of work expert whose credibility is unmatched by few. An economist by training, she is able to separate the cyclical from the secular – and explain it your audience in a way that is understandable and fun too. Linda is a sought-after Keynote Speaker who has won accolades for speaking to everything from huge conferences to small gatherings of executives. Comfortable around a broad range of topics related to the future of work, economic trends and demographics, she has helped a wide range of organizations to navigate the future. A very short list of recent clients includes American Express, the Economist magazine, Ernst & Young (EY), the Human Resources Professionals Association, McMaster University, Miller Thomson, Canada’s Top 100 Employers, the Ontario Hospital Association and the Taft-Hartley Benefit Summit, as well as many organizations related to all levels of government. Linda works with every client to customize her presentation for their audience. Topics: • Work is Not a Place: Our Lives and Our Organizations in the Post-Jobs Economy The world is changing and so is the very notion of ‘work’. For years we have been told that our aging workforce will mean a shortage of workers in many industries. More recently, the narrative has changed to one where robots do everyone’s work and there are not enough jobs to go around. Which view of the future is correct? More important, how will our lives and organizations change as we navigate the changing realities? In this much-requested presentation based on her book of the same title, Linda Nazareth casts an economist’s eye to the way the big trends are changing our realities. From looking at the way global change, demographics, and technology are coming together to reshape the work world through to examining the challenges for individuals, businesses, and governments, she sketches a world that is both unsettling and exciting. How can you best prepare for a world where work is not a place? Start with Linda’s presentation and feel like you can meet the future head-on. • Economorphics: The Economic Trends Changing Today into Tomorrow From globalization to urbanization to dealing with demographic change, the world we know is morphing into a different planet with different economic opportunities and challenges. What are the trends taking today into tomorrow, and what are the trends that are resulting from the shift? In ‘Economorphics’ , Linda Nazareth talks about the dozens of things she sees happening, and the challenges – and opportunities they present to the economy, the labor market and the financial markets – and to your industry as well. • The Global Economy in Context Europe, the U.S., oil prices, interest rates, population change, currency markets, the markets and more – what is the big picture and how do you make the right decisions to stay ahead of the curve? How does North America fit into the mix – and how do you plan for your own industry and investments? In this presentation Linda Nazareth looks at the economic outlook, the opportunities in the face of challenges, and the way that the larger picture will affect your own business interests. • The Side Hustle Economy: Imagining It, Managing It and Living It The days of one job and one company are rapidly fading. These days, workers can not only expect to hold a multitude of jobs, they can perhaps expect to hold them simultaneously. Jobs are not the only way to make money either though: from renting rooms to running small businesses the world is open for business – for good or bad. In this engaging presentation, Linda Nazareth looks at the perfect storm of circumstances that are creating the Side Hustle Economy. Who will be the winners and losers? How should governments and companies prepare to manage their side of it? What do individuals need to do to make the most of it? It is a brave new world, but the Side Hustle Economy offer opportunities as well as challenges if we go into it with our eyes open. • Your Place in the Big World: A Kick-Off to Your Strategic Planning Exercises Is your organization looking to the future with an eye to re-thinking strategy? As a kick-off to your strategic planning sessions, let Linda Nazareth give you a big picture view of the world with an eye to where your organization fits with the future. Presentations will be tailored to your organization, incorporating your specific demographic and economic concerns.


Toronto, Ontario

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3 Reviews
From an event organizer dealing with a very high event in the financial sector
Excellent work.

I wanted to reach out and, first, thank you for the excellent work you did during Friday’s program. I heard from my team, as well as from the client that you did a great job as host and moderator. Second, I want to thank you for your patience last week and throughout the entire process. As we discussed, there was a lot of anxiety about this program and, unfortunately, I believe some of that was put onto your shoulders during the days and hours leading to the live performance. You were professional and understanding throughout the process, thank you for that.

December 2018

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Feedback from audience members, International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans Conference
Fabulous speaker.

"Best presentation for the entire conference. Fabulous speaker. Makes you think outside of the box." "The speaker knew how to keep the audience interested. I have listened carefully and with great interest to all her ideas. I appreciated the fact that she was a woman presenter as there aren't enough at this conference. The tone of voice, the way she moved on stage was perfect to keep the audience interested. The coverage of every subject was well done and well presented."

December 2018

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Event Organizer, The Economist Group (The Economist Magazine)
Thank you!

I wanted to thank you for your contribution to the success of last week's Canada Summit…The event was extremely well received, and we have had great feedback from our audience and the broader business community. You have a great gift for summarising big, complex issues succinctly

December 2018

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