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A gifted Speaker and Trainer born to teach and empower others, Lincoln Kokaram is an engaging expert in personal and professional development. Lincoln has been conducting seminars, workshops and platform speaking for the past 32 years. He has the rare gift of connecting to the people he trains. Flexibility and sensitivity to people and situations come very naturally to him. Having trained in over 35 countries, he offers an acute understanding of culture, which makes his sessions unique. Lincoln's Most Requested Keynotes include: • with PASSION! Main Takeaways: - People who have a PASSION for what they do excel at what they do - 7.5 steps to turn on the PASSION for life, work and God - How to stop working and start performing with PASSION • Capitalizing on Change: Main Takeaways: - Change happens; Those who embrace change get ahead - Focus on the things that do not change that help you to capitalize on the things that do • All In! Main Takeaways: - It takes an 'All In' mentality to be exceptional - Too many people are settling for 'Ok'; 'Good enough'. We need more people to be 'All In' • Designed for Success - God does not make junk: Main Takeaways: - 15 causes of a poor self-concept and how each affects their performance - 20 techniques for on how to improve their Self Worth - 17 techniques that will help them succeed in everything they do Introducing Lincoln's second book "With PASSION - Stop Working. Start Performing!': Everyone agrees that people who have a passion for what they do, excel at what they do. Too many people are settling for just enough. It is a tiny minority of individuals who perform with passion. Many speakers and writers have spoken and written about passion. Few if any have explained it so that anyone at any level can learn about passion and apply it to everything they do. Here are some feedback from people who have been exposed to the content of this book: “The PASSION Workshop I feel is needed at every place of business for if nothing else than a morale booster. The PASSION workshop covered all of the key elements that can help us to take a step back from the normal monotony in our jobs and to be more appreciative for what we have versus what we don’t have. If any employee takes at least ONE thing away from a training, then it’s a success! I’m happy to have taken away a handful of things in which I will utilize in my day to day job along with my outside life as well.” “This program leads, guides and directs the steps to be self-motivated, for vision of success.” ‘I like my job but this will help me to love it.” ‘Every step and action that was discussed can be used immediately. I feel a program like this can be very beneficial to any individual working on any level within a company.” * For full information on Lincoln's services and client options including breakouts, workshops, bespoke training programs and coaching contact Lincoln and his team directly from this profile!


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Atlanta, Georgia 30017
United States

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5 Reviews
Katrina Sonley Regional Sales Director-Pacific Northwest

Thank you so much for an OUTSTANDING workshop. My entire region is EXTREMELY pumped up. You did a great job, as always, and I really appreciate you bending over backwards to help me out. I know how valuable your time is, and cannot tell you how much of a partner I feel you are to me.

March 2019

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Dave Crawford Regional Sales Director
You did an outstanding job...

You did an outstanding job bringing this training topic to life. I have heard only great feedback and appreciation from the DM’s and RSM’s. Thank you for opening our minds to different ways of developing and managing people. Well done!

March 2019

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Andreas Lorenz Regional Sales Manager
Made me richer for having met you.

All thanks should go to you. This class was something special for me and made me richer for having met you. Thank you

March 2019

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