Linda Galindo: Accountability Expert

You want an accountable culture? You need The Straight Truth. What is preventing accountability in your organization? Does your organization have unspoken rules, assumptions and fears that prevent real accountability and results? Linda Galindo delivers high impact keynotes that show how organizations’ entrenched denial stymies innovation and diminishes results. You’ll look into the mirror of truth, break through your denial and learn what you need to change to create breakthrough results. Based on 20 years experience working with global corporations, healthcare systems and entrepreneurs, Linda Galindo gives you the tools to establish a mindset of accountability. Then she’ll show you the strategies and behaviors to implement immediately to improve results -- for you personally and throughout your organization. About Linda Galindo Linda Galindo is a fierce advocate for personal accountability. She wants to create a world in which everyone, regardless of circumstances or position, is accountable for their results. Galindo’s mission is to help others to find the courage to see, hear and tell their own truth so they can live fully accountable lives. After years as a journalist covering government and business, Linda Galindo was fed up covering stories focused on a lack of accountability. She left journalism and decided to do something about it. Today, Galindo speaks, writes and consults internationally, teaching the principles of personal accountability. She looks for the hidden places where lack of accountability flourishes – often masked by ‘the culture’ – and shines light on them. With humor, directness and compassion, she calls out the truth. Galindo delivers keynotes and works directly with leaders and their teams to create accountable organizations. Her clients include some of the world’s most notable corporations, health care systems, government entities and educational institutions, as well as entrepreneurial companies and non-profits. Clients include: Genentech, Autodesk, Abbott and the YMCA. TESTIMONIALS YOU NEED GUTS TO GO BEYOND WHAT IS COMFORTABLE. LINDA SHOWS YOU HOW. Steve Weitz - Global Learning and Development LINDA IS BOLD, FEARLESS AND HONEST. Sharon Dotson - Senior Director, Interactive Marketing LINDA CUTS THROUGH THE EXCUSES. SHE MADE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IN OUR ORGANIZATION. Rob Tonkinson - Healthcare CFO


Half Moon Bay, CA
Half Moon Bay, California 94019
United States

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  • Keynotes, Breakout Sessions

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